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Image for Hen Pecked Man/ Are We Losing Our Thing

Sonny Rhodes

Hen Pecked Man / Are We Losing Our Thing

Image for Ain't No Fool/ Steppin' Tall

Johnny Thompson

Ain't No Fool / Steppin' Tall

Image for Black Ant/ Kotoko


Black Ant / Kotoko

Image for Stop And Think/ Faith Will Help You On

Danny Delaney

Stop And Think / Faith Will Help You On

Image for Dawn/ Dawn Part 2

Martian And Richard Co

Dawn / Dawn Part 2

Image for Mama Come See Bout You Daughter/ Work Gary Work

Gary Ferguson

Mama Come See Bout You Daughter / Work Gary Work

Image for The Number One Groove/ Dreams For Sale

Brutal Force

The Number One Groove / Dreams For Sale

Image for Keep On Dancing/ Rise Up


Keep On Dancing / Rise Up

Image for Green Onions/ Time Is Tight

Candy Yams

Green Onions / Time Is Tight

Image for (bat Man) For Days/ For Days

Johnnie Morisette

(bat Man) For Days / For Days

Humping Hard/ Humping Hard Pt.2

Skys The Limited

Humping Hard / Humping Hard Pt.2

Image for Down To Earth/ I Want To Come Home

Joann Zachery

Down To Earth / I Want To Come Home

Image for Hook And Sling/ Hook And Sling Part 2

Eddie Bo

Hook And Sling / Hook And Sling Part 2

Image for Beat The Heat/ 7 Grooves For 7 Moods

Smokey Brooks

Beat The Heat / 7 Grooves For 7 Moods

Image for Funky Football/ Thank You

York Wilborns Psychedelic Six

Funky Football / Thank You

Image for Get Down With The Geater/ Dose Of Soul

Chet Ivey

Get Down With The Geater / Dose Of Soul

Image for Four Corners/ Four Corners Part 2

Lee Dorsey

Four Corners / Four Corners Part 2

Image for Silly Savage/ Weeping River

Golden Toadstools

Silly Savage / Weeping River

Image for The Bad One/ Funky To Me

Kent Meade

The Bad One / Funky To Me

Image for Something The Devil's Never Done/ Send Her Back

Sammy Taylor

Something The Devil's Never Done / Send Her Back

Image for Funky Buttercup/ Night And Day

Chosen Few

Funky Buttercup / Night And Day

Image for Real Soul/ I Can't Give You Up

Ted Ford

Real Soul / I Can't Give You Up

Image for Action/ There's A Change

Kimberly Hunt

Action / There's A Change

Image for Let's Talk About Love/ Same: Instrumental

Joe Mclean

Let's Talk About Love / Same: Instrumental

Image for World/ For Your Love

1619 B.a.b.

World / For Your Love

Image for Ou- Wee Man/ Caravan

Dale Serrano

Ou- Wee Man / Caravan

Image for Granny In The Groove/ Your Mouth Stuck Out

Harmonica Fats

Granny In The Groove / Your Mouth Stuck Out

Image for Won't Nobody Listen/ Pretty Soon

Black Haze Express

Won't Nobody Listen / Pretty Soon

Image for The African Slide/ Git It

Henry Boatwright

The African Slide / Git It

Image for Four Corners Part 1/ Four Corners Part 2

Lee Dorsey

Four Corners Part 1 / Four Corners Part 2

Image for Give Me Your Love/ I Could Never Make A Better Ma

Sisters Love

Give Me Your Love / I Could Never Make A Better Ma

Image for I'm Coming Home/ I'm Coming Home Again


I'm Coming Home / I'm Coming Home Again

Image for Hold Tight/ Country Loving Country Style

Bobby Mcnutt

Hold Tight / Country Loving Country Style

Image for Maintain/ Creative Happiness

Steve Marshall

Maintain / Creative Happiness

Image for Message From The Soul Sisters/ Yesterday

Vicki Anderson

Message From The Soul Sisters / Yesterday

Image for Hector, Part 2/ Mississippi Delta

Village Callers

Hector, Part 2 / Mississippi Delta

Image for It's Alright/ Feel It


It's Alright / Feel It

Image for Big Noise From Winnetka/ Funky Axe

Spaghetti Head

Big Noise From Winnetka / Funky Axe

Image for Cissy Strut / American Woman/ Same: Mono

Willard Posey Reunion

Cissy Strut / American Woman / Same: Mono

Image for Lulu/ Your Time Is Gonna Come


Lulu / Your Time Is Gonna Come

Image for Fair Skin Man/ Come On Up


Fair Skin Man / Come On Up

Image for Major Funky/ Sunshine Superman

Ulysses Crockett

Major Funky / Sunshine Superman

Image for Juicy Lucy/ Work Song

Pazant Brothers

Juicy Lucy / Work Song

Image for The Big Apple/ Spirit Of '76

Uncle Sam

The Big Apple / Spirit Of '76

Image for You Keep Me Hanging On/ Same: Instrumental

Black Nasty

You Keep Me Hanging On / Same: Instrumental

Image for Shake N' Break/ Nothin' Better To Do

John Brown Band

Shake N' Break / Nothin' Better To Do

Image for Who Knows/ Where The Soul Trees Grow

Beau Dollar

Who Knows / Where The Soul Trees Grow

Image for Funky Drummer/ Funky Drummer Part 2

James Brown

Funky Drummer / Funky Drummer Part 2

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