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Image for Rappin' With Mr. Magic/ Same: 5:00 Version

Mr. Magic

Rappin' With Mr. Magic / Same: 5:00 Version

Image for The Secret - 5:25 Version/ I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Magic Trick coupled with Al Washington

The Secret - 5:25 Version / I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Image for Set It Off Extended Mix/ Get Into It + Set It Off Lp

Big Daddy Kane

Set It Off Extended Mix / Get Into It + Set It Off Lp

Image for This Time/ Blank

Big L

This Time / Blank

Killer Groove 1/ Killer Groove 2

Formula V

Killer Groove 1 / Killer Groove 2

Image for Changes (we Go Thriough)/ Changes Dub Dub

Divine Sounds

Changes (we Go Thriough) / Changes Dub Dub

Image for More Ounce/ 3.50 + 5.09 Versions

Bobby Demo

More Ounce / 3.50 + 5.09 Versions

Image for Just A Friend/ 'ard One + Lp Mixes

Biz Markie

Just A Friend / 'ard One + Lp Mixes

Image for He Cuts So Fresh/ Bass Game

Marley Marl

He Cuts So Fresh / Bass Game

Image for Lovesick/ Upbeat + Album Mix

Gang Starr

Lovesick / Upbeat + Album Mix

Image for Dedication All All B-boys/ I Don't Like Rock N Roll Radio

Schoolly D

Dedication All All B-boys / I Don't Like Rock N Roll Radio

Image for Party Time/ Ready For Action


Party Time / Ready For Action

Image for Public Enemy No. 1/ Timebomb

Public Enemy

Public Enemy No. 1 / Timebomb

Image for For The Money/ K.a.o.s.s.

True Mathematics

For The Money / K.a.o.s.s.

Image for The Rhythm  New Mix Radio Edit/ Blank:

Longsy D.And Cut Master M.c.

The Rhythm New Mix Radio Edit / Blank:

Image for Message 2 (survival)/ Same: Instrumental

Grandmaster Flash And Furious 5

Message 2 (survival) / Same: Instrumental

Image for The Big Beat/ Same: Instrumental

Spoonie Gee

The Big Beat / Same: Instrumental

Image for Stackin/ You Ain't No Cutie Pie

Seaside Posse

Stackin / You Ain't No Cutie Pie

Image for Hollywood (state Of Mind)/ Love Somebody (love Me)

Samaki And The Variations

Hollywood (state Of Mind) / Love Somebody (love Me)

Image for Back Against The Wall/ Dance

Herbie Brown

Back Against The Wall / Dance

Image for Wildstyle/ Same:

Time Zone

Wildstyle / Same:

Image for Built For This/ The True Meaning


Built For This / The True Meaning

Image for Computer Age (push The Button)/ Same; Instrumental


Computer Age (push The Button) / Same; Instrumental

Image for I Got Talent/ Gimme Some Beat


I Got Talent / Gimme Some Beat

Image for The Best Of Cold Chillin/ Four Sides

Masta Ace

The Best Of Cold Chillin / Four Sides

Image for Home Invasion/ Immaculate 1993 Double Lp

Ice T

Home Invasion / Immaculate 1993 Double Lp

Image for 2 Bad/ 2 Bad Inst

Overlord X

2 Bad / 2 Bad Inst

I Like To Move It/ Same: Vocal House Remix

Reel 2 Reel

I Like To Move It / Same: Vocal House Remix

Image for Jump To The Beat/ Same: Bass + Beat Your Brains

Chilli And The Groove Gangsters

Jump To The Beat / Same: Bass + Beat Your Brains

Image for Back To Reality/ Back To Reality Lp Version

Intelligent Hoodlum

Back To Reality / Back To Reality Lp Version

Image for Break Dance Party/ 6:34 + 4:20 Dub Mixes

Break Machine

Break Dance Party / 6:34 + 4:20 Dub Mixes

Image for Take Mine/ Killaz Theme


Take Mine / Killaz Theme

Image for Get Shot The Fuck Up/ Get Shot The Fuck Up

G Unit

Get Shot The Fuck Up / Get Shot The Fuck Up

Image for The Final Conflict/ I'm Riffin

M.c. Duke

The Final Conflict / I'm Riffin

Image for Girl Talk/ Same: Instrumental

Boogie Boys

Girl Talk / Same: Instrumental

Boogaloo + Sixteen/ Same: Instrumentals


Boogaloo + Sixteen / Same: Instrumentals

Renegades Of Funk Vocal & Instru./ Renages Chant

Afrika Bambaataa And Soul Sonic Force

Renegades Of Funk Vocal & Instru. / Renages Chant

Love & Time/ Rapping Time

Mr Q

Love & Time / Rapping Time

Image for My Telephone/ Pristine Promo 3 Mixes

Mikey D And The L.a. Posse

My Telephone / Pristine Promo 3 Mixes

Image for Just Give The Dj A Break + Alt. Vocal/ Straight From The Jungle

Dynamix Ii

Just Give The Dj A Break + Alt. Vocal / Straight From The Jungle

Image for Take You To The Top  X-tended + Original/ I Can Tell When You Kiss Me

Masters Of Funk

Take You To The Top X-tended + Original / I Can Tell When You Kiss Me

B-boys Beware Club Mix/ + 3:35 Version + Dubbed Mix

Two Sisters

B-boys Beware Club Mix / + 3:35 Version + Dubbed Mix

Image for Ya Better Believe It/ U Crazy

The Beatnuts

Ya Better Believe It / U Crazy

Image for Eve-olution/ 4 Sides


Eve-olution / 4 Sides

Image for Free Agents/ Four Sides

Mobb Deep

Free Agents / Four Sides

Image for Hard Rock (it's The Beat Of The Street)/ Same:


Hard Rock (it's The Beat Of The Street) / Same:

Image for Same Day Service/ Same: 3:59 Censored Version

Duke Bootee

Same Day Service / Same: 3:59 Censored Version

Image for Feelin' James/ Same: Instrumental

James Brown

Feelin' James / Same: Instrumental

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