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Browse our wide selection of rare & obscure 50’s to present novelty, Comedy vinyl available online at Rare Soulman. With a selection of over 300 records to shop, add the humorous and distinctive sounds of novelty vinyl to your collection today.

Our novelty records all feature well-known musical favourites, such as the Chipmunks, Spike Milligan, Goons, Max Boyce and hundreds more! The condition and authenticity of our vintage novelty originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Novelty Vinyl, then you might also like our Opera Vinyl.

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Image for I've Got A Gal/ I've Got A Gal Part 2


I've Got A Gal / I've Got A Gal Part 2

Image for What Did Unda Wear/ The Cellars Of Paris


What Did Unda Wear / The Cellars Of Paris

Image for What Is A Teen Age Girl/ What Is A Teen Age Boy

Tom Edwards

What Is A Teen Age Girl / What Is A Teen Age Boy

Image for A Household Word/ Same:

Effete Cotrp Of Impudent Snobs

A Household Word / Same:

Image for Jelly, Jelly/ Jelly, Jelly Part 2

Flash Evans

Jelly, Jelly / Jelly, Jelly Part 2

Image for La La La/ Streaking A Go Go

El Chicle

La La La / Streaking A Go Go

Image for Won't Somebody Play My Record/ Flip Me

Egton Runners

Won't Somebody Play My Record / Flip Me

Image for At The Night Club/ At The Night Club Part 2

Flash Evans

At The Night Club / At The Night Club Part 2

Image for Tijuana Border (wolverton Mountain)/ Perdro's Piano Roll Twist

El Clod

Tijuana Border (wolverton Mountain) / Perdro's Piano Roll Twist

Whistlin' In The Sunshine/ Dreaming In The Moonlight


Whistlin' In The Sunshine / Dreaming In The Moonlight

Image for Captain Kremmen (retribution)/ Retribution

Kenny Everett And Mike Vickers

Captain Kremmen (retribution) / Retribution

Image for Snot Rap/ Snot Rap Part 2

Kenny Everett

Snot Rap / Snot Rap Part 2

Image for Why Shouldn't I?/ Fairy Tale

English Rose

Why Shouldn't I? / Fairy Tale

Image for My Wife, The Dancer/ Can't Help Loving That Girl

Eddie And Dutch

My Wife, The Dancer / Can't Help Loving That Girl

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