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Familiarise yourself with our extensive range of 70's 80's Soulful Dance Vinyl available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 4,000 different records, our quality collection features music from legendary artists such as Carl Carlton, Santiago, Samba Soul and many more.

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Image for Love Looks Good On You/ In The City


Love Looks Good On You / In The City

Image for Color My Love/ Two Steps From The Blues

Buddy Ace

Color My Love / Two Steps From The Blues

Image for Fantasy/ Instrumental

Curtis Robinson

Fantasy / Instrumental

Image for We Are The Best Of Friends/ Do It


We Are The Best Of Friends / Do It

Image for Let Me In/ Unsatisfied Man

Eboney Essence

Let Me In / Unsatisfied Man

Image for We Need Love/ Don't Change

Td Andt

We Need Love / Don't Change

Image for Don't Stop/ This Spell

Dolores Hardy

Don't Stop / This Spell

Image for We Got A Love/ Dr. Love Jones


We Got A Love / Dr. Love Jones

Image for Super-town/ I Just Can't See

Ray Mitchell Explosion

Super-town / I Just Can't See

Image for Nothing I Wouldn’t Do For You/ Same: Instrumental

L. Leonard

Nothing I Wouldn’t Do For You / Same: Instrumental

Image for Early Morning Break/ Dirt (in The Sky)

7 Days Unlimited

Early Morning Break / Dirt (in The Sky)

Image for My Baby/ So Much In Love


My Baby / So Much In Love

Image for My Carolina Girl/ Beach Bum

Admiral Ice

My Carolina Girl / Beach Bum

Image for Jealous/ Hey Girl

Will Chapron And Stoned Gumbo

Jealous / Hey Girl

Image for The Power Of Love/ Gimme Something Real

Wardell Piper

The Power Of Love / Gimme Something Real

Image for Depend On Me/ Together Always


Depend On Me / Together Always

Image for Let's Make Love Tonight/ Break Your Promise

Klas - Larry Jackson - Ricky Gaddis

Let's Make Love Tonight / Break Your Promise

Image for We've Got To Give More Of Ourselves/ My Soul

Enternal Family

We've Got To Give More Of Ourselves / My Soul

Image for Long Time/ Restless

Black And Ward

Long Time / Restless

Image for This Is My Year/ Keep This Mind

Rochelle Rabouin

This Is My Year / Keep This Mind

Image for Let's Go Steady/ An Open Letter (to My Love)

Eldridge Holmes

Let's Go Steady / An Open Letter (to My Love)

Image for I'd Believe It/ Men

Patti Hendrix

I'd Believe It / Men

Image for What Would I Do Without Your Love/ What's In Store

Carmine And Co

What Would I Do Without Your Love / What's In Store

Image for Does He Treat You Better/ Mommy And Daddy

Unique Blend

Does He Treat You Better / Mommy And Daddy

Image for Paradise (where My Baby Lies)/ (external) Sunshine


Paradise (where My Baby Lies) / (external) Sunshine

Image for What Would I Do/ Pretty Oakland Woman

Joe Wilson

What Would I Do / Pretty Oakland Woman

Image for Deep In Your Heart/ I'll Show You With Love

Young Divines

Deep In Your Heart / I'll Show You With Love

Image for Chain Reaction/ All I Want Is You

Miss Faye Marshall

Chain Reaction / All I Want Is You

Image for I Can't Believe/ Same: Instrumental

Velvet Hammer Feat: Walter Smith

I Can't Believe / Same: Instrumental

Image for Loving You Comes Easy/ You Ain't Been Loved

Tommy Keith

Loving You Comes Easy / You Ain't Been Loved

Image for Hoping I'm For You And You For Me/ Let's Get Down


Hoping I'm For You And You For Me / Let's Get Down

Image for I'm In Love/ Time Bomb

Floyd Beck

I'm In Love / Time Bomb

Image for Your So Beautiful/ Look At Me


Your So Beautiful / Look At Me

Image for Boy, Am I Happy/ Don's Song

Seventh Of May

Boy, Am I Happy / Don's Song

Image for Run Run Run/ Cradle Of Love

Tiny Watkins

Run Run Run / Cradle Of Love

Image for Love, How Is Love/ Let's Play


Love, How Is Love / Let's Play

Image for Don't Let Yourself Get Carried Away/ Same: Mono

Douglas And Lonero

Don't Let Yourself Get Carried Away / Same: Mono

Image for (when I'm)  Touching You/ When You're Near

Carlena Williams

(when I'm) Touching You / When You're Near

Image for My Woman Is Calling/ Man Oh Man

Dwight Thompson

My Woman Is Calling / Man Oh Man

Image for I'm Gonna Miss Your Love/ I Want Everybody

William Soul Kemp And Kemp Brothers

I'm Gonna Miss Your Love / I Want Everybody

Image for My Baby's Coming Home To Stay/ Same: Instrumental

Janice Saddler And The Jammers

My Baby's Coming Home To Stay / Same: Instrumental

Image for They Don't Make-em Like You/ Alone Together


They Don't Make-em Like You / Alone Together

Image for Cross My Heart/ One More Time

Ron Jonas

Cross My Heart / One More Time

Image for Accept The Truth (about Yourself)/ Same: Instrumental

Darwins Theory

Accept The Truth (about Yourself) / Same: Instrumental

Image for A Woman Will Make You Love/ Somebody Touch Me (in The Righ

Boobie Knight And The Universal Lady

A Woman Will Make You Love / Somebody Touch Me (in The Righ

Image for When Will I/ Summertime

Tony Moore

When Will I / Summertime

Image for Telly Love/ Gotta Keep On Trying


Telly Love / Gotta Keep On Trying

Image for I Dig The Girl/ Lies (that Momma Told Me)


I Dig The Girl / Lies (that Momma Told Me)

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