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Image for Let's Do That Camel Walk/ Camel Walk

Kenny Hamber

Let's Do That Camel Walk / Camel Walk

Image for Lift Me/ Do It With Soul

Carl And Gerald And The Sonics

Lift Me / Do It With Soul

Image for Love Burns Like A Fire Inside/ Same: Instrumental

Abstract Reality

Love Burns Like A Fire Inside / Same: Instrumental

Image for Loveseed/ Being Alone


Loveseed / Being Alone

Image for Lonely Man/ Yes He Will

Jerry And His Uniques

Lonely Man / Yes He Will

Image for Life Ain't Worth Living/ I Want To Thank You Baby

Clemmon Smith

Life Ain't Worth Living / I Want To Thank You Baby

Image for Little Bitty Baby/ Give Baby A Chance

Fabulous Tornatoes

Little Bitty Baby / Give Baby A Chance

Image for Lovely Lover/ Surprise


Lovely Lover / Surprise

Image for Land Of Love/ Too Late


Land Of Love / Too Late

Image for Let It All Reach Out/ Cool Jerk

Four Bros.

Let It All Reach Out / Cool Jerk

Image for Look In The Mirror/ Foot Loose


Look In The Mirror / Foot Loose

Image for Love Land/ Same: Instrumental

Patty Brooks

Love Land / Same: Instrumental

Image for Like My Baby/ I'll Be Around (when You Want

Gino Washington

Like My Baby / I'll Be Around (when You Want

Image for Lost/ Hey Jude

Johnny Feat: T.j. Perry Canales

Lost / Hey Jude

Image for Love Waits For No One/ Bless Your Little Sweet Soul

Al Johnson

Love Waits For No One / Bless Your Little Sweet Soul

Image for Lotta Lovin'/ Never, Never

Sam And Dave

Lotta Lovin' / Never, Never

Image for Leave Me If You Want To/ Come Home To Daddy

Curby Goggins

Leave Me If You Want To / Come Home To Daddy

Image for Let's Get Togeter/ She's My Connection


Let's Get Togeter / She's My Connection

Image for Little Wooden Soldier/ I Can See (said The Blindman)

Soul Drivers

Little Wooden Soldier / I Can See (said The Blindman)

Image for Love Is Like A Holiday/ Never Say No

Patty Charles

Love Is Like A Holiday / Never Say No

Image for Loving Good Feeling/ Step Aside Baby


Loving Good Feeling / Step Aside Baby

Image for Lonely You'll Be/ Cut Me Loose

Johnnie Mae Matthews And Wonderettes

Lonely You'll Be / Cut Me Loose

Image for Little Sister Beware/ Monkey Age


Little Sister Beware / Monkey Age

Image for Let Me Try/ Born To Lose

Billy Joe Burnette

Let Me Try / Born To Lose

Image for Let Me Be Your Girl/ Real Jive Guy

Dejah Ahres

Let Me Be Your Girl / Real Jive Guy

Image for Lover's Hideaway/ Take A Hint

Don Heart

Lover's Hideaway / Take A Hint

Image for Love Is Slipping Away/ A Friend I Never Knew

Phil Orsi

Love Is Slipping Away / A Friend I Never Knew

Image for Love Is A Magic Story/ You're Mine


Love Is A Magic Story / You're Mine

Image for Lost Generation/ Lost Generation Part 2

Roger Bailey

Lost Generation / Lost Generation Part 2

Image for Let's Sit Down/ Boiling Water

Soul Stoppers Band

Let's Sit Down / Boiling Water

Image for Let The Fool Kiss You/ Baby The Magic Is Gone

Velvets Featuring Virgil Johnson

Let The Fool Kiss You / Baby The Magic Is Gone

Image for Lovely Woman/ What's Your Name

Eldridge Holmes

Lovely Woman / What's Your Name

Image for Lost Love/ Just A Feeling

Irma And The Fascinations

Lost Love / Just A Feeling

Image for Love/ You're No Good


Love / You're No Good

Image for Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart/ I Wanna Know Right Now

Timothy Wilson

Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart / I Wanna Know Right Now

Image for Let Me Love You/ Race Track Blues

Robert Taylor And The H.p.j.'s

Let Me Love You / Race Track Blues

Image for Little School Girl/ Rain In My Eyes

Michael And The Continentals

Little School Girl / Rain In My Eyes

Image for Love-i-tis/ Chi'-c'-go'

Johnny Ross And Soul Explosion

Love-i-tis / Chi'-c'-go'

Image for Losing You/ Got To Run

Vickie Baines

Losing You / Got To Run

Image for Love Me (just A Little Bit)/ She's Gone


Love Me (just A Little Bit) / She's Gone

Image for Livin' To Please/ He's Gone

Delores Feat: Ray Starling Clark

Livin' To Please / He's Gone

Image for Let's Go Go/ I'm Scarced


Let's Go Go / I'm Scarced

Image for Lookie, Lookie/ We Find Him Guilty


Lookie, Lookie / We Find Him Guilty

Image for Lucky To Be Loved (by You)/ Our World

Emanuel Lasky

Lucky To Be Loved (by You) / Our World

Image for Little Wooden Soldier/ I Can See (said The Blindman)

Little Wooden Soul-diers

Little Wooden Soldier / I Can See (said The Blindman)

Image for Loving You/ Midnight Tears

Grover Mitchell

Loving You / Midnight Tears

Image for Longer Than Forever/ Go Go Girl

Garnett Sykes

Longer Than Forever / Go Go Girl

Image for Love Trap/ Alison Took Me Away

T.d. Valentine

Love Trap / Alison Took Me Away

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