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Browse our wide selection of rare & obscure 50’s to present novelty, Comedy vinyl available online at Rare Soulman. With a selection of over 300 records to shop, add the humorous and distinctive sounds of novelty vinyl to your collection today.

Our novelty records all feature well-known musical favourites, such as the Chipmunks, Spike Milligan, Goons, Max Boyce and hundreds more! The condition and authenticity of our vintage novelty originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Novelty Vinyl, then you might also like our Opera Vinyl.

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Image for Pop Goes The Post Horn/ 16 Track Lp

Elgar Howarth

Pop Goes The Post Horn / 16 Track Lp

Image for Comic Book Crazy/ Dodge City Baby

Little Sammy Yates

Comic Book Crazy / Dodge City Baby

Image for Oo-ga Boo-ga Boo-boo/ Keep Your Eye On The Guy

Billy Hall And The Arabs

Oo-ga Boo-ga Boo-boo / Keep Your Eye On The Guy

Image for The Dark Island/ Scotland The Brave & Saints Go

Lawrie Adam

The Dark Island / Scotland The Brave & Saints Go

Image for I've Seen It/ Stand Up

Nick Ryan

I've Seen It / Stand Up

Image for My Little Martian/ Suppose

Floyd Robinson

My Little Martian / Suppose

Image for Bridlington/ Eternity Isle


Bridlington / Eternity Isle

Don't Gimme No Back Talk/ Under Your Spell Again

Tommy Jay And Sharon Lee

Don't Gimme No Back Talk / Under Your Spell Again

Image for Telephone Man/ Itinerary

Meri Wilson

Telephone Man / Itinerary

Image for That House Up On The Hill/ Chihuahua

Boomer Castleman

That House Up On The Hill / Chihuahua

Do The Bartman/ Same: Lp Edit


Do The Bartman / Same: Lp Edit

Deep Deep Trouble (dance Mix Edit)/ Deep, Deep Trouble (lp Edit)


Deep Deep Trouble (dance Mix Edit) / Deep, Deep Trouble (lp Edit)

Image for Do The Bartman/ Same: Lp Edit


Do The Bartman / Same: Lp Edit

13 Item(s)

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