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Image for Only You/ Little Soldier Man

Gerri Diamond

Only You / Little Soldier Man

Image for 9100/ Autumn Leaves

Derek David And The Barons

9100 / Autumn Leaves

Image for My Best Year/ Try Me

Marcus Daniel

My Best Year / Try Me

Image for What's The Word/ Listen, Sweet Thing

Danny And The Tejanos

What's The Word / Listen, Sweet Thing

Image for I'm On My Way/ Go 'way From My Window

Barbara Dane

I'm On My Way / Go 'way From My Window

Image for Groove Me With Your Lovin'/ You Don't Have To Worry

Doris And Kelley

Groove Me With Your Lovin' / You Don't Have To Worry

Image for I'm Not Satisfied/ There He Is

Dream Team

I'm Not Satisfied / There He Is

Image for Fairy Tales/ Pink Carnation

Darlene Darcel

Fairy Tales / Pink Carnation

Image for You Jeopardize My Life/ Same: Instrumental

Kissy Darnell

You Jeopardize My Life / Same: Instrumental

Image for One Of The Crowd/ Water Of Love


One Of The Crowd / Water Of Love

Image for Please Leave Me/ I'll Always Be There

Drake And The En-solids

Please Leave Me / I'll Always Be There

Image for Rosalind/ Mama Was Right

Del Reys

Rosalind / Mama Was Right

Image for Movin' Out/ Hearsin' Around

Dynamic Deadbeats Bands

Movin' Out / Hearsin' Around

Image for Dear Lord Above/ The Man Who Comes Around

Debbie And The Lads

Dear Lord Above / The Man Who Comes Around

Image for Rise Up And Walk/ She's Found A New Love

Troy Dodds

Rise Up And Walk / She's Found A New Love

Image for You Can't Hold On To Love/ That's What I Like


You Can't Hold On To Love / That's What I Like

Image for Wait A Minte Baby/ Big Legged Woman

Chico David Blues Band

Wait A Minte Baby / Big Legged Woman

Image for Don't Love Me And Leave Me/ Let's Do The Shotgun

Danelle Darris

Don't Love Me And Leave Me / Let's Do The Shotgun

Image for Put Yourself In My Place/ Darling Baby


Put Yourself In My Place / Darling Baby

Image for Stop And Think About It Baby/ So Glad

Charles Drain

Stop And Think About It Baby / So Glad

Image for Don't Leave Me This Way/ Weddings Bells Are Ringin'


Don't Leave Me This Way / Weddings Bells Are Ringin'

Image for Tell Me/ Don't Count On Me

Curtis Davis And The Arkettes

Tell Me / Don't Count On Me

Image for Don't Let It Slip Away/ Wait A Minute Now

Ral Donner

Don't Let It Slip Away / Wait A Minute Now

Image for Together/ I Need You

Don And The Doves

Together / I Need You

Image for I've Been Cheated/ Something's Bothering You

Dalton Boys

I've Been Cheated / Something's Bothering You

Image for Strong Foundation/ Shake A Tail Feather


Strong Foundation / Shake A Tail Feather

Image for Just Ask/ Still Miss You So


Just Ask / Still Miss You So

Image for Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy/ Everybody's Gotta Lose Someday


Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy / Everybody's Gotta Lose Someday

Image for Clap Your Hands/ Roses And Thunder


Clap Your Hands / Roses And Thunder

Image for I'm Gonna Put You Down/ Again

Down Beats

I'm Gonna Put You Down / Again

Image for Two Time Loser/ Please Let Me Know


Two Time Loser / Please Let Me Know

Image for Boy Friend/ Let's Do It Again


Boy Friend / Let's Do It Again

Image for I Got Love/ Trouble Trouble Trouble

Billy Danfair

I Got Love / Trouble Trouble Trouble

Image for I Can't Make It Without Him/ Until You Were Gone

Brendetta Davis

I Can't Make It Without Him / Until You Were Gone

Image for Someone To Treat Me (the Way You Used To/ Never Find A Love Like Mine

De Vons

Someone To Treat Me (the Way You Used To / Never Find A Love Like Mine

Image for Baby, Come On In/ This Is My Story


Baby, Come On In / This Is My Story

Image for Where Are You/ Same: Instrumental

Johnny Dixon

Where Are You / Same: Instrumental

Image for My Life Is So Lonely/ I Don't Love You

Bobbie Dee

My Life Is So Lonely / I Don't Love You

Image for Don't Forget About Me Baby/ Language Of Love

Jeff Dale

Don't Forget About Me Baby / Language Of Love

Image for Wondering (when My Love Comming Home)/ Please Don't Leave Me


Wondering (when My Love Comming Home) / Please Don't Leave Me

Image for I Guess I Love You/ Sad Time

Wyle Dixon And The Wheels

I Guess I Love You / Sad Time

Image for Can't Stop Crying/ The Whisper Of The Wind


Can't Stop Crying / The Whisper Of The Wind

Image for She'll Meet Her Match/ Here Is My Answer


She'll Meet Her Match / Here Is My Answer

Image for You Got To Change (your Evil Ways)/ A Good Man (is All I Want)

Leah Dawson

You Got To Change (your Evil Ways) / A Good Man (is All I Want)

Image for I Wanna Know/ And That'a Natural Fact


I Wanna Know / And That'a Natural Fact

Image for Devil In His Heart/ Bad Boy


Devil In His Heart / Bad Boy

Image for Roamin' Romeo/ This Must Be Love

Dave And The Stereos

Roamin' Romeo / This Must Be Love

Image for Bulldozer/ Glendale Stomp Off

Les De Merle

Bulldozer / Glendale Stomp Off

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