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Image for Baby Workout/ Can't Get Used

Leroy Jones

Baby Workout / Can't Get Used

Image for Get Some Order (about Yourself)/ Get In The Kitchen And Burn

Harmonica George

Get Some Order (about Yourself) / Get In The Kitchen And Burn

Image for Things You Do/ Harpin' On It

Frank Frost

Things You Do / Harpin' On It

Image for Work With Me Annie/ Until I Die


Work With Me Annie / Until I Die

Image for Chica-boo/ Old Time Shuffle

Lloyd Glenn

Chica-boo / Old Time Shuffle

Image for The Wallflower/ Hold Me, Squeeze Me

Etta James

The Wallflower / Hold Me, Squeeze Me

Image for Jerk Shout/ Here I Go Again

Ruby Johnson

Jerk Shout / Here I Go Again

Image for Let's Stop/ Yesterday Man


Let's Stop / Yesterday Man

Image for Wedding Cake/ Keep Your Mind On Me

Roscoe Shelton

Wedding Cake / Keep Your Mind On Me

Image for Don't Laugh At Me/ I Walked From Dallas

Howlin Wolf

Don't Laugh At Me / I Walked From Dallas

Image for Ape Man/ Forever More

Aaron Neville

Ape Man / Forever More

Image for Easy Chair/ You Just Can't Plan These Thin

Billy Storm

Easy Chair / You Just Can't Plan These Thin

Image for My Tale Of Woe/ I Just Can't Help It

Jackie Wilson

My Tale Of Woe / I Just Can't Help It

Image for Oh Darlin'/ Hey Little Girl

Z.z. Hill

Oh Darlin' / Hey Little Girl

Image for Take This Hurt Off Me/ Please Don't Let Me Know

Don Covay

Take This Hurt Off Me / Please Don't Let Me Know

Image for Fatten Pin/ Santa Fee

Clyde Hopkins

Fatten Pin / Santa Fee

Image for I Hope/ Goodnite Irene

Bobby Charles

I Hope / Goodnite Irene

Image for Mojo Hand/ Glory Be

Lightnin Hopkins

Mojo Hand / Glory Be

Image for Turn It On/ An't That Silly

Don Covay

Turn It On / An't That Silly

Image for Foot Race/ Lovin One

Frank Frazier

Foot Race / Lovin One

Image for Just Give Me Your Hand/ Donkey Step


Just Give Me Your Hand / Donkey Step

Image for The Natural Look/ No Woman's No Stranger

King Solomon

The Natural Look / No Woman's No Stranger

Image for He Sure Could Hypnotize/ Poor Ba By


He Sure Could Hypnotize / Poor Ba By

Image for Ko Ko Ko/ Sometimes I Wonder

Marvin And Johnny

Ko Ko Ko / Sometimes I Wonder

Image for I Don't Need You Now/ Please Understand

Earl Gaines

I Don't Need You Now / Please Understand

Image for Little Girl/ 24 Hours

Peppermint Harris

Little Girl / 24 Hours

Image for Runnin Around Town/ True Love Is Hard To Find

Mitch Myron

Runnin Around Town / True Love Is Hard To Find

Image for No More Doggin'/ The Kind Of Love I Want

Z.z. Hill

No More Doggin' / The Kind Of Love I Want

Image for Lover/ How Fast Does The Wind Blow

Alvin Christy

Lover / How Fast Does The Wind Blow

Image for It's Me That You Need/ Don't Play With My Heart

Betty Green

It's Me That You Need / Don't Play With My Heart

Image for Live The Life I Love/ Evil

Muddy Waters

Live The Life I Love / Evil

Image for Little Lean Woman/ No Jive

Little Al

Little Lean Woman / No Jive

Image for Saturday Nite Fish Fry/ Ain'r Nobody Here But Us Chick

Louis Jordan

Saturday Nite Fish Fry / Ain'r Nobody Here But Us Chick

Image for Hey Hey Baby Come Home/ Can't Let You Go I Love You So

Albert Scott

Hey Hey Baby Come Home / Can't Let You Go I Love You So

Image for Laying In The Weeds/ Complete This Order

James Cotton

Laying In The Weeds / Complete This Order

Image for Good News/ Come Home Baby

Muddy Waters

Good News / Come Home Baby

Image for Knock On Wood/ Got To Let You Go

Willie Mabon

Knock On Wood / Got To Let You Go

Image for I'm Leaving You/ Change My Way

Howling Wolf

I'm Leaving You / Change My Way

Image for Junco Returns/ What About Me

Larry Evans

Junco Returns / What About Me

Image for Full Grown Lovin' Man/ Self Preservation

Bill Brandon

Full Grown Lovin' Man / Self Preservation

Image for Find Your Mind/ Mother

Ray Johnson

Find Your Mind / Mother

Image for Mean Ole Frisco/ Blue And Lonesome

Little Walter

Mean Ole Frisco / Blue And Lonesome

Image for Big Ten-inch Record/ I Needed You

Moose Jackson

Big Ten-inch Record / I Needed You

Image for Doin' The Horse/ Dim Lights

Skippy Brooks Combo

Doin' The Horse / Dim Lights

Image for You'd Better Watch Yourself/ Blue Light

Little Walter

You'd Better Watch Yourself / Blue Light

Image for Move Over Baby/ Do Uncle Willie's Dance

Homer Walker Jr.

Move Over Baby / Do Uncle Willie's Dance

Image for I Didn't Steal Your Dog/ Loose Me Love

Virgie Till

I Didn't Steal Your Dog / Loose Me Love

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