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Image for Brain Storm/ Have Myself Ah Cry

Sweet Geraldine

Brain Storm / Have Myself Ah Cry

Image for Stoney Face/ Don't Hurt Me Baby

Barbara And The Castles

Stoney Face / Don't Hurt Me Baby

Image for All The Way From Heaven/ Sad Avenue


All The Way From Heaven / Sad Avenue

Image for Watched You Slowly Slip Away 1st. Mix/ I'll Cry If I Want To

Lou Courtney

Watched You Slowly Slip Away 1st. Mix / I'll Cry If I Want To

Image for You're Still On My Mind/ This Must Be Love


You're Still On My Mind / This Must Be Love

Image for Oh, My Love/ Same: Instrumental

Cozy coupled with Creshendals

Oh, My Love / Same: Instrumental

Image for Million Dollar Bill/ My Baby's Got Soul


Million Dollar Bill / My Baby's Got Soul

Image for Kisses & Roses/ When I'm With You

Four Thoughts

Kisses & Roses / When I'm With You

Image for Just Can't Leave You/ Watch Yourself

Tony Hestor

Just Can't Leave You / Watch Yourself

Image for The Metropolitan/ Wanda, Why


The Metropolitan / Wanda, Why

Image for I Live In A Castle/ Don't Judge Me On The Outside

Rod Jordan

I Live In A Castle / Don't Judge Me On The Outside

Image for Hey Girl! Hey Boy!/ The Gay One

Fred Kibble

Hey Girl! Hey Boy! / The Gay One

Image for (chain Gang) The Sound Of My Man/ Later I'll Cry

Theola Kilgore

(chain Gang) The Sound Of My Man / Later I'll Cry

Image for Chinatown/ Velvet Mood

Victor Knight

Chinatown / Velvet Mood

Image for Make Him Mine/ One More Day

Gwen Owens

Make Him Mine / One More Day

Image for Trouble In Mind/ Have You Got A Love


Trouble In Mind / Have You Got A Love

Image for My Love Has Gone/ No Other Love


My Love Has Gone / No Other Love

Image for Thing Called Love/ Lover Baby

Ella Thomas And Dolletts

Thing Called Love / Lover Baby

Image for Your Old Stand-by/ Wayfarin' Stranger

Milt Grayson

Your Old Stand-by / Wayfarin' Stranger

Image for I'm Not Satisfied/ There He Is

Dream Team

I'm Not Satisfied / There He Is

Image for Empty World/ Our Love Will Never Be The Sam

Modern Redcaps

Empty World / Our Love Will Never Be The Sam

Image for It's Just An Illusion/ Take It Easy


It's Just An Illusion / Take It Easy

Image for The Tide Has Turned/ Whoe Baby - That's All

Mark Ivs Feat. Sam Fain

The Tide Has Turned / Whoe Baby - That's All

Image for I Watched You Slowly Slip Away/ I'll Cry If I Want To

Lou Courtney

I Watched You Slowly Slip Away / I'll Cry If I Want To

Image for Baby It's True/ Darlin'

Soul Exotics

Baby It's True / Darlin'

Image for I Want To Belong To You/ Side By Side


I Want To Belong To You / Side By Side

Image for I Can't Help Crying/ Beware Of Your Friends


I Can't Help Crying / Beware Of Your Friends

Image for Hold Me Hold Me/ I'm Your Puppet

Colt Brothers

Hold Me Hold Me / I'm Your Puppet

Image for Please Say You'll Love Me/ Daddy Do


Please Say You'll Love Me / Daddy Do

Image for Cry Cry Cry/ Escape To Happiness

Tommy Ray Tucker

Cry Cry Cry / Escape To Happiness

Image for No Man Is An Island/ You Need Me

Frankie Redmond And The Channings

No Man Is An Island / You Need Me

Image for Tell Me Where Love Goes/ Sweet Lorene

Paul Varisco

Tell Me Where Love Goes / Sweet Lorene

Image for Cadillac Annie/ Tired Blood

Clarence (the New) Reid

Cadillac Annie / Tired Blood

Image for One Man's Woman/ I Am Confused Over You

Gladys Tyler

One Man's Woman / I Am Confused Over You

Image for Who Told You/ Bring It On Home To Me


Who Told You / Bring It On Home To Me

Image for Tender Loving Care/ How Do You Quit

Texas Mustangs Of Austin

Tender Loving Care / How Do You Quit

Image for Cry No Tears/ If Yo Don't See Me Tomorrow

Phil Dowling

Cry No Tears / If Yo Don't See Me Tomorrow

Image for Girls Get Ready/ Ain't Seen Nothing Yet


Girls Get Ready / Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Image for Treat You Right/ Hey, Hey, Baby


Treat You Right / Hey, Hey, Baby

Image for Mr. Green, Mrs Green/ That Man Of Mine

Gladys Tyler

Mr. Green, Mrs Green / That Man Of Mine

Image for Please Don't Say We're Through/ I'll Find You You

Bee Jays

Please Don't Say We're Through / I'll Find You You

Image for Trying To Find A Way/ Check Your House

Roy Major

Trying To Find A Way / Check Your House

Image for If You Can't Be True/ Too Bad, Too Sad

Marva Lee

If You Can't Be True / Too Bad, Too Sad

Image for I've Changed/ Crying Over You

Sugar And Sweet

I've Changed / Crying Over You

Image for I'm Spellbound/ Am I Glad Now

Tamiko Jones

I'm Spellbound / Am I Glad Now

Image for Keep It To Myself/ Didn't We Have Some Good Times

Claude Baby Huey

Keep It To Myself / Didn't We Have Some Good Times

Your Sweet Lovin'/ Hot Foot

Chuck Holiday

Your Sweet Lovin' / Hot Foot

Image for I'll Get Over It/ It Ain't No Secret

Keanya Collins

I'll Get Over It / It Ain't No Secret

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