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Image for Somebody To Love/ Same:

Mothers Finest

Somebody To Love / Same:

Image for Nubian Nut/ Free Alterations

George Clinton

Nubian Nut / Free Alterations

Image for Funky Funk/ Funky Funk Pt.2

J. Hines And The Boys

Funky Funk / Funky Funk Pt.2

Image for The Cisco Kid/ Beetles In The Bog


The Cisco Kid / Beetles In The Bog

Image for Enuff Is Enuff/ Learning To Love

Rodney Franklin

Enuff Is Enuff / Learning To Love

Image for Double Dutch/ Spank The Baby

Fatback Band

Double Dutch / Spank The Baby

Image for Rags To Rufus/ You Got The Love

Rufus Feat. Chaka Khan

Rags To Rufus / You Got The Love

Image for Fickle/ Same:

Michael Henderson

Fickle / Same:

Image for Party Time Is Here To Stay/ Til The Sun Comes Down

Olympic Runners

Party Time Is Here To Stay / Til The Sun Comes Down

Image for The Groove/ God Bless The Blues

Rodney Franklin

The Groove / God Bless The Blues

Image for Loco-motive/ Same


Loco-motive / Same

Image for Nothing To Do But Today/ It's Too Late

Isley Brothers

Nothing To Do But Today / It's Too Late

Image for Shootin A Blank/ Shootin A Blank (rap)

Shirley Brown

Shootin A Blank / Shootin A Blank (rap)

Image for Havin' Fun With Mr. T/ Same: Mono

Stanley Turrentine

Havin' Fun With Mr. T / Same: Mono

Image for A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of/ Same: Mono

Lee Ritenour

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of / Same: Mono

Image for I'm Funkin' You Tonight/ Same:

Bunny Sigler

I'm Funkin' You Tonight / Same:

Image for Baby Sinister/ Same: Mono


Baby Sinister / Same: Mono

Image for Talk That Stuff/ Same: Mono

Adc Band

Talk That Stuff / Same: Mono

Image for Jody's On The Run/ You Better Take Time

Sonny Green

Jody's On The Run / You Better Take Time

Image for Slum Baby/ Meditation

Booker T. And The Mgs

Slum Baby / Meditation

Image for Time And Space/ Double-o-love

Dan Hartman

Time And Space / Double-o-love

Image for Let Your Feet Down Easy/ What A Beautiful World

Dorothy Norwood

Let Your Feet Down Easy / What A Beautiful World

Image for Hot Fun In The Summertime/ Fun

Sly And The Family Stone

Hot Fun In The Summertime / Fun

Image for The World S A Ghetto/ Four Cornered Room


The World S A Ghetto / Four Cornered Room

Image for Spinning Wheel/ Spinning Wheel Pt. 2

James Brown

Spinning Wheel / Spinning Wheel Pt. 2

Image for Party Is A Groovy Thing/ Asking For Trouble

Peoples Choice

Party Is A Groovy Thing / Asking For Trouble

Image for Sound Your Funky Horn/ Why Don't We Get Together

Kc And The Sunshine Band

Sound Your Funky Horn / Why Don't We Get Together

Image for Outa-space/ I Wrote A Simple Song

Billy Preston

Outa-space / I Wrote A Simple Song

Image for Success/ Elegant Love

Togetherness Love And Devotion

Success / Elegant Love

Image for Bustin Out/ Same: 3.55 Version

Rick James

Bustin Out / Same: 3.55 Version

Image for Dance Your Ass Off/ Same: Mono

Hamilton Bohannon

Dance Your Ass Off / Same: Mono

Image for Is That My Song/ Same: 3.40 Mono Version


Is That My Song / Same: 3.40 Mono Version

Image for Supernatural Feeling/ Lookin' Ahead


Supernatural Feeling / Lookin' Ahead

Farewell Is A Lonely Sound/ If You Let Me, I Know I Can

Jimmy Ruffin

Farewell Is A Lonely Sound / If You Let Me, I Know I Can

Image for Can't Wait (tick Tock)/ That's What It's All About


Can't Wait (tick Tock) / That's What It's All About

Whatever Turns You On/ Same: 2.55 Mono Version

Travis Wammack

Whatever Turns You On / Same: 2.55 Mono Version

Image for The Only One/ Same:

Earl Charles land

The Only One / Same:

Image for The Same Thing (makes You Laugh, Makes Y/ Same: 2.40 Mono Version

Sly And The Family Stone

The Same Thing (makes You Laugh, Makes Y / Same: 2.40 Mono Version

Image for Do It Again/ Branches (o Galho Da Roseira)


Do It Again / Branches (o Galho Da Roseira)

Image for Sweet Rhode Island Red/ Same: Mono

Ike Turner And Tina

Sweet Rhode Island Red / Same: Mono

Image for Do It While You Can/ Song Of Joy

Billy Preston

Do It While You Can / Song Of Joy

Image for You Gotta Believe/ Shaky Flat Blues

Pointer Sisters

You Gotta Believe / Shaky Flat Blues

Image for Free As The Wind/ The Way We Was


Free As The Wind / The Way We Was

Image for Double Oh-oh/ Bangladesh

George Clinton

Double Oh-oh / Bangladesh

Image for Funk Funk/ Good Times


Funk Funk / Good Times

Image for We Came To Play/ Love Bug

Tower Of Power

We Came To Play / Love Bug

Image for Some Greasy Stuff/ Same: 3.02 Mono Version

Eleventh House Feat: Larry Coryell

Some Greasy Stuff / Same: 3.02 Mono Version

Image for Take The Country To N.y. City/ Same:

Hamilton Bohannon

Take The Country To N.y. City / Same:

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