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Add the unique and distinctive sounds of folk vinyl to your collection, all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 300 records to choose from, curate your collection not only with the legendary sounds of Bob Dylan, John Denver, Jim Croce & Joan Baez. But also the obscure independent productions of Rare Folk from all over the world.

The condition and authenticity of our records are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our folk vinyl, you may also be interested in our Football Vinyl and British Release Soul vinyl.

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Image for Tracks Of Mind/ 10 Track Lp

Barrington Davis

Tracks Of Mind / 10 Track Lp

Image for Don't You Wish You Were/ 1977 Uk Press

Rustic Parts

Don't You Wish You Were / 1977 Uk Press

Image for The Artist/ Same: 2.25 Mono Version


The Artist / Same: 2.25 Mono Version

Image for An Acoustic Confusion/ 1971 Private Press

Steve Tilston

An Acoustic Confusion / 1971 Private Press

Believe I Love You/ She's In Need Of Love

John Bryant

Believe I Love You / She's In Need Of Love

Image for Little Girl/ Our Love Is Over

Tu Tones

Little Girl / Our Love Is Over

Image for Taking Time/ Live, Learn, Love

Time Ltd

Taking Time / Live, Learn, Love

Image for Saturday Night People/ Butchies Tune

Scott Henderson

Saturday Night People / Butchies Tune

Image for Brent Titcomb/ 1977 Canadian Press

Brent Titcomb

Brent Titcomb / 1977 Canadian Press

Image for Singing Traditions Of A Suffolk Family/ 1975 Uk Private Press

Ling Family

Singing Traditions Of A Suffolk Family / 1975 Uk Private Press

Image for Lord Of All I Behold/ 10 Track Lp

Robin And Barry Dransfield

Lord Of All I Behold / 10 Track Lp

Atomic Love/ 1983 Texas Folk/rock Indie

Cathy Katzberg And Stephen Snyder

Atomic Love / 1983 Texas Folk/rock Indie

Image for Nothing Else To Do/ Lord Lovell


Nothing Else To Do / Lord Lovell

Image for Stan Wilson/ 1957 Italian 4 Track Ep+cover

Stan Wilson

Stan Wilson / 1957 Italian 4 Track Ep+cover

Image for Gryphon/ Original 1973 Uk In Gatefold


Gryphon / Original 1973 Uk In Gatefold

Image for Nightingale/ Happy

Blue Skies

Nightingale / Happy

Image for South California/ House On The Hill

Literary Society

South California / House On The Hill

Image for More Than Molecules/ Odd Peculiar Strange

Noosha Fox

More Than Molecules / Odd Peculiar Strange

Image for Ain't That News/ 1965 Uk Stereo Press

Tom Paxton

Ain't That News / 1965 Uk Stereo Press

Image for I Am A Soldier/ Adoro - The Warmth Of Love


I Am A Soldier / Adoro - The Warmth Of Love

Image for No Nukes/ Karen Silkwood

Pat De Cou And Tex La Mountain

No Nukes / Karen Silkwood

The Cotswolds/ Good For The Goose

Mick Connor

The Cotswolds / Good For The Goose

Image for Someday/ 11 Track Autographed Lp

Harvey Andrews

Someday / 11 Track Autographed Lp

Image for Bright City/ Another Time, Another Place

Miller Anderson

Bright City / Another Time, Another Place

Image for Sunday Morning Early/ Death Letter Blues


Sunday Morning Early / Death Letter Blues

Image for The Legend Of The Seagull/ I'm A Poor Boy

Davy And The Dolphins

The Legend Of The Seagull / I'm A Poor Boy

Image for Gypsy Man/ Where Do We Go From Here

Eleanor Gary

Gypsy Man / Where Do We Go From Here

Image for The Music Box/ Life Is Strange

Wee Three

The Music Box / Life Is Strange

Image for The Best Of/ Flawless Orig.1969 Uk Stereo

Tim Hardin

The Best Of / Flawless Orig.1969 Uk Stereo

Image for Bonnie Kolac/ 1973 Quadrophonic Usa Press

Bonnie Koloc

Bonnie Kolac / 1973 Quadrophonic Usa Press

Image for Thass Only Me/ Edna The Barmaid

Singing Postman

Thass Only Me / Edna The Barmaid

Image for The Irish Soldier Boy/ My Native Town Drumlish

Ruthie Morrissey

The Irish Soldier Boy / My Native Town Drumlish

Image for Frank Ifield + Barbary Coast/ 1978 Private Press

Frank Ifield And Barbary Coast

Frank Ifield + Barbary Coast / 1978 Private Press

Image for Stottin'doon The Waall/ 1962 Ep Cover + Lyric Sheet

Johnny Handle

Stottin'doon The Waall / 1962 Ep Cover + Lyric Sheet

Image for Play Gaelic/ 1981 Uk Press

Run Rig

Play Gaelic / 1981 Uk Press

Image for Where's Your Love Been/ No One Could Love You More

Sandra Rhodes

Where's Your Love Been / No One Could Love You More

Image for Winkin' Blinkin' And Nod/ So Glad I'm Here

Simon Sisters

Winkin' Blinkin' And Nod / So Glad I'm Here

Image for The Keeper/ Twelve Gates Tp The City


The Keeper / Twelve Gates Tp The City

Image for Go On And Go/ I've Never Know

Hank And Carolee

Go On And Go / I've Never Know

Image for The Tacklers/ Very Rare 14 Cut Uk Folk Indie


The Tacklers / Very Rare 14 Cut Uk Folk Indie

Image for Give A Damn/ Walking Out On Foggy Mornings


Give A Damn / Walking Out On Foggy Mornings

Image for Thank You Maggie/ Uncle Bob White

Rich Mountain Tower

Thank You Maggie / Uncle Bob White

To Love Means To Be Free/ If Ever

Anthony Green And Barry Stagg

To Love Means To Be Free / If Ever

Image for Hands I Love/ Haunted House


Hands I Love / Haunted House

This Heart These Hands/ Ten To One

Mary Wells

This Heart These Hands / Ten To One

Image for The Biplane, Evermore/ Five Feet High And Rising


The Biplane, Evermore / Five Feet High And Rising

A Stranger In Your Town/ Big River


A Stranger In Your Town / Big River

Image for Come Kiss Me Love/ Let Me Do The Talking


Come Kiss Me Love / Let Me Do The Talking

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