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Kenny Smith - Lord What's Happened / The Same Old Story - Goldspot 108328

Kenny Smith

Lord What's Happened / The Same Old Story

Goldspot : 108328 (45s)

I wonder if any other rare music collecting scenes are littered with the plethora of so much assumption, misinformation, guess work or perversion of the truth as the Northern Soul collecting obsession. Or indeed have so many devious deceptions that still plague the scene today.

Rumours, falsification of the facts especially when it surrounds it's most colorful character, the much maligned Simon Soussan.

Mostly by people who have never met him, dealt with him or even spoken to him. Whilst he was certainly the "naughtiest" Northern Soul pioneer of them all, with all manner of trickery accompanying vinyl dealings. People quickly forget that Simon was also the first man to discover a plethora of Northern Soul anthems during his record dealing career. So many now classic rare records, it would take a whole book dedicated to the man's colourful life to fully document his huge influence on the Northern Soul scene. Good and bad.

So to suggest, the fact that Simon Soussan had Kenny Smith "Lord" on Goldspot listed on one of his extensive rare-record sales lists. The 45 must be a bootleg is utterly ludicrous. As this Goldspot press is the very first version the Blackpool Mecca anthem; Colin Curtis made into a countrywide classic after the legendary Rare-Soul DJ broke it single-handed; against all odds. From raised its eyebrow beginnings into a dancefloor monster countrywide.

The Goldspot 45 is not only it's first incarnation, it is (according to our 20 year old database) almost 9 times rarer than the General American original promo and 15 times rarer than the styrene bootleg. Which ironically Simon allegedly repress at Monarch Recording in Los Angeles. All can be confirmed by any google method you care to use.

Before you today is the authentic FIRST incarnation of a "Lord What's Happening Too Your People" classic that has been woven into the very fabric of Northern Soul since Colin daringly backed his "outside the box" thinking and played it to an astonished Blackpool Mecca faithful in the first half of the 70's decade.

Simon was certainly not the "Messiah", he was a very naughty boy. But he also discovered more great Northern Soul recordings than he is given credit for. With the exception of John Anderson, more than any other Northern Soul rare vinyl dealer, period.

The ever vigilant NS Soul police, misinformed rumor mongers, please take note. This disc on Goldspot is by far the recordings rarest form, the very first mix of this revolutionary NS classic.

Can we now drop all charges on this disc, against one of the scenes most prolific contributors. With many other offences guilty as charged and a weighty file full of "taken into consideration".

Not many DJ's or collectors own the elusive 45. The rush for ownership is now on. As today it is emerging "THE" version to play, with it's fresh rawness, being perfect to stir the crowd, in this still evolving Northern Soul scene.

Condition Report

Two clean labels, vinyl has light

Two clean labels, vinyl has light

Kings Of Soul - Is Your Love For Me / Girl What Have You Done - Down To Earth DTE 78

Kings Of Soul

Is Your Love For Me / Girl What Have You Done

Down To Earth : DTE 78 (45s)

Glorious Chicago vocal group Northern Soul ONLY available as the extremely elusive STOCK copy.

Condition Report

Two fine clean labels, unblemished vinyl. A fabulous copy.

Two fine clean labels, unblemished vinyl. A fabulous copy.

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