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Image for Tomorrow Teardrops/ My Midsummer Night's Dream

Jan Barry

Tomorrow Teardrops / My Midsummer Night's Dream

Image for Young And Innocent/ Santa's Caught On The Freeway

Frank Perry

Young And Innocent / Santa's Caught On The Freeway

Image for I Wanna Hear It From You/ Lipstick Paint A Smile On Me

Nancy Adams

I Wanna Hear It From You / Lipstick Paint A Smile On Me

I Love An Angel/ The Last Tears On Me

Millie Patterson

I Love An Angel / The Last Tears On Me

Image for Angel Or Not/ Lonely Teen

Link Adams

Angel Or Not / Lonely Teen

Image for Now And Once Again/ A Night In June

Phil Dwinell

Now And Once Again / A Night In June

Image for If It Takes A Fool/ General Of Broken Hearts

Marlin Greene

If It Takes A Fool / General Of Broken Hearts

Image for Seriously In Love/ I Want To Hear It From You

John Ashley

Seriously In Love / I Want To Hear It From You

Image for Am I To Blame?/ I Can't Get Loose

Mike Mathis

Am I To Blame? / I Can't Get Loose

Image for I Know You Love Me/ Unemployed

Mike Tomack

I Know You Love Me / Unemployed

The Only Kind/ Clinging Vine

Ronny Renaire

The Only Kind / Clinging Vine

Image for Try My Love/ Don't Make Me Cry

Coralie Greenly

Try My Love / Don't Make Me Cry

A Week From Sunday/ Say No More

Miss Frankie Nolan

A Week From Sunday / Say No More

Image for Lucky Linda/ Bye Bye Baby Goodbye

Sonny Williams

Lucky Linda / Bye Bye Baby Goodbye

Image for Fantasy/ Double Dare You

Johnny Cameron

Fantasy / Double Dare You

Image for I'm Goin' To Miss You/ Insect Gladiator

Jesse Furlough

I'm Goin' To Miss You / Insect Gladiator

Image for I Don't Like It/ A King Or A Fool

Tony Penn

I Don't Like It / A King Or A Fool

Image for Mr. Robin/ My Heart Stood Still

Spectors Three

Mr. Robin / My Heart Stood Still

Image for I'm Crying Too/ Troubles Back In Town

Ginny Arnell

I'm Crying Too / Troubles Back In Town

Image for Annie Adorable/ Little Miss America

Russ Aladdin

Annie Adorable / Little Miss America

Image for Don't Take My Girl/ Country Girl

Martin Carrillo And The Panics

Don't Take My Girl / Country Girl

Image for Johnny Playboy/ Land Of Enchanted Dreams

Johnny Dow And The Baby Dolls

Johnny Playboy / Land Of Enchanted Dreams

Image for Vacation Time/ Super Dooper Man

Burt Mcclinton

Vacation Time / Super Dooper Man

Image for Can It Be I'm A Fool/ Only You Can Decide

Rocky Alan

Can It Be I'm A Fool / Only You Can Decide

Image for She's My Girl/ Debbie Darling

Dick Campbell

She's My Girl / Debbie Darling

Image for Don't Dream/ Please

Ted Wayne

Don't Dream / Please

Image for Voodoo Doll/ Please Don't Quarrel Mom & Dad


Voodoo Doll / Please Don't Quarrel Mom & Dad

Image for That's What I Call Heartaches/ Charlie Wasn't There

Judy Miller

That's What I Call Heartaches / Charlie Wasn't There

Image for Poor Little Boy/ Johnny Answer Me

Debby Worth

Poor Little Boy / Johnny Answer Me

Image for Meet Me After School/ Just Around The Corner

Tony Rossini

Meet Me After School / Just Around The Corner

Image for Wonderful/ Hey Doll

Georgie Camp

Wonderful / Hey Doll

Image for Butterfly Baby/ Send Me Some Loving

Barry Darvell

Butterfly Baby / Send Me Some Loving

Candy Apple Red/ Buenos Noches

Houston Turner

Candy Apple Red / Buenos Noches

Image for Blue Over You/ The Land Of Make Believe

Bobby Vernon coupled with The Robbin Twins

Blue Over You / The Land Of Make Believe

Image for Echos/ Puppy Lovve

Jess Duboy

Echos / Puppy Lovve

Image for A Letter To A Disc Jockey/ Our First Kiss

Joyce Heath

A Letter To A Disc Jockey / Our First Kiss

Image for Golden Rule Of Love/ Sunday

Scott Engel

Golden Rule Of Love / Sunday

Image for I Know/ Imitation Heart

Johnny Sablan

I Know / Imitation Heart

Image for Hold Out Your Hand/ My Baby Needs Love

Judie Lund

Hold Out Your Hand / My Baby Needs Love

Image for You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby/ Blue Butterfly

Sammi Lynn

You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby / Blue Butterfly

Image for Hurry Back/ You're Fine You're Fine

Joanne Engel

Hurry Back / You're Fine You're Fine

Image for Little Boy/ Don't Be Mad

Freddie Cole

Little Boy / Don't Be Mad

Image for Love Is Bubble Gum/ Lollypop Romance

Robbie Reed And Tony Dano

Love Is Bubble Gum / Lollypop Romance

Image for Magic Girl/ All Of Tomorrows

Martin J. Torbert Jr.

Magic Girl / All Of Tomorrows

Image for Summer's Over/ Maybe You'll Be There

Tom Austin And His Healeys

Summer's Over / Maybe You'll Be There

Image for Since Randy Moved Away/ Memories, Memories

Joanie Sommers

Since Randy Moved Away / Memories, Memories

Image for Dear Teddy/ Your Heart's Not Made Of Wood

Marie Ann

Dear Teddy / Your Heart's Not Made Of Wood

Image for All Alone (i Sit And Wait)/ Summertime

Northern Lights

All Alone (i Sit And Wait) / Summertime

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