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Browse our wide selection of hip hip records available online at Rare Soulman. Add the rhythmic vocal sounds of hip hop vinyl to your collection, featuring tracks such as Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Big Daddy Kane, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep etc. 45s, 12”, LP’s.

With over 250 records to browse, add hip hop vinyl to your collection. All of our vinyl is carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Hip Hop Vinyl, you may also be interested in our Instrumental 45's.

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Image for Rappin' With Mr. Magic/ Same: 5:00 Version

Mr. Magic

Rappin' With Mr. Magic / Same: 5:00 Version

Image for The Secret - 5:25 Version/ I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Magic Trick coupled with Al Washington

The Secret - 5:25 Version / I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Image for Set It Off Extended Mix/ Get Into It + Set It Off Lp

Big Daddy Kane

Set It Off Extended Mix / Get Into It + Set It Off Lp

Image for This Time/ Blank

Big L

This Time / Blank

Killer Groove 1/ Killer Groove 2

Formula V

Killer Groove 1 / Killer Groove 2

Image for Raw/ Word To The Mother (land)

Big Daddy Kane

Raw / Word To The Mother (land)

Image for I'm Hip The Hip Hoppers/ The Gangsta Lean

Many Fazes

I'm Hip The Hip Hoppers / The Gangsta Lean

Image for Changes (we Go Thriough)/ Changes Dub Dub

Divine Sounds

Changes (we Go Thriough) / Changes Dub Dub

Image for More Ounce/ 3.50 + 5.09 Versions

Bobby Demo

More Ounce / 3.50 + 5.09 Versions

Image for Just A Friend/ 'ard One + Lp Mixes

Biz Markie

Just A Friend / 'ard One + Lp Mixes

Image for He Cuts So Fresh/ Bass Game

Marley Marl

He Cuts So Fresh / Bass Game

Image for Lovesick/ Upbeat + Album Mix

Gang Starr

Lovesick / Upbeat + Album Mix

Image for Dedication All All B-boys/ I Don't Like Rock N Roll Radio

Schoolly D

Dedication All All B-boys / I Don't Like Rock N Roll Radio

Image for Party Time/ Ready For Action


Party Time / Ready For Action

Image for Public Enemy No. 1/ Timebomb

Public Enemy

Public Enemy No. 1 / Timebomb

Image for For The Money/ K.a.o.s.s.

True Mathematics

For The Money / K.a.o.s.s.

Image for The Rhythm  New Mix Radio Edit/ Blank:

Longsy D.And Cut Master M.c.

The Rhythm New Mix Radio Edit / Blank:

Image for Message 2 (survival)/ Same: Instrumental

Grandmaster Flash And Furious 5

Message 2 (survival) / Same: Instrumental

Image for I'm Riffin' (english Ratsa)/ Same: Instrumental

M C Duke

I'm Riffin' (english Ratsa) / Same: Instrumental

Image for Bite This/ Same: Instrumental

Roxanne Shante

Bite This / Same: Instrumental

Image for The Big Beat/ Same: Instrumental

Spoonie Gee

The Big Beat / Same: Instrumental

Image for Stackin/ You Ain't No Cutie Pie

Seaside Posse

Stackin / You Ain't No Cutie Pie

Image for Hollywood (state Of Mind)/ Love Somebody (love Me)

Samaki And The Variations

Hollywood (state Of Mind) / Love Somebody (love Me)

Image for Back Against The Wall/ Dance

Herbie Brown

Back Against The Wall / Dance

Image for Built For This/ The True Meaning


Built For This / The True Meaning

Image for Computer Age (push The Button)/ Same; Instrumental


Computer Age (push The Button) / Same; Instrumental

Image for I Got Talent/ Gimme Some Beat


I Got Talent / Gimme Some Beat

Image for I Can't Live Without My Radio/ Rock The Bells

L.l. Cool J

I Can't Live Without My Radio / Rock The Bells

Image for The Best Of Cold Chillin/ Four Sides

Masta Ace

The Best Of Cold Chillin / Four Sides

Image for Home Invasion/ Immaculate 1993 Double Lp

Ice T

Home Invasion / Immaculate 1993 Double Lp

Image for 2 Bad/ 2 Bad Inst

Overlord X

2 Bad / 2 Bad Inst

Image for I Like To Move It/ Same: Vocal House Remix

Reel 2 Reel

I Like To Move It / Same: Vocal House Remix

Image for Jump To The Beat/ Same: Bass + Beat Your Brains

Chilli And The Groove Gangsters

Jump To The Beat / Same: Bass + Beat Your Brains

Image for Back To Reality/ Back To Reality Lp Version

Intelligent Hoodlum

Back To Reality / Back To Reality Lp Version

Image for Break Dance Party/ 6:34 + 4:20 Dub Mixes

Break Machine

Break Dance Party / 6:34 + 4:20 Dub Mixes

Image for Take Mine/ Killaz Theme


Take Mine / Killaz Theme

Image for Get Shot The Fuck Up/ Get Shot The Fuck Up

G Unit

Get Shot The Fuck Up / Get Shot The Fuck Up

Image for Girl Talk/ Same: Instrumental

Boogie Boys

Girl Talk / Same: Instrumental

Boogaloo + Sixteen/ Same: Instrumentals


Boogaloo + Sixteen / Same: Instrumentals

Renegades Of Funk Vocal & Instru./ Renages Chant

Afrika Bambaataa And Soul Sonic Force

Renegades Of Funk Vocal & Instru. / Renages Chant

Love & Time/ Rapping Time

Mr Q

Love & Time / Rapping Time

Image for My Telephone/ Pristine Promo 3 Mixes

Mikey D And The L.a. Posse

My Telephone / Pristine Promo 3 Mixes

Image for Just Give The Dj A Break + Alt. Vocal/ Straight From The Jungle

Dynamix Ii

Just Give The Dj A Break + Alt. Vocal / Straight From The Jungle

Image for Take You To The Top  X-tended + Original/ I Can Tell When You Kiss Me

Masters Of Funk

Take You To The Top X-tended + Original / I Can Tell When You Kiss Me

B-boys Beware Club Mix/ + 3:35 Version + Dubbed Mix

Two Sisters

B-boys Beware Club Mix / + 3:35 Version + Dubbed Mix

Image for Pop Goes The Weasel/ Derelict Of Dialect

3rd Bass

Pop Goes The Weasel / Derelict Of Dialect

Image for Ya Better Believe It/ U Crazy

The Beatnuts

Ya Better Believe It / U Crazy

Image for Eve-olution/ 4 Sides


Eve-olution / 4 Sides

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