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Improve your current collection with our wide range of Funk Vinyl available online at Rare Soulman. With over 2,000 records to browse, our selection features music legends such as Roy Ayes, Lonnie Litson Smith, James Brown, Kool and The Gang etc.

Perfect your personal vinyl collection at Rare Soulman. The condition and authenticity of our vintage rare soul originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised.

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Image for Beat Wise/ Same:

Herbie Hancock

Beat Wise / Same:

Image for Hardrock/ Same:

Herbie Hancock

Hardrock / Same:

Image for Psychoticbumpschool/ Same: 2.59 Mono Version

Bootsys Rubber Band

Psychoticbumpschool / Same: 2.59 Mono Version

Image for Take Me All The Way/ 10 Track Lp

Stacy Lattisaw

Take Me All The Way / 10 Track Lp

Image for Nubian Nut/ Free Alterations

George Clinton

Nubian Nut / Free Alterations

Image for Eyeballin'/ Same: Mono


Eyeballin' / Same: Mono

Image for Fickle/ Same:

Michael Henderson

Fickle / Same:

Image for Superbad/ Same:

Chris Jasper

Superbad / Same:

Image for Insane/ I Want You


Insane / I Want You

Image for We Don't Eat No Meat/ Same: Mono

Michael White

We Don't Eat No Meat / Same: Mono

Image for Do It The French Way/ Same: Mono

Crown Heights Affair

Do It The French Way / Same: Mono

Image for Let Yourself Go/ Same:

B.t. Express

Let Yourself Go / Same:

Image for Havin' Fun With Mr. T/ Same: Mono

Stanley Turrentine

Havin' Fun With Mr. T / Same: Mono

Image for The Real Thing/ Same: Mono


The Real Thing / Same: Mono

Image for Get You Somebody New/ Same: Mono


Get You Somebody New / Same: Mono

Image for Thang (gimme Some Of That Thang)/ Move It


Thang (gimme Some Of That Thang) / Move It

Image for Walk On By/ Same: 3.15 Mono Version


Walk On By / Same: 3.15 Mono Version

Image for Hollywood Squares/ What's A Telephone Bill?

Bootsys Rubber Band

Hollywood Squares / What's A Telephone Bill?

Image for Double My Pleasure/ It's Gonna Be Alright

Leon Haywood

Double My Pleasure / It's Gonna Be Alright

Image for Soppin' Molasses/ Bootie Lip

Family Vibes

Soppin' Molasses / Bootie Lip

Image for Ancestral Ceremony/ Universal Sound

Kool And The Gang

Ancestral Ceremony / Universal Sound

Image for Sky High/ Same: 3.55 Stereo Version

Mass Production

Sky High / Same: 3.55 Stereo Version

Image for Drop That Zero/ Same: 4.10 Stereo Version

Denise Lasalle

Drop That Zero / Same: 4.10 Stereo Version

Image for Whatever Turns You On/ Slip Away

Travis Wammack

Whatever Turns You On / Slip Away

Image for Think About It/ Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

Denise Lasalle

Think About It / Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

Image for The Return Of Leroy/ Same: 2.51 Mono Version

Jimmy Castor Bunch

The Return Of Leroy / Same: 2.51 Mono Version

Image for Everybody's Got A Jones/ Same: 3:32 Mono Version

Paul Kelly

Everybody's Got A Jones / Same: 3:32 Mono Version

Image for Quickie/ Same:

George Clinton

Quickie / Same:

Image for I Feel Sanctified/ It Is As Good As You Make It


I Feel Sanctified / It Is As Good As You Make It

Image for Spinning Wheel/ Spinning Wheel Pt. 2

James Brown

Spinning Wheel / Spinning Wheel Pt. 2

Image for Sound Your Funky Horn/ Why Don't We Get Together

Kc And The Sunshine Band

Sound Your Funky Horn / Why Don't We Get Together

Image for One Nation Under A Groove/ Same: Part Ii


One Nation Under A Groove / Same: Part Ii

Image for Success/ Elegant Love

Togetherness Love And Devotion

Success / Elegant Love

Image for Bustin Out/ Same: 3.55 Version

Rick James

Bustin Out / Same: 3.55 Version

Image for Dance Your Ass Off/ Same: Mono

Hamilton Bohannon

Dance Your Ass Off / Same: Mono

Image for Is That My Song/ Same: 3.40 Mono Version


Is That My Song / Same: 3.40 Mono Version

Image for Supernatural Feeling/ Lookin' Ahead


Supernatural Feeling / Lookin' Ahead

Image for Can't Wait (tick Tock)/ That's What It's All About


Can't Wait (tick Tock) / That's What It's All About

Image for So Much Confusion/ Same: Mono

King Floyd

So Much Confusion / Same: Mono

Image for The Only One/ Same:

Charles Earland

The Only One / Same:

Image for Radiation Level/ Same: Instrumental


Radiation Level / Same: Instrumental

Image for Super Band/ Same: 3.20 Mono Version

Kool And The Gang

Super Band / Same: 3.20 Mono Version

Image for Free As The Wind/ The Way We Was


Free As The Wind / The Way We Was

Image for Double Oh-oh/ Bangladesh

George Clinton

Double Oh-oh / Bangladesh

Image for Creole/ I Felt The Love


Creole / I Felt The Love

Image for Get It Right/ Same: Instrumental

Fantastic Experience

Get It Right / Same: Instrumental

Image for Back Bone/ Same: Mono

Gap Band

Back Bone / Same: Mono

Image for Cholly (funk Getting Ready To Roll)/ Into You


Cholly (funk Getting Ready To Roll) / Into You

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