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Browse our wide selection of hip hip records available online at Rare Soulman. Add the rhythmic vocal sounds of hip hop vinyl to your collection, featuring tracks such as Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Big Daddy Kane, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep etc. 45s, 12”, LP’s.

With over 250 records to browse, add hip hop vinyl to your collection. All of our vinyl is carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Hip Hop Vinyl, you may also be interested in our Instrumental 45's.

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Image for Dedication All All B-boys/ I Don't Like Rock N Roll Radio

Schoolly D

Dedication All All B-boys / I Don't Like Rock N Roll Radio

Image for Do It/ Same: 3:59 Stereo Version

Master Gee

Do It / Same: 3:59 Stereo Version

Image for Don't Treat You Girly Like A Dog, Dog, D/ Same:

M.c. Spice

Don't Treat You Girly Like A Dog, Dog, D / Same:

Image for Do My Ditty/ Same: Instrumental

Patrick Gammon

Do My Ditty / Same: Instrumental

Image for Doulble Shots/ Favorite Rapper

Mobb Deep

Doulble Shots / Favorite Rapper

Image for Definition/ D Elite

Ultimate Music Machine

Definition / D Elite

Image for Don't Cha Wanna Be Loved/ Same:


Don't Cha Wanna Be Loved / Same:

Image for Deep Love/ Supa Def + Slammin' Mix

Dada Nada

Deep Love / Supa Def + Slammin' Mix

Image for Dangerous Times/ Simbad, Badbwoy + 2 Mixes


Dangerous Times / Simbad, Badbwoy + 2 Mixes

Image for Da Butt/ Da Butt B Boy Dub


Da Butt / Da Butt B Boy Dub

Image for Dunno What It Is About You/ E-smoove Groovy

Beatmasters Feat: Eliane Vassell

Dunno What It Is About You / E-smoove Groovy

Image for Do Anything/ Radio + Raw Mix

Natural Selection

Do Anything / Radio + Raw Mix

Image for Dr. Jam (in The Slam)/ Same: Instrumental


Dr. Jam (in The Slam) / Same: Instrumental

Image for Deja Nu/ Sheryl Crownk

Itchie Finger Puppets

Deja Nu / Sheryl Crownk

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