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Browse our wide selection of hip hip records available online at Rare Soulman. Add the rhythmic vocal sounds of hip hop vinyl to your collection, featuring tracks such as Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Big Daddy Kane, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep etc. 45s, 12”, LP’s.

With over 250 records to browse, add hip hop vinyl to your collection. All of our vinyl is carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Hip Hop Vinyl, you may also be interested in our Instrumental 45's.

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Image for Only You/ Bad Boy Remix + 3


Only You / Bad Boy Remix + 3

Image for Backtired/ 4 Remixes 12"


Backtired / 4 Remixes 12"

Image for C'mon And Get My Love/ Same Tv Mix

D Mob

C'mon And Get My Love / Same Tv Mix

Image for Slow It Down/ Deep

East 17

Slow It Down / Deep

Image for Everybody Lets Somebody Love/ Club Edit + Michael Edit

Frank Featuring Wiston Office K.

Everybody Lets Somebody Love / Club Edit + Michael Edit

Image for I'm Your Wild Thang/ Same: 3:13 Version

Mamado And She

I'm Your Wild Thang / Same: 3:13 Version

Image for I Am My Own Walkman/ Same: Dub Version

Michael Winslow

I Am My Own Walkman / Same: Dub Version

Image for You're Gonna Get All My Love/ Keep On Keepin' On

Pause 4 Thought

You're Gonna Get All My Love / Keep On Keepin' On

Image for Born In The U.s.a./ Campo Americano

Stanley Clarke Band

Born In The U.s.a. / Campo Americano

Image for I Like You/ Same: Instrumental

Culture Beat

I Like You / Same: Instrumental

Image for It's Alright/ Guvnor + Ballad Mix

East 17

It's Alright / Guvnor + Ballad Mix

Image for Do Anything/ Radio + Raw Mix

Natural Selection

Do Anything / Radio + Raw Mix

Image for We Don't Work For Free/ Instrumental

Grandmaster And Melle Mel

We Don't Work For Free / Instrumental

Image for We Love To Love/ Lookin' For Something

P.m. Sampson And Double Key

We Love To Love / Lookin' For Something

Image for Reality Used To Be A Friend On Mine/ Coma Tose

Pm Dawn

Reality Used To Be A Friend On Mine / Coma Tose

Image for Feel The Rhythm/ Feel The Rhythm Tunnel Mix

Jazzi P

Feel The Rhythm / Feel The Rhythm Tunnel Mix

Image for The Twist (yo. Twist)/ The Twist (buffapella)

Fat Boys

The Twist (yo. Twist) / The Twist (buffapella)

Image for Tales Of The Hood/ Instrumental + Fyrus Blim

Tubby T

Tales Of The Hood / Instrumental + Fyrus Blim

Image for Motherland Africa/ Radio + Instrumental Mix

Tribal House

Motherland Africa / Radio + Instrumental Mix

Positivia/ Double Lp

Various Artists

Positivia / Double Lp

Image for Nuff Vibes E.p./ 4 Track Ep

Apache Indian

Nuff Vibes E.p. / 4 Track Ep

Image for The Rain/ Your Song

Oran Juice Jones

The Rain / Your Song

Image for Soulmate/ We Know It

Wee Papa Girl Rappers

Soulmate / We Know It

Image for Loves Heartbreak/ Love Bug

Lisa M

Loves Heartbreak / Love Bug

Image for Girls/ Same:

General Caine

Girls / Same:

Image for Heroes Never Die/ Same:


Heroes Never Die / Same:

Image for House Party/ Same:

General Kane

House Party / Same:

Image for Have You Seen Her/ Help The Children

M. C. Hammer

Have You Seen Her / Help The Children

Image for Funky Nassau/ Runaway

Black Britain

Funky Nassau / Runaway

Image for Midnight Lady/ Feel The Fury


Midnight Lady / Feel The Fury

Image for Dr. Jam (in The Slam)/ Same: Instrumental


Dr. Jam (in The Slam) / Same: Instrumental

Image for Deja Nu/ Sheryl Crownk

Itchie Finger Puppets

Deja Nu / Sheryl Crownk

Image for Slow It Down/ Pertetual + Deep Dark Mix

East 17

Slow It Down / Pertetual + Deep Dark Mix

Image for Choose/ Same Album Version

Color Me Badd

Choose / Same Album Version

Image for You've Got The Devil Inside/ Instrumental

Black Bizarre

You've Got The Devil Inside / Instrumental

Image for Help The Children/ Instrumental

M. C. Hammer

Help The Children / Instrumental

Image for Hip House/ I Can Dance

Fast Eddie

Hip House / I Can Dance

Image for Yo! I Sweetness/ Same

M. C. Hammer

Yo! I Sweetness / Same

Image for Your Sweetness/ Instrumental

Good Girls

Your Sweetness / Instrumental

Image for Girls/ Baseball

General Caine

Girls / Baseball

Image for R U Tuff Enuff/ Same: 4.05 Version

Rebbie Jackson

R U Tuff Enuff / Same: 4.05 Version

Image for Bad Young Brother/ Same: Instrumental

Derek B

Bad Young Brother / Same: Instrumental

Image for Live And Learn/ Live And Learn Public Dub

Joe Public

Live And Learn / Live And Learn Public Dub

Image for Under Your Spell/ In Full Swing

Ronny Jordan

Under Your Spell / In Full Swing

Image for Here I Go Again/ Chillin'

Force M.ds

Here I Go Again / Chillin'

Image for Thought U Were The One For Me/ Same: Instrumental

Joey B. Ellis

Thought U Were The One For Me / Same: Instrumental

Image for Money/ Money Euroversion

Msd Featuring Gina D

Money / Money Euroversion

Image for The Sun Machine/ Same: Instrumental

E-zee Possee

The Sun Machine / Same: Instrumental

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