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Image for Let It Be Me/ Hail Me


Let It Be Me / Hail Me

Image for End Of The World/ Dibbi Dibbi Man


End Of The World / Dibbi Dibbi Man

Image for Big Batty Gal/ Sad Song

Flourgon coupled with Sanchez

Big Batty Gal / Sad Song

Image for One Man Against The World/ Version

Gregory Issacs

One Man Against The World / Version

Image for Love Is The Power/ Take Me I'm Yours


Love Is The Power / Take Me I'm Yours

Image for That Girl/ Dub Mix

Billy Mcgregor

That Girl / Dub Mix

Image for One Man Against The World/ Version - Fox

Gregory Isaacs

One Man Against The World / Version - Fox

Image for Oh Carolina  Radio & Rass Bumba Claat/ Rayvon


Oh Carolina Radio & Rass Bumba Claat / Rayvon

Image for Baby Come Baby/ 4 Track 12" Ep

Pato Banton

Baby Come Baby / 4 Track 12" Ep

Image for Don't Be Cruel/ Darling You

Thriller U coupled with Anthony Red Rose

Don't Be Cruel / Darling You

Image for Romance For The Moment/ Version

Mikey Melody

Romance For The Moment / Version

Image for Push Up/ She Want It 4.30/4.58

Sweetie Irie

Push Up / She Want It 4.30/4.58

Image for Dear Boopsie/ Not Only Your Wife

Pam Hall

Dear Boopsie / Not Only Your Wife

Image for Bun And Cheese/ Version

Clement Irie

Bun And Cheese / Version

Image for Roses Are Red/ Blank

Cutty Ranks

Roses Are Red / Blank

Image for Fungi Mama/ Funkin For Jamaica

Tom Browne

Fungi Mama / Funkin For Jamaica

One More Chance/ 6 Different Mixes

Maxi Priest

One More Chance / 6 Different Mixes

Image for Shine 3 Different Versions/ Shine


Shine 3 Different Versions / Shine

Image for Harmonites At Their Best/ 8 Track Lp


Harmonites At Their Best / 8 Track Lp

Now That We've Found Love/ Prisoner In The Street

Third World

Now That We've Found Love / Prisoner In The Street

Never My Love/ Jasmine

Sugar Minott

Never My Love / Jasmine

Image for Shack Attack  Full Attack Version/ Same: Instrumental

Keith Drummond

Shack Attack Full Attack Version / Same: Instrumental

Baby Can I Hold You Tonight/ Version


Baby Can I Hold You Tonight / Version

Image for So Many Ways/ Version

Dennis Malcolm

So Many Ways / Version

Image for Don't Turn Around/ Woman + Don't Turn Around


Don't Turn Around / Woman + Don't Turn Around

Image for Self Service Love/ Jim Screechie

Guardian Angel

Self Service Love / Jim Screechie

Image for The Power Of Love/ Version

Leroy Gibbons

The Power Of Love / Version

Image for Just Don't Weant To Be Lonely/ Version

Freddie Mcgregor

Just Don't Weant To Be Lonely / Version

Image for You Caught My Eye/ 1987 Uk Press

Judy Boucher

You Caught My Eye / 1987 Uk Press

Image for Hello Darling/ Instrumental + Saxophone Mix

Tippa Irie

Hello Darling / Instrumental + Saxophone Mix

Image for As If I Didn't Know/ Sad Movies

Cynthia Schloss

As If I Didn't Know / Sad Movies

Image for Can't Be With You Tonight/ Dreaming Of A Little Island

Judy Boucher

Can't Be With You Tonight / Dreaming Of A Little Island

Image for One Dance Won't Do/ Eight Little Notes

Audrey Hall

One Dance Won't Do / Eight Little Notes

Image for Do The Teasy/ 3 Different Mixes

Kinky Wild And Sexy

Do The Teasy / 3 Different Mixes

Image for Here I Stand/ Dub+single+instru + Don't Be C

Bitty Mclean

Here I Stand / Dub+single+instru + Don't Be C

Image for Tumblin Down/ Version + Have You Been To Hea

Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers

Tumblin Down / Version + Have You Been To Hea

Image for One More Chance/ 6 Different Mixes

Maxi Priest

One More Chance / 6 Different Mixes

Image for Bip Bip Bip Bop Bop Bop/ Just Cool Vocal & Instrumental

Trevor Notch

Bip Bip Bip Bop Bop Bop / Just Cool Vocal & Instrumental

Image for We Are Family/ Version

Kochi Reality

We Are Family / Version

Image for Here We Go Again/ Use Me

Richie Davis

Here We Go Again / Use Me

Image for If Leaving Me Is Easy/ Give Mwe A Little More

Lloyd Charmers

If Leaving Me Is Easy / Give Mwe A Little More

Image for Start All Over Again/ Version

Derrick Harriot And Yellow Man

Start All Over Again / Version

Image for Glad You're Here With Me/ Version

Freddie Mcgregor

Glad You're Here With Me / Version

Image for Cuba/ 6 Tracks

Gibson Brothers

Cuba / 6 Tracks

Image for The Shack Attack/ The Shack Attact(instrumental)

Keith Drummond

The Shack Attack / The Shack Attact(instrumental)

Image for Nice And Easy/ Groovy Feeling

Ruddy Thomas

Nice And Easy / Groovy Feeling

Image for Cry Touch/ Lets Dance Lets Dance


Cry Touch / Lets Dance Lets Dance

Image for Let's Play/ 5 Mixes

Nerious Joseph And Tenor Fly

Let's Play / 5 Mixes

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