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Browse our wide selection of rare & obscure 50’s to present novelty, Comedy vinyl available online at Rare Soulman. With a selection of over 300 records to shop, add the humorous and distinctive sounds of novelty vinyl to your collection today.

Our novelty records all feature well-known musical favourites, such as the Chipmunks, Spike Milligan, Goons, Max Boyce and hundreds more! The condition and authenticity of our vintage novelty originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Novelty Vinyl, then you might also like our Opera Vinyl.

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Image for I Have Returned/ Keep Talking Baby


I Have Returned / Keep Talking Baby

Image for Pismonunciation/ The Vicar Of St. Cain And Abel

Ronnie Barker

Pismonunciation / The Vicar Of St. Cain And Abel

Image for El Pizza/ Lone Prairie


El Pizza / Lone Prairie

Image for Nairobi-london/ The Story Of The Vc10


Nairobi-london / The Story Of The Vc10

Image for A Little Blue Man/ Winter In Miami

Betty Johnson

A Little Blue Man / Winter In Miami

Image for Stranger (to My Brothers)/ Fare Thee Well

Branch Douglas

Stranger (to My Brothers) / Fare Thee Well

Mr. Grillon/ The Big Nothing

Archibald Players

Mr. Grillon / The Big Nothing

Image for The Handwriting On The Wall/ Same Part 2

Sounds Of Graffiti

The Handwriting On The Wall / Same Part 2

Image for She (power To Be)/ Same: Mono


She (power To Be) / Same: Mono

Image for Popi/ Places I Remember


Popi / Places I Remember

Image for Everybody Likes It/ Everybody Likes It (the Easy)

Steve Karmen

Everybody Likes It / Everybody Likes It (the Easy)

Naughty Naughty Naughty/ Letters Of Love

Joy Sarney

Naughty Naughty Naughty / Letters Of Love

Image for Blaze Away/ Same

Myself Me And Me Again

Blaze Away / Same

Image for The Man On Page 602/ Vinegar In My Wine

Zoot Fenster

The Man On Page 602 / Vinegar In My Wine

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