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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Teen & Surf Vinyl are always carefully and closely scrutinised.Like our Teen and Surf vinyl? Then you might also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for Tomorrow Teardrops/ My Midsummer Night's Dream

Jan Barry

Tomorrow Teardrops / My Midsummer Night's Dream

Image for I Wanna Hear It From You/ Lipstick Paint A Smile On Me

Nancy Adams

I Wanna Hear It From You / Lipstick Paint A Smile On Me

I Love An Angel/ The Last Tears On Me

Millie Patterson

I Love An Angel / The Last Tears On Me

Image for Angel Or Not/ Lonely Teen

Link Adams

Angel Or Not / Lonely Teen

Image for Now And Once Again/ A Night In June

Phil Dwinell

Now And Once Again / A Night In June

Image for If It Takes A Fool/ General Of Broken Hearts

Marlin Greene

If It Takes A Fool / General Of Broken Hearts

Image for Seriously In Love/ I Want To Hear It From You

John Ashley

Seriously In Love / I Want To Hear It From You

Image for I Know You Love Me/ Unemployed

Mike Tomack

I Know You Love Me / Unemployed

A Week From Sunday/ Say No More

Miss Frankie Nolan

A Week From Sunday / Say No More

Image for Lucky Linda/ Bye Bye Baby Goodbye

Sonny Williams

Lucky Linda / Bye Bye Baby Goodbye

Image for Fantasy/ Double Dare You

Johnny Cameron

Fantasy / Double Dare You

Image for I'm Goin' To Miss You/ Insect Gladiator

Jesse Furlough

I'm Goin' To Miss You / Insect Gladiator

Image for I Don't Like It/ A King Or A Fool

Tony Penn

I Don't Like It / A King Or A Fool

Image for Mr. Robin/ My Heart Stood Still

Spectors Three

Mr. Robin / My Heart Stood Still

Image for I'm Crying Too/ Troubles Back In Town

Ginny Arnell

I'm Crying Too / Troubles Back In Town

Image for Annie Adorable/ Little Miss America

Russ Aladdin

Annie Adorable / Little Miss America

Image for Don't Take My Girl/ Country Girl

Martin Carrillo And The Panics

Don't Take My Girl / Country Girl

Image for Johnny Playboy/ Land Of Enchanted Dreams

Johnny Dow And The Baby Dolls

Johnny Playboy / Land Of Enchanted Dreams

Image for Vacation Time/ Super Dooper Man

Burt Mcclinton

Vacation Time / Super Dooper Man

Image for Can It Be I'm A Fool/ Only You Can Decide

Rocky Alan

Can It Be I'm A Fool / Only You Can Decide

Image for Don't Dream/ Please

Ted Wayne

Don't Dream / Please

Image for Voodoo Doll/ Please Don't Quarrel Mom & Dad


Voodoo Doll / Please Don't Quarrel Mom & Dad

Image for That's What I Call Heartaches/ Charlie Wasn't There

Judy Miller

That's What I Call Heartaches / Charlie Wasn't There

Image for Wonderful/ Hey Doll

Georgie Camp

Wonderful / Hey Doll

Candy Apple Red/ Buenos Noches

Houston Turner

Candy Apple Red / Buenos Noches

Image for Echos/ Puppy Lovve

Jess Duboy

Echos / Puppy Lovve

Image for A Letter To A Disc Jockey/ Our First Kiss

Joyce Heath

A Letter To A Disc Jockey / Our First Kiss

Image for Golden Rule Of Love/ Sunday

Scott Engel

Golden Rule Of Love / Sunday

Image for Hold Out Your Hand/ My Baby Needs Love

Judie Lund

Hold Out Your Hand / My Baby Needs Love

Image for You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby/ Blue Butterfly

Sammi Lynn

You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby / Blue Butterfly

Image for Little Boy/ Don't Be Mad

Freddie Cole

Little Boy / Don't Be Mad

Image for Love Is Bubble Gum/ Lollypop Romance

Robbie Reed And Tony Dano

Love Is Bubble Gum / Lollypop Romance

Image for Summer's Over/ Maybe You'll Be There

Tom Austin And His Healeys

Summer's Over / Maybe You'll Be There

Image for Since Randy Moved Away/ Memories, Memories

Joanie Sommers

Since Randy Moved Away / Memories, Memories

Image for Dear Teddy/ Your Heart's Not Made Of Wood

Marie Ann

Dear Teddy / Your Heart's Not Made Of Wood

Image for All Alone (i Sit And Wait)/ Summertime

Northern Lights

All Alone (i Sit And Wait) / Summertime

Image for Tight Slacks/ Born To Lose

Merle Lindsay

Tight Slacks / Born To Lose

Image for Carol's Bridal Shower/ A Letter For Johnny

Francine Scott

Carol's Bridal Shower / A Letter For Johnny

Hands Of Time/ That Needed Lift

Sammy Marshall

Hands Of Time / That Needed Lift

Lemonade/ Come Closer, Melinda

Johnny K coupled with Singin Swingin Eight

Lemonade / Come Closer, Melinda

Image for There's Never Been A Girl/ Love Me With All Your Heart

Bobby Bennett

There's Never Been A Girl / Love Me With All Your Heart

Image for Tears From That Angel/ Happy Birthday Seventeen

Randy Loring

Tears From That Angel / Happy Birthday Seventeen

Image for One Desire/ Young Boy, Young Girl

Richie Alhona

One Desire / Young Boy, Young Girl

Image for Tommy/ Treat Him Tender, Maureen

Angie And The Chicklettes

Tommy / Treat Him Tender, Maureen

Image for Hey Boy (whatcha Doin' With My Baby)/ Keep Your Heartaches To Yourse

Paul London

Hey Boy (whatcha Doin' With My Baby) / Keep Your Heartaches To Yourse

Image for Hey There Little Girl/ Let's Go Steady For The Summer

Lenny Frank

Hey There Little Girl / Let's Go Steady For The Summer

Image for Every Step Of The Way/ It Takes Time

Billy Borlynn

Every Step Of The Way / It Takes Time

Image for Bachelor Man/ Growing Up With You

Johnny Cymbal

Bachelor Man / Growing Up With You

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