John Manship's Favourite Records | Rare Soulman

What Are John Manship’s Favourite Records?

If you’re a big fan of northern soul music, you’ll recognise John Manship a world-renowned collector of rare soul vinyl. This post will take you through some of John Manship’s favourite records, including a great story about told by the legend, John Manship himself. …

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Soul Sounds 45's Complete Set | Rare Soulman

NEW In The Auction: Full Set of UK Soul Sound 45’s

For the very first time in the history of Northern Soul collecting, we’ve stocked a full set of UK Soul Sounds 45’s in our auction. Find every single 45 small hole centre, each in EX to Mint condition. What Was The Soul Sound Series? The Soul…

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Northern Soul Classics | Rare Soulman

A Northern Soul Classic: The Carstairs

All Northern Soul is pretty great, though there are those few records that many collectors will agree are northern soul classics. ‘The Carstairs’ is just one of them. This article will explore Manship’s thoughts on this rare soul vinyl record and why he believes it…

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Broken Vinyl Records | Rare Soulman | John Manship Records

Broken Vinyl Records: The £9,000 Record That Was Run Over

No matter how much you can care and protect your vinyl records, sometimes breaking a rare vinyl record is inevitable. With them being so fragile and sometimes misused in their early lives, they can become prone to snap when being handled and transported from places…

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Manship Memories | Sam Fletcher Vinyl | Rare Soulman

Manship Memories: Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over

There are plenty of fantastic rare vinyl records out there that are much-loved by many vinyl collectors. However, a particular record – and artist – that has worked its way into John Manship’s favourites, is an excellent soul record by Sam Fletcher. This article will…

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Bootlegs Vs Original Rare Vinyl Records | Rare Soulman

Looking At Bootleg Vinyl: The Carstairs, Yum Yums and Imperial Wonders

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at 3 original rare vinyl records against their bootleg copies. It’s important when buying rare vinyl records that you do your research to ensure you’re buying an original vinyl record. To help with this, you can…

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How To Get Into Vinyl on a Budget | Rare Soulman

How To Get Into Vinyl On A Budget

Vinyl records are a wonderful hobby, as there’s little that can compare to the tactile experience of placing the stylus into the groove of a record and hearing your favourite song come alive through bookshelf or tower speakers. But despite being a wonderful hobby, it’s…

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Red Bird Records | Rare Soul 45s | Rare Soul Vinyl

Manship’s Memories: Red Bird Records – Bessie Banks Go Now

Every vinyl DJ will have those select few or many, vinyl that they remember experiencing like it was yesterday. This article is taking you through Manship’s thoughts on Bessie Banks “Go Now”, produced by Red Bird Records. The Record Details Artist: Bessie Banks coupled with…

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Clean Vinyl Records | Care for Vinyl | Rare Vinyl Records

Learn How To Clean Vinyl Records and Care for Vinyl

This article will take you through the best way to clean vinyl records focusing on vinyl record care, where to store vinyl and what to store them in. With Manship having near 50 years of experience supplying rare vinyl records worldwide, these simple tips and…

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Manships Memories of World Column Vinyl | Rare Soulman

Manship’s Memories: The World Column Vinyl Record

Time for a throwback. This post is about John Manship’s memory of the late 60’s Gary, Indiana R&B band World Column and their Chicago production of “So Is The Sun”. Learn about John’s personal experience of the World Column vinyl record; from the first time…

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