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Image for Acidental Love/ What Did He Do

Roy Handy And The Parlettes

Acidental Love / What Did He Do

Image for Baby, Baby, Take A Chance On Me/ Same: Instrumental

Jack Montgomery

Baby, Baby, Take A Chance On Me / Same: Instrumental

Image for Subway Joe/ Nuevo Jala Jala

Joe Bataan

Subway Joe / Nuevo Jala Jala

Image for A Little Less Talk/ I'm So Sorry

Jeri Shaw

A Little Less Talk / I'm So Sorry

Image for A Whole New Plan/ Stay By My Side

Jo Ann Garrett

A Whole New Plan / Stay By My Side

Image for Do It/ I Can't Hear You

Pat Powdrill

Do It / I Can't Hear You

Image for Crescent Walk/ Come Home Baby


Crescent Walk / Come Home Baby

Image for (you're My) Leading Lady/ I Heard Every Word

Tommy Frontera

(you're My) Leading Lady / I Heard Every Word

Image for I Didn't Try/ I Know The Inside Story

Chubby And The Turnpikes

I Didn't Try / I Know The Inside Story

Image for The Hurt/ It's No Good For Me

Freddie North

The Hurt / It's No Good For Me

Image for If This Isn't Love/ I Waited Too Long

Johnny Bartel And The Soul Masters

If This Isn't Love / I Waited Too Long

Image for I Wanna Take You Uptown/ Instrumental


I Wanna Take You Uptown / Instrumental

Image for On The Edge Of Sorrow/ Give Me One More Chance

Anthony Raye

On The Edge Of Sorrow / Give Me One More Chance

Image for Keep The Soul Baby/ Firebird

Googie Rene

Keep The Soul Baby / Firebird

Image for But It's Alright/ I Don't Want To Cry

Eddie Holland And Shaydz Combo

But It's Alright / I Don't Want To Cry

Image for Everytime I See The Rain/ I Want To Know

Jerry Paris

Everytime I See The Rain / I Want To Know

Image for Need Your Love (right Now)/ Glad I Found You


Need Your Love (right Now) / Glad I Found You

Image for Fairy Tales/ Pink Carnation

Darlene Darcel

Fairy Tales / Pink Carnation

Image for That Wonderful Girl Of Mine/ Don't Don't Take Your Love Fro

Ron Jefferson

That Wonderful Girl Of Mine / Don't Don't Take Your Love Fro

Image for I Lost You Girl/ Flying High

Sir George

I Lost You Girl / Flying High

Image for I Still Love You/ I Wanna Mash

Snap Shots

I Still Love You / I Wanna Mash

Image for Good Girls/ Everything

Arlene Smith

Good Girls / Everything

Image for It's Not The Way You Walk/ It's Not Who You Are

Pinkertones Featuring Eddie Gross

It's Not The Way You Walk / It's Not Who You Are

Image for Give It Up/ Super Lady - Super Girl

Bell Brothers

Give It Up / Super Lady - Super Girl

Image for Please Forgive Me/ Dance The Shing-a-ling

H. J. Jackson And The Bootleggers

Please Forgive Me / Dance The Shing-a-ling

Image for Life Ain't Worth Living/ I Want To Thank You Baby

Clemmon Smith

Life Ain't Worth Living / I Want To Thank You Baby

Image for I've Gotta Make It/ Voice In The Night

Joe Bragg

I've Gotta Make It / Voice In The Night

Image for Done Got Over/ Upsettin'

Rita And The Upsetters

Done Got Over / Upsettin'

Image for Wall To Wall Heartaches/ You Don't Know The Meaning Of

Bobby Jason

Wall To Wall Heartaches / You Don't Know The Meaning Of

Image for The Way Of The Crowd/ Crossword Puzzle

Dan Folger

The Way Of The Crowd / Crossword Puzzle

Image for Before I Leave You Baby/  Part 1 & 2

Syl Foreman

Before I Leave You Baby / Part 1 & 2

Image for Give Her To Me/ Powerful Love

Jimmy Burns

Give Her To Me / Powerful Love

Image for I'm Hurting/ Dreaming Of You

Billy Gales

I'm Hurting / Dreaming Of You

Image for Little Bitty Baby/ Give Baby A Chance

Fabulous Tornatoes

Little Bitty Baby / Give Baby A Chance

Image for Your Replacement Is Here/ Crooked Woman

Edd Henry

Your Replacement Is Here / Crooked Woman

Image for I Think It's Gonna Be Someone New/ Does Love Pay

Duane Calvert And The Clairmonts

I Think It's Gonna Be Someone New / Does Love Pay

Image for What A Fool/ It Must Be Love


What A Fool / It Must Be Love

Image for The Tears/ Sweet Little Girl

Little Tony And The Hawks

The Tears / Sweet Little Girl

Image for Just A Bad Thing/ Promises

Janice Christian

Just A Bad Thing / Promises

Image for I've Had It/ Wanted

Robin Rice

I've Had It / Wanted

Image for Make It Now/ Before You Go

Benny Curtis

Make It Now / Before You Go

Image for Too Far To Turn Around/ Hello My Darling


Too Far To Turn Around / Hello My Darling

Image for What Have I Done Wrong/ So Many Lies

Faye Crawford

What Have I Done Wrong / So Many Lies

Image for Lovely Lover/ Surprise


Lovely Lover / Surprise

Image for Forgetfulness/ Love Is Funny

Mary Ellen

Forgetfulness / Love Is Funny

Image for This Must Be Love/ You're Still On My Mind


This Must Be Love / You're Still On My Mind

Image for Don't Come Back/ There's A Way

Leroy Horne

Don't Come Back / There's A Way

Image for It's Love/ Good Idea

Theresa Lindsey

It's Love / Good Idea

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