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Image for For Granted/ I've Lost Again

Fabulous Moonlighters

For Granted / I've Lost Again

Image for I Love You/ Baby, Baby Release Me


I Love You / Baby, Baby Release Me

Image for The Docks/ Peanut Butter Sandwich

Perk Lee

The Docks / Peanut Butter Sandwich

Image for To Whom It May Concern/ Faded Love

Lola Sands

To Whom It May Concern (i'm In Love) / Faded Love

Image for Ain't Nothin' Shakin' Here/ Tonight

Jimmy Wonderful And The Honey-bees

Ain't Nothin' Shakin' Here / Tonight

Image for Two Sided Love/ 48 Hours A Week


Two Sided Love / 48 Hours A Week

Image for Run For Your Life/ Run For Your Life (instru)

Harrison Brothers coupled with Music Minus 2

Run For Your Life / Run For Your Life (instru)

Image for Why Did You Do It To Me/ I'm Not The One


Why Did You Do It To Me / I'm Not The One

Image for Don't Make Me Lie/ Things We Said Today

Brenda And The Sentries

Don't Make Me Lie / Things We Said Today

Image for She's Walkin' Down The Street/ Just Friends


She's Walkin' Down The Street / Just Friends

Image for The Philly/ The Philly Part 2

Harold Andrews And The Sha Bangs

The Philly / The Philly Part 2

Image for Say Yeah/ My Lost Love

Franklin Andre

Say Yeah / My Lost Love

Image for Groove Me With Your Lovin'/ You Don't Have To Worry

Doris And Kelley

Groove Me With Your Lovin' / You Don't Have To Worry

Image for The Tide Has Turned/ Whoe Baby - That's All

Mark Ivs Feat. Sam Fain

The Tide Has Turned / Whoe Baby - That's All

Image for Hold Me Hold Me/ I'm Your Puppet

Colt Brothers

Hold Me Hold Me / I'm Your Puppet

Image for One Man's Woman/ I Am Confused Over You

Gladys Tyler

One Man's Woman / I Am Confused Over You

Image for I'll Get Over It/ It Ain't No Secret

Keanya Collins

I'll Get Over It / It Ain't No Secret

Image for Every Little Tear/ Such A Little While

Josephine Sunday

Every Little Tear / Such A Little While

Image for Give It Up/ Super Lady - Super Girl

Bell Brothers

Give It Up / Super Lady - Super Girl

Image for Life Ain't Worth Living/ I Want To Thank You Baby

Clemmon Smith

Life Ain't Worth Living / I Want To Thank You Baby

Image for I've Gotta Make It/ Voice In The Night

Joe Bragg

I've Gotta Make It / Voice In The Night

Image for Make It Now/ Before You Go

Benny Curtis

Make It Now / Before You Go

Image for Be Prepared To Pay/ The Price Is Too Much To Pay

Jimmy Gresham And The Gibson Kings

Be Prepared To Pay / The Price Is Too Much To Pay

Image for Please Don't Take My Man/ I'm Living In A Dream


Please Don't Take My Man / I'm Living In A Dream

Image for Love Land/ Same: Instrumental

Patty Brooks

Love Land / Same: Instrumental

Image for Why Shouldn't A Man Cry/ Some Of Your Time


Why Shouldn't A Man Cry / Some Of Your Time

Image for Sales Pitch/ Marching Coast To Coast

Tommy T And The Targets

Sales Pitch / Marching Coast To Coast

Image for Until The End Of Time/ I Truly Love Love

Donald Curry

Until The End Of Time / I Truly Love Love

Image for The Philly/ The Philly Part 2

Harold Andrews And The Sha Bangs

The Philly / The Philly Part 2

Image for That's All Right/ That's What Love Can Do


That's All Right / That's What Love Can Do

Image for She's Got You Now/ My Little Baby


She's Got You Now / My Little Baby

Image for I'm Tempted/ Tables Will Turn

Sandy Hollis

I'm Tempted / Tables Will Turn

Image for World Without Sunshine/ Oki

Sandra Phillips

World Without Sunshine / Oki

Image for Whispers (getting Louder)/ I Get The Sweetest Feeling

Erma Franklin

Whispers (getting Louder) / I Get The Sweetest Feeling

Image for Can't You See I'm Lonely/ I'll Be Gone


Can't You See I'm Lonely / I'll Be Gone

Image for All Is Forgiven/ Midnight Light

Alcon Shades

All Is Forgiven / Midnight Light

Image for Maybe/ Goodnight Sweetheart


Maybe / Goodnight Sweetheart

Image for You Ain't Gonna Get A Chance/ The Party's Over

Jeen And Him

You Ain't Gonna Get A Chance / The Party's Over

Image for Sittin' Around/ Soul Time

Al Johnson

Sittin' Around / Soul Time

Image for She's So Fine/ I Love You

Little Dooley And The Fabulous Tears

She's So Fine / I Love You

Image for Oh Linda/ Nobody Can Love You

Leroy Taylor

Oh Linda / Nobody Can Love You

Image for Two Can Live Cheaper Than One/ He's For Real

Geraldine Hunt

Two Can Live Cheaper Than One / He's For Real

Image for Hands Off She's Mine/ If I Pray

Herb Ward

Hands Off She's Mine / If I Pray

Image for Don't Find Me Guilty/ Human

George Smith

Don't Find Me Guilty / Human

Image for Come On Now/ Right Kind Of Love

Tommy Bush

Come On Now / Right Kind Of Love

Image for Security/ La Yerba Mala

Rocky Hernandez

Security / La Yerba Mala

Image for I'll Conquer The World/ It Hurts Me

J.d. Wright And The Metallics

I'll Conquer The World / It Hurts Me

Image for May The Best Man Win/ With You

Joe Hughes

May The Best Man Win / With You

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