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Browse and buy from our wide selection of eclectic rare soul vinyl items including record cases, cards and Motown envelopes, all available online at Rare Soulman. If you enjoyed browsing our rare soul vinyl items, then you may also enjoy our Autographs section.

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Image for 2457 Woodward Avenue, Detroit Envelope/ Genuine 60s Motown Envelopes

Motown Envelopes

2457 Woodward Avenue, Detroit Envelope / Genuine 60s Motown Envelopes

Image for Motown Record Corporation 800 Telephone/ 800-521-1191 Call Free Card

Motown Record Corporation

Motown Record Corporation 800 Telephone / 800-521-1191 Call Free Card

Image for I'll Keep Searching/ Get'n Off

Black Smoke Band

I'll Keep Searching / Get'n Off

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