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Browse our wide selection of rare & obscure 50’s to present novelty, Comedy vinyl available online at Rare Soulman. With a selection of over 300 records to shop, add the humorous and distinctive sounds of novelty vinyl to your collection today.

Our novelty records all feature well-known musical favourites, such as the Chipmunks, Spike Milligan, Goons, Max Boyce and hundreds more! The condition and authenticity of our vintage novelty originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Novelty Vinyl, then you might also like our Opera Vinyl.

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Image for Rabbit/ The Side Board Song

Chas And Dave

Rabbit / The Side Board Song

Image for Hokey Cokey/ Too La Rye

Black Lace

Hokey Cokey / Too La Rye

My Melancholy Baby/ Knees Up Medley

Chas And Dave

My Melancholy Baby / Knees Up Medley

Margate/ Give It Gavotte

Chas And Dave

Margate / Give It Gavotte

Ain't No Pleasing You/ Give It Some Stick Mick

Chas And Dave

Ain't No Pleasing You / Give It Some Stick Mick

Turn That Noise Down !/ Flying

Chas And Dave

Turn That Noise Down ! / Flying

Poor Old Mr. Woogie/ Uneasy Feeling

Chas And Dave

Poor Old Mr. Woogie / Uneasy Feeling

Stars Over 45/ Harem

Chas And Dave

Stars Over 45 / Harem

Image for Gertcha/ The Banging In Your Head

Chas And Dave

Gertcha / The Banging In Your Head

Image for The Wombling Song/ Wombles Everywhere


The Wombling Song / Wombles Everywhere

Image for Farmer Bill's Cowman/ Springtime


Farmer Bill's Cowman / Springtime

Image for Where's Harry/ Same: Instrumental

Contenders With Frank Bruno

Where's Harry / Same: Instrumental

Image for O Cheryl/ Ode To England

Manuel And Los Por Favors

O Cheryl / Ode To England

The Snooker Song/ Whollop (he's Gone Down)

Chas And Dave

The Snooker Song / Whollop (he's Gone Down)

Again/ The Mountains To Mourne

Jimmy Tarbuck

Again / The Mountains To Mourne

Image for Dance With Me The Christmas Tree 'round/ Don't Wait Til The Night Befor

Bob Kames And The Dancing Mice

Dance With Me The Christmas Tree 'round / Don't Wait Til The Night Befor

Image for Whispering Grass/ I Should Have Known

Windsor Davis And Don Estelle

Whispering Grass / I Should Have Known

No One Quite Like Grandma/ Pinocchio

St. Winifreds School Choir

No One Quite Like Grandma / Pinocchio

Image for The Man On Page 602/ Vinegar In My Wine

Zoot Fenster

The Man On Page 602 / Vinegar In My Wine

The Womble Shuffle/ To Wimbledon With Love


The Womble Shuffle / To Wimbledon With Love

Image for Ernie (the Fastest Milkman In The West)/ Ting-a-ling-a-loo

Benny Hill

Ernie (the Fastest Milkman In The West) / Ting-a-ling-a-loo

Image for Uh! Oh!/ Uh! Oh! Part 2

Nutty Squirrels

Uh! Oh! / Uh! Oh! Part 2

Image for Do The Bartman/ Same: Lp Edit


Do The Bartman / Same: Lp Edit

Seven Drunken Nights/ Paddy On The Railway


Seven Drunken Nights / Paddy On The Railway

Image for Snoopy Versus The Red Baron/ What Do You Say


Snoopy Versus The Red Baron / What Do You Say

Image for Ajax Liquor Store/ The Hippie & The Redneck

Hudson And Landry

Ajax Liquor Store / The Hippie & The Redneck

Image for Mcenroe/ Mcenroe Part 2

Vic Rope Jump

Mcenroe / Mcenroe Part 2

Image for Lumberjack Song/ Spam Song

Monty Python

Lumberjack Song / Spam Song

Crucial Times/ Big Love

Lenny As Delbert Wilkins Henry

Crucial Times / Big Love

In The Brownies/ Woke Up This Morning

Billy Connolly

In The Brownies / Woke Up This Morning

Dr. Finlay/ Oh! What A Ceilidh

Stewart Andy

Dr. Finlay / Oh! What A Ceilidh

Image for Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing/ It's A Bird's Life


Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing / It's A Bird's Life

Image for I'm So Miserable Without You/ A State Of The Humour Address

Kip Addotta

I'm So Miserable Without You / A State Of The Humour Address

Image for She (power To Be)/ Same: Mono


She (power To Be) / Same: Mono

Image for Happy Days Are Here Again/ We Are The Ovaltineys


Happy Days Are Here Again / We Are The Ovaltineys

Image for Telephone Man/ Itinerary

Meri Wilson

Telephone Man / Itinerary

Image for Rub-a-dub-dub/ Silver Blue Mercedes

Meri Wilson

Rub-a-dub-dub / Silver Blue Mercedes

Image for Get Some Therapy/ More Theraphy

Steve Wright

Get Some Therapy / More Theraphy

Image for Let's Womble To The Party Tonight/ Down At The Barber Shop (singi


Let's Womble To The Party Tonight / Down At The Barber Shop (singi

Image for My Bunny And My Sister Sue/ Two Easter Sunday Sweethearts

Jimmy Boyd

My Bunny And My Sister Sue / Two Easter Sunday Sweethearts

Image for Space Invaders/ Same: 3.35 Version

Uncle Vic

Space Invaders / Same: 3.35 Version

Image for Requiem For A King/ In This Our Time

Pat Mcgeehan

Requiem For A King / In This Our Time

Image for The Mummy/ Biscayne Beat

Bubi And Bob

The Mummy / Biscayne Beat

Image for The Naz/ Cast Your Bread


The Naz / Cast Your Bread

Image for Fan-dabi-dozi/ Wee Jimmy Krankie


Fan-dabi-dozi / Wee Jimmy Krankie

Image for Who Stole The Keeshka/ Portki

Matys Bros.

Who Stole The Keeshka / Portki

Image for Disco Duck/ Disco Duck Pt. 2

Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots

Disco Duck / Disco Duck Pt. 2

Image for Buona Notte Bambino/ Wenn Die Sonne Scheint

Rocco Granata

Buona Notte Bambino / Wenn Die Sonne Scheint

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