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Image for Pain Part 1/ Pain Part 2

Kevin Henderson

Pain Part 1 / Pain Part 2

Image for Yes God Is Real/ Land Beyond The River

Gospel Comforters

Yes God Is Real / Land Beyond The River

Image for The Kenyatta's In Your Town/ Now I Wish You Were Mine

Delores Ealy And The Kenyattas

The Kenyatta's In Your Town / Now I Wish You Were Mine

Image for The Hawk/ Slippery Soul


The Hawk / Slippery Soul

Image for Never In My Life/ If Loving You Is A Crime

Lee Moses

Never In My Life / If Loving You Is A Crime

Image for Whatever Turns You On/ I Still Feel The Thrill

Larry Ellis And Anubis

Whatever Turns You On / I Still Feel The Thrill

Image for Bump With Me/ I'm Sending Vibrations

Webb People

Bump With Me / I'm Sending Vibrations

Image for Make Me Over/ I Can See Clearly

Caffey Brothers

Make Me Over / I Can See Clearly

Image for Funky Pete/ Funky Pete Part 2

Guitar Ray

Funky Pete / Funky Pete Part 2

Image for What It Is/ What It Is Pt.2

Randolf Bros. Plus

What It Is / What It Is Pt.2

Image for E Groove/ What's Going On

Rick Gould

E Groove / What's Going On

Image for Real Soul/ I Can't Give You Up

Ted Ford

Real Soul / I Can't Give You Up

Image for Love Comes In All Colours/ Hanging On A Thread

Forbidden Circle

Love Comes In All Colours / Hanging On A Thread

Image for I Couldn't Last A Day Without Your Love/ Before You

Custers Last Band

I Couldn't Last A Day Without Your Love / Before You

Image for Plastic People/ Same

Living Color

Plastic People / Same

Image for I Want To Know/ Opus I


I Want To Know / Opus I

The Shepherd/ Caverns

Orpheus Four

The Shepherd / Caverns

Image for Ain't That Heavy/ Next Time

Jo Jo Hammett And The Hurricanes

Ain't That Heavy / Next Time

Image for Be Mine Tonight/ I Need You Now

Lloyd W. Williams

Be Mine Tonight / I Need You Now

Image for Miss Lady/ Rainbow

Little Royal And The Swingmasters

Miss Lady / Rainbow

Image for Bad Luck/ Funny (how Time Slips Away)

Hank Carbo

Bad Luck / Funny (how Time Slips Away)

Flight Too Many/ Play The Music Toronados

Tsu Toronadoes

Flight Too Many / Play The Music Toronados

Image for Crumbs From The Table/ Girls Girls Girls

Young Disciples

Crumbs From The Table / Girls Girls Girls

Image for Tears Don't Care Who Cry/ I've Got Ta Be Me

Out Of Sights

Tears Don't Care Who Cry / I've Got Ta Be Me

Women Can Do It/ What’s The Matter Baby?

Sugar Hill Gang

Women Can Do It / What’s The Matter Baby?

Image for Directions/ Wildflower

New Directions

Directions / Wildflower

Image for Lotsa Papa/ Lotsa Papa Part 2 Instrumental

Billi Wells And The Outer Realm

Lotsa Papa / Lotsa Papa Part 2 Instrumental

Image for Tag/ Radio + Disco Versions


Tag / Radio + Disco Versions

Image for Trouble/ Take It

Willing Ready And Able

Trouble / Take It

Image for You Are My Dream/ Same

3 Simmons Lionel-denice-danny

You Are My Dream / Same

Image for The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow/ Got To Keep Traveling

Kay Robinson

The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow / Got To Keep Traveling

Image for Get In A Hurry/ Cousin John

Eugene Blacknell

Get In A Hurry / Cousin John

Image for Set Your Mind Free/ Super Sweet Girl Of Mine

5 Miles Out

Super Sweet Girl Of Mine / Super Sweet Girl Of Mine

Image for Don't Make Me Blue/ Monkey Hips And Yice

Little Anthony Mitchell

Don't Make Me Blue / Monkey Hips And Yice

Image for Open Up, Your Heart/ You Left Me

Frankie Beverly

Open Up, Your Heart / You Left Me

Static Electricity/ Soapy

Mickey And The Clean Cuts

Static Electricity / Soapy

Super-fli/ Captain Purple Rides Again

Round Trip Ticket

Super-fli / Captain Purple Rides Again

Image for Git It/ I Feel My Love

Frank Williams And The Rocketeers

Git It / I Feel My Love

Image for Let's Work A While/ You're Foolish Fool

Bobby Williams And His Mar-king

Let's Work A While / You're Foolish Fool

Image for Right Place Wrong Time/ Same: Vocal

Ray J

Right Place Wrong Time / Same: Vocal

Image for You're Hurting Me (and Corroding My Soul/ Bye Bye Baby

Frankie Jenkins And E. J. Williams

You're Hurting Me (and Corroding My Soul / Bye Bye Baby

Image for Funk - Iss/ Superstar Lover


Funk - Iss / Superstar Lover

Image for Crazy Legs/ Bobby's Mood

Soul Tornados

Crazy Legs / Bobby's Mood

Image for Doin' What I Wanna/ Bingo


Doin' What I Wanna / Bingo

Image for Afro Mania/ Love Is The Only Good Thing

Preston Epps

Afro Mania / Love Is The Only Good Thing

Image for Mars In '75/ Mars In '75 Pt.2

Sunny Man Kado

Mars In '75 / Mars In '75 Pt.2

Image for Ganster Of Love/ Gangster Of Love Pt.2

Jimmy Norman

Ganster Of Love / Gangster Of Love Pt.2

Image for Akiwawa/ Hashishi

Village Crusaders

Akiwawa / Hashishi

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