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Image for April Love/ Beverley My Darling

Taylor Andy And The Individuals

April Love / Beverley My Darling

Image for The King Tut Rock/ I'll Have To Decide

Socialites coupled with Kenny And Socialites

The King Tut Rock / I'll Have To Decide

Image for My Jelly Bean/ Nita, I Need You So

Bobby And The Consoles

My Jelly Bean / Nita, I Need You So

Image for Please Say It Isn't So/ Something Made Me Stop

Swinging Hearts

Please Say It Isn't So / Something Made Me Stop

Image for Why Don't You Believe Me/ Yes I Love You Baby


Why Don't You Believe Me / Yes I Love You Baby

Image for Have You Heard/ I Wanna Chance


Have You Heard / I Wanna Chance

Image for Love Is A Story/ You Name It

Billy And The Patios

Love Is A Story / You Name It

Image for Just Walkin' In The Rain/ Baby Please


Just Walkin' In The Rain / Baby Please

Image for Why Don't You Write Me/ Boppin' Around


Why Don't You Write Me / Boppin' Around

Image for It's All Over Now/ Gee Huh Hee Baby

Frankie White

It's All Over Now / Gee Huh Hee Baby

Image for I Knew It Was You All The Time/ There's No Return From Love

Teddy Lawson

I Knew It Was You All The Time / There's No Return From Love

Image for To Be Alone/ My Only Love


To Be Alone / My Only Love

Image for Happy New Year Baby/ Blank

Unknown Artist

Happy New Year Baby / Blank

Image for I Beg Your Forgiveness/ Love You Baby All The Time


I Beg Your Forgiveness / Love You Baby All The Time

Image for I Miss You So/ Another Day

Cats And The Fiddle

I Miss You So / Another Day

Image for I Know You'll Be My Love/ Christopher Columbus


I Know You'll Be My Love / Christopher Columbus

Image for So Good/ One Question


So Good / One Question

Image for Stompin' Sh-boom/ Breakup


Stompin' Sh-boom / Breakup

Image for Love In Your Life/ Genie In The Jug


Love In Your Life / Genie In The Jug

Image for Playmate Of The Year/ Lonely Surfer Boy


Playmate Of The Year / Lonely Surfer Boy

Image for The Bells/ Shang Shang


The Bells / Shang Shang

Image for Fbi Story/ You'll Be Mine

Rudy Grayzell And The Thunderbirds

Fbi Story / You'll Be Mine

Image for You Know I Wanna Love You/ Wow Wow Wow

George Young

You Know I Wanna Love You / Wow Wow Wow

Image for Lonely Baby/ Scat

Ty Hunter

Lonely Baby / Scat

Image for Ginny/ Bob O Link

Smart Tones

Ginny / Bob O Link

Image for Sandra/ Nancy Jane

Willie Zango

Sandra / Nancy Jane

Image for Let Me Weep, Let My Cry/ I've Got A Secret


Let Me Weep, Let My Cry / I've Got A Secret

Image for Honey Chile/ Mobile


Honey Chile / Mobile

Image for Angel Face/ Kiss Me Quickly


Angel Face / Kiss Me Quickly

Image for Tears, Tears, Tears/ So Soon

Betty Rogers

Tears, Tears, Tears / So Soon

Image for It's Better To Love/ Just You


It's Better To Love / Just You

Image for Just Because Of A Kiss/ Bacon Fat

Williams Andre

Just Because Of A Kiss / Bacon Fat

Image for I Wanna Be Your Man/ No Fade Away

Rolling Stones

I Wanna Be Your Man / No Fade Away

Image for I'm Gonna Love Him/ Is 13 Too Young To Fall In Lov


I'm Gonna Love Him / Is 13 Too Young To Fall In Lov

Image for Do You Remember/ Get To Stepping

Fabulous Flames

Do You Remember / Get To Stepping

Image for You Turned The Lamps Too Low/ Have Mercy Baby

Titus Turner

You Turned The Lamps Too Low / Have Mercy Baby

Image for Two Friends/ Crazy Love

Bob Knight Four

Two Friends / Crazy Love

Image for Do You Miss Me/ Whoopee (loves A Wonderful Thi

Mimi Allen

Do You Miss Me / Whoopee (loves A Wonderful Thi

Image for Back Home Again/ I Wanna Know

Willie Headen And The Five Birds

Back Home Again / I Wanna Know

Image for Baby Don't Do It/ I Like It Like That


Baby Don't Do It / I Like It Like That

Image for Guardian Angel/ Hey You


Guardian Angel / Hey You

Image for We Belong Together/ Baltimore

Janie Moss

We Belong Together / Baltimore

Image for Dream A Dream/ Dolores

Mood Makers

Dream A Dream / Dolores

Image for I Just Got Lucky/ Happy 'till The Letter

Orioles Feat: Sonny Til

I Just Got Lucky / Happy 'till The Letter

Image for Trust In Me/ Round And Round


Trust In Me / Round And Round

Image for Honey Drop/ In The Summer

3 Honeydrops

Honey Drop / In The Summer

Image for Mr. Cupid/ When I Walk With My Angel


Mr. Cupid / When I Walk With My Angel

You Must Try/ Summertime


You Must Try / Summertime

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