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Image for Ugly Girl/ Love Is Blind


Ugly Girl / Love Is Blind

Image for Don't Tell Me/ Everything's Gonna Be Crazy


Don't Tell Me / Everything's Gonna Be Crazy

Image for It's Soul (music)/ I'm The One (who Really Loves

Holidays Featuring Billy Wicks

It's Soul (music) / I'm The One (who Really Loves

Image for After All (you Put Me Thru)/ I'm Waiting

Barry Scruggs

After All (you Put Me Thru) / I'm Waiting

Image for Set Me On My Feet Right/ Happy Young Man


Set Me On My Feet Right / Happy Young Man

Image for The Way I Feel/ Lover (don't Stop Me Loving)

Bobby Sanders

The Way I Feel / Lover (don't Stop Me Loving)

Image for Wait For Me/ Just Fun

Brown Bombers And Soul Partners

Wait For Me / Just Fun

Image for It's Time You Knew/ It's Gonna Take A Lot (to Brin


It's Time You Knew / It's Gonna Take A Lot (to Brin

Image for What Difference Does It Make/ Try To Understand

Kenny Shepard

What Difference Does It Make / Try To Understand

Image for Girls Do Wonderful Things For Boys/ Same: Instrumental


Girls Do Wonderful Things For Boys / Same: Instrumental

Image for Only You/ Little Soldier Man

Gerri Diamond

Only You / Little Soldier Man

Image for For Granted/ I've Lost Again

Fabulous Moonlighters

For Granted / I've Lost Again

Image for He Can't Dance/ Blame My Heart


He Can't Dance / Blame My Heart

Image for You Don't Know/ You Say You Love Me

Ray Redmond coupled with The Gayletts

You Don't Know / You Say You Love Me

Image for The Sun Don't Shine (everyday)/ I've Been Taken For A Ride

Bobby St. James

The Sun Don't Shine (everyday) / I've Been Taken For A Ride

Image for That's All I Want/ The Bells


That's All I Want / The Bells

Image for A Love Of Mine/ He's All Mine


A Love Of Mine / He's All Mine

Image for I Can Easily Get Along With You/ What I Don't See Can't Hurt Me

Robert Sanders And The Entertainers

I Can Easily Get Along With You / What I Don't See Can't Hurt Me

Image for Set Me On My Feet Right/ Happy Young Man


Set Me On My Feet Right / Happy Young Man

Image for With A Girl Like Her/ Where Am I Going


With A Girl Like Her / Where Am I Going

Image for The First Kiss You Gave Me/ I'm In Good Hands


The First Kiss You Gave Me / I'm In Good Hands

Image for Dreaming Of You/ Lonely Man

Leathon Harris

Dreaming Of You / Lonely Man

Image for Right On Baby/ You're Gonna Want Me

Bill Coday

Right On Baby / You're Gonna Want Me

Image for Yesterday/ Hold My Hand

Tyree Glenn Jr. And Fab. Imperials

Yesterday / Hold My Hand

Image for A Thousand Miles Apart/ Shattered Dreams

Tony Sams And The Lala Wilson Band

A Thousand Miles Apart / Shattered Dreams

Image for Let's Do That Camel Walk/ Camel Walk

Kenny Hamber

Let's Do That Camel Walk / Camel Walk

Image for Now There Is You/ In Search Of Love

Ronnie Walker

Now There Is You / In Search Of Love

Image for Anything You Want/ Anything You Want

Kenny Hamber

Anything You Want / Anything You Want

Image for Lift Me/ Do It With Soul

Carl And Gerald And The Sonics

Lift Me / Do It With Soul

Image for Keep On Going/ I Want To Sing

Gary Haines

Keep On Going / I Want To Sing

Image for I'll Steal Your Heart/ Talk To An Angel

Tobi Lark

I'll Steal Your Heart / Talk To An Angel

Image for Shake Off That Dream/ Same: 3.34 Version

Eddie Billups And The C.c.c.s

Shake Off That Dream / Same: 3.34 Version

Image for Don't Treat Me This Way/ Love Is Born

Mel Anton And The Checkers

Don't Treat Me This Way / Love Is Born

Image for I Won't Set You Free/ Tennessee Waltz

Shirley Grant

I Won't Set You Free / Tennessee Waltz

Image for I Carefully Checked Your Heart/ Let's Prove Them Wrong

Bobby Moore

I Carefully Checked Your Heart / Let's Prove Them Wrong

Image for A Day Or Two/ Easier Said Than Done

Garrett Saunders

A Day Or Two / Easier Said Than Done

Image for Love Burns Like A Fire Inside/ Same: Instrumental

Abstract Reality

Love Burns Like A Fire Inside / Same: Instrumental

Image for I'm Scheming/ Gotta Keep On Moving

Carl Henderson

I'm Scheming / Gotta Keep On Moving

Image for Thought I Had A Good Thing/ Satisfied

Penny North

Thought I Had A Good Thing / Satisfied

Image for (on A ) Back Street/ Break, My Heart, Break

Jimmy Miller

(on A ) Back Street / Break, My Heart, Break

Image for I Love You/ Baby, Baby Release Me


I Love You / Baby, Baby Release Me

Image for You Gotta Hold On Me/ Hard Times

Rev.o.c Tolbert And The Blues Cong

You Gotta Hold On Me / Hard Times

Image for 9100/ Autumn Leaves

Derek David And The Barons

9100 / Autumn Leaves

Image for Tell Him That You're Mine/ You Need Education

Charles Smith

Tell Him That You're Mine / You Need Education

Image for Hey Now Baby/ Quick Draw

Price And Leo Band

Hey Now Baby / Quick Draw

Image for The Docks/ Peanut Butter Sandwich

Perk Lee

The Docks / Peanut Butter Sandwich

Image for Wherever You Were/ Let It Rain

Bud Harper

Wherever You Were / Let It Rain

Image for That's Alright/ You'll See

Ed Crook

That's Alright / You'll See

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