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Improve your current collection with our wide range of Funk Vinyl available online at Rare Soulman. With over 2,000 records to browse, our selection features music legends such as Roy Ayes, Lonnie Litson Smith, James Brown, Kool and The Gang etc.

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Image for Ain't Watcha Got/ My Man, My Man

Pat Hodges

Ain't Watcha Got / My Man, My Man

Image for A Sulate To Roots/ Same: Instrumental

Moore Brothers Band

A Sulate To Roots / Same: Instrumental

Image for Boilin' Water/ Don't Be So Mean

Tony Bowens And The Soul - Choppers

Boilin' Water / Don't Be So Mean

Image for Get Up To Get Down/ You Can Love Again


Get Up To Get Down / You Can Love Again

Image for Brothers Groove/ Funky Paella


Brothers Groove / Funky Paella

Image for Let's Go (it's Summertime)/ Jody's Freeze

James Reese And The Progressions

Let's Go (it's Summertime) / Jody's Freeze

Bumpin'/ Mercy, Mercy


Bumpin' / Mercy, Mercy

Image for Get That Church/ Get That Church Part 2

Soul Searchers

Get That Church / Get That Church Part 2

Image for Buttered Popcorn/ Coconut Brown

J.c. Davis

Buttered Popcorn / Coconut Brown

Image for Give & Take/ Let Me Make You Happy

Tommy Mcgee

Give & Take / Let Me Make You Happy

Image for The Kenyatta's In Your Town/ Now I Wish You Were Mine

Delores Ealy And The Kenyattas

The Kenyatta's In Your Town / Now I Wish You Were Mine

Love Got A Piece Of Your Mind/ Love Got A Piece Of Your Mind2

Five Ounces Of Soul

Love Got A Piece Of Your Mind / Love Got A Piece Of Your Mind2

Image for I Made A Change/ Moving In The Right Direction

Eddie Banks And Martha Jordan

I Made A Change / Moving In The Right Direction

Image for Jelly Roll/ Guess Who

Granby St. Redevelopment

Jelly Roll / Guess Who

Image for Cute Mama/ The Way That I Did

Marlboro Men

Cute Mama / The Way That I Did

Image for Whatever Turns You On/ I Still Feel The Thrill

Larry Ellis And Anubis

Whatever Turns You On / I Still Feel The Thrill

Image for Make Me Over/ I Can See Clearly

Caffey Brothers

Make Me Over / I Can See Clearly

Image for Try It You'll Like It/ Try It You'll Like It Part 2

Dell Ingrid

Try It You'll Like It / Try It You'll Like It Part 2

Image for You'll Have To Pay/ You're All I Need

Soothin Movin And Stone Funk Band

You'll Have To Pay / You're All I Need

Image for Where Is My Shoe/ Brain Washied Woman

King Solomon

Where Is My Shoe / Brain Washied Woman

Image for Chisako/ Take It Slow

King Errison

Chisako / Take It Slow

Image for My Thing/ Do The Best You Can

Big Boe And The Night Hawks

My Thing / Do The Best You Can

Image for What It Is/ What It Is Pt.2

Randolf Bros. Plus

What It Is / What It Is Pt.2

Image for Ten O'clock, Loving Kids/ Fue

Jr. And The Soulettes

Ten O'clock, Loving Kids / Fue

Image for Evil Woman/ Judy

Bobby Hebb

Evil Woman / Judy

Image for I Am Hip/ Emptiness

Electra Fyde Revue

I Am Hip / Emptiness

Image for Enjoy Yourself/ Same:


Enjoy Yourself / Same:

Image for Huxley's Howl/ My Blues

Howard Wales

Huxley's Howl / My Blues

Image for Let's Do It Together/ Blank:

Fantastic Johnny C

Let's Do It Together / Blank:

Image for Ain't That Heavy/ Next Time

Jo Jo Hammett And The Hurricanes

Ain't That Heavy / Next Time

Image for Steppin Stones/ I Really Do


Steppin Stones / I Really Do

Image for Southern Fried Funk/ Southern Fried Funk 2

Mickey And The Soul Generation

Southern Fried Funk / Southern Fried Funk 2

Image for Soul Power/ One Man's Love Is Another Man

Lil Ray And The Fantastic Four

Soul Power / One Man's Love Is Another Man

Image for Hong Kong Flu/ Thing-ah-mo-jig

Master Minds

Hong Kong Flu / Thing-ah-mo-jig

Image for Can't Get Arrested/ You Aqre (my Soul Song)

300 Years

Can't Get Arrested / You Aqre (my Soul Song)

Image for Get Down Everybody/ Get Down Everybody Part 2

Dynasty Of Sound

Get Down Everybody / Get Down Everybody Part 2

Image for Mama Said We Can't Get Married/ A Lady

Warren Lee

Mama Said We Can't Get Married / A Lady

Image for Let's Jam/ You're My Baby

Bobby William And His Mar-kings

Let's Jam / You're My Baby

Image for Broad Jumping/ A Broken Heart


Broad Jumping / A Broken Heart

Image for Love Circuit/ Send Me Some Loving

Hamilton Movement

Love Circuit / Send Me Some Loving

Image for Happy Fool/ When I Grow Up

Belva And The Randolph Bros.

Happy Fool / When I Grow Up

Image for The Hawk/ Slippery Soul


The Hawk / Slippery Soul

Image for If You Love Me/ Sweet Pea

Altyrone Deno Brown

If You Love Me / Sweet Pea

Image for Rompin Stompin/ Let Them  Men Go

Kirby Clark

Rompin Stompin / Let Them Men Go

Image for Harmonica Funk/ Hollywood Blues

Seeds Of Tranquility

Harmonica Funk / Hollywood Blues

Image for Down To Earth/ I Want To Come Home

Joann Zachery

Down To Earth / I Want To Come Home

Image for Holiday In Love/ Rum Punch


Holiday In Love / Rum Punch

Image for Don't Get Down (on Yourself)/ Same: 3.18 Mono Version


Don't Get Down (on Yourself) / Same: 3.18 Mono Version

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