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Image for Market Place/ Same: Mono

Lee Ritenour

Market Place / Same: Mono

Image for Got To Go Through It To Get To It/ Now Do-u-wanta Dance

Graham Central Station

Got To Go Through It To Get To It / Now Do-u-wanta Dance

Image for San Say/ Same: 3.30 Version


San Say / Same: 3.30 Version

Image for Walkin'/ Ann, Wonderful One

Stanley Turrentine

Walkin' / Ann, Wonderful One

Image for Loose Caboose/ Music Ain't Got No Colour

Joe Tex

Loose Caboose / Music Ain't Got No Colour

Youngblood Living In The Streets/ Same: Part 2


Youngblood Living In The Streets / Same: Part 2

Image for I Feel Better/ Flight

Love Craft

I Feel Better / Flight

Image for Starbooty/ Same: Mono


Starbooty / Same: Mono

Get You Somebody New/ Who's Watching The Watcher


Get You Somebody New / Who's Watching The Watcher

Image for Qualified Man/ She Don't Ever Lose Her Groove


Qualified Man / She Don't Ever Lose Her Groove

Image for Can't Say Nothin'/ Future Shock

Curtis Mayfield

Can't Say Nothin' / Future Shock

Image for Come Little Children/ Same: Mono

Donny Hathaway

Come Little Children / Same: Mono

Image for Use It (don't Abuse It)/ Same:

Heath Brothers

Use It (don't Abuse It) / Same:

Image for Don't Quit/ Don't Quit Part 2

Jay Hoggard

Don't Quit / Don't Quit Part 2

Image for Gotta Get My Hands On Some (money)/ Street Band


Gotta Get My Hands On Some (money) / Street Band

Image for Jammin' In Manhattan/ Same:


Jammin' In Manhattan / Same:

Image for Chase Me/ I Think I Found The Answer

Con Funk Shun

Chase Me / I Think I Found The Answer

Image for Love In Them There Hills/ Fairytale

Pointer Sisters

Love In Them There Hills / Fairytale

Image for If You Wanna Boogie - Forget It/ Same: Mono

Brecker Brothers

If You Wanna Boogie - Forget It / Same: Mono

Image for Dance To The Music/ Love Can Bring You Down

Clydie King And Brown Sugar

Dance To The Music / Love Can Bring You Down

Image for Sleepwalkin'/ Funk-o-nots

Ohio Players

Sleepwalkin' / Funk-o-nots

Image for Stand Up/ Stand Up Part Two

Lee Fields And Sugarman & Co.

Stand Up / Stand Up Part Two

Image for River People/ Same: Mono

Weather Report

River People / Same: Mono

Image for Sho Is Funky/ Same:

Hank Crawford

Sho Is Funky / Same:

Youngblood (livin' In The Streets)/ Same: Stereo


Youngblood (livin' In The Streets) / Same: Stereo

Image for Red Tam Is A Lover/ Red & White Blues

Red Tam

Red Tam Is A Lover / Red & White Blues

Image for Boogie Rock/ The Horse


Boogie Rock / The Horse

Image for All The Way Live/ Toccata

Ramsey Lewis

All The Way Live / Toccata

Image for Do What You Feel/ Party Land

Crème D Cocoa

Do What You Feel / Party Land

Image for Don't It Feel Good/ Fish Bite

Ramsey Lewis

Don't It Feel Good / Fish Bite

Image for Sweet Rhode Island Red/ Get It Out Of Your Mind

Ike Turner And Tina

Sweet Rhode Island Red / Get It Out Of Your Mind

Image for Freaky Dancin'/ Better Days


Freaky Dancin' / Better Days

Image for Rip Off/ Two Lovely Pillows

Laura Lee

Rip Off / Two Lovely Pillows

Image for What It Is/ Give Me One More Chance


What It Is / Give Me One More Chance

Image for Say What You Wanna But It Sure Is Funky/ The Kool Gent

Olympic Runners

Say What You Wanna But It Sure Is Funky / The Kool Gent

Image for What The Funk/ Love Is Happiness

Memphis Horns

What The Funk / Love Is Happiness

Image for King Kong/ King Kong Part 2

Jimmy Castor Bunch

King Kong / King Kong Part 2

Image for I'm Yours/ Anyone But You

Syl Johnson

I'm Yours / Anyone But You

Image for Rapp Payback/ Rapp Payback Part 2

James Brown

Rapp Payback / Rapp Payback Part 2

Image for Gimme Some Lovin'/ Thewhole World's Gone Funky

Al Downing

Gimme Some Lovin' / Thewhole World's Gone Funky

Dancin'/ What's Left To Say?

Paulette Mcwilliams

Dancin' / What's Left To Say?

Image for Don't Wanna Come Back/ Same: Mono

Mothers Finest

Don't Wanna Come Back / Same: Mono

Image for Just Funnin'/ This Is Your World


Just Funnin' / This Is Your World

Image for Freak The Freak The Funk/ Wild Dreams


Freak The Freak The Funk / Wild Dreams

Image for Chompin'/ Summer Place '76

Percy Faith

Chompin' / Summer Place '76

Paw Prints/ Shaker Song

Spyro Gyra

Paw Prints / Shaker Song

Image for Night Dancing/ Silver Lace

Joe Farrell

Night Dancing / Silver Lace

Image for Moving Fast/ Bohannon Disco Symphony

Hamilton Bohannon

Moving Fast / Bohannon Disco Symphony

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