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Image for Creole/ I Felt The Love


Creole / I Felt The Love

Image for Feel It In Your Backbone, Got It In You/ Jump For Joy


Feel It In Your Backbone, Got It In You / Jump For Joy

Image for I Like Your Style/ Lonely Girls


I Like Your Style / Lonely Girls

Youngblood (livin' In The Streets/ Same: Part 2


Youngblood (livin' In The Streets / Same: Part 2

Image for Black Berries/ Black Berries Part 2

Isley Brothers

Black Berries / Black Berries Part 2

Image for Party Song/ Wastin' My Love

Sticky Fingers

Party Song / Wastin' My Love

Image for Which Way Is Up/ Disco Rufus


Which Way Is Up / Disco Rufus

Image for Everybody Needs Somebody/ Woman Don't Go Astray

King Floyd

Everybody Needs Somebody / Woman Don't Go Astray

Jazz Rap/ Jazz Rap Instrumental Mix


Jazz Rap / Jazz Rap Instrumental Mix

Image for Badd Boy/ Same: Instrumetal

Don Covay

Badd Boy / Same: Instrumetal

Image for Hollywood Hot/ Same: Instrumental

Eleventh Hour

Hollywood Hot / Same: Instrumental

Image for You Do You/ Open Version


You Do You / Open Version

Image for Our Love Will Survive/ (let's Go) All The Way

Memphis Horns

Our Love Will Survive / (let's Go) All The Way

Image for Brick House/ Captain Quick Draw


Brick House / Captain Quick Draw

Image for Just Another Booty Song/ Same

Black Diamond

Just Another Booty Song / Same

Image for Rock 'n' Roll Lovers/ Same

Coryell / Mouzon

Rock 'n' Roll Lovers / Same

Image for Tr-7/ Same

Jimmy Castor Bunch

Tr-7 / Same

Image for Monster Man/ Same

Jeff Lorber Fusion

Monster Man / Same

Image for Winner Takes All/ Fun And Games

Isley Brothers

Winner Takes All / Fun And Games

Image for Boogie Music/ Same

Young Senators

Boogie Music / Same

Image for The Bump/ Drop In Sometime


The Bump / Drop In Sometime

Image for I Don’t Want To Be The President/ Same

Percy Mayfield

I Don’t Want To Be The President / Same

Image for Chocolate Chip/ Same Instrumental

Isaac Hayes

Chocolate Chip / Same Instrumental

Image for Women Out There Watching/ Same

Sam Bostic

Women Out There Watching / Same

Image for Sam Stone/ Knowing I'm Pleasing Me & You

Swamp Dogg

Sam Stone / Knowing I'm Pleasing Me & You

Image for Toot An'toot An'toot/ Same: Mono

Curtis Mayfield

Toot An'toot An'toot / Same: Mono

Image for Ride The Rocket/ Ride The Rocket Part 2


Ride The Rocket / Ride The Rocket Part 2

Image for Trust Me/ Trust Me Part 2

D.j. Rogers

Trust Me / Trust Me Part 2

Image for I Am Your Leader/ Same: 3.00 Mono Version

Walter Heath

I Am Your Leader / Same: 3.00 Mono Version

Image for Catching The Sun/ Same:

Spyro Gyra

Catching The Sun / Same:

Image for Love And Unerstanding (come Together)/ Same: 3.30 Mono Version

Kool And The Gang

Love And Unerstanding (come Together) / Same: 3.30 Mono Version

Image for I'm Gonna Getcha/ Same: 3.25 Version

Jimmy Maelen

I'm Gonna Getcha / Same: 3.25 Version

Image for Good Bad And Funky/ Fire It Up


Good Bad And Funky / Fire It Up

Image for Prophecy/ The Way You Move Me


Prophecy / The Way You Move Me

Image for Orbit Of The Sun/ Same: 3.38 Mono Version


Orbit Of The Sun / Same: 3.38 Mono Version

Image for Travelin' In Heavy Traffic/ Once You Had It

Don Covay

Travelin' In Heavy Traffic / Once You Had It

Image for I Paid My Dues/ Same: 4.00 Mono Version


I Paid My Dues / Same: 4.00 Mono Version

Image for Waiting At The Bus Stop Part 1/ Same: 3.15 Mono Version


Waiting At The Bus Stop Part 1 / Same: 3.15 Mono Version

Image for Big Legs/ Midnight Breakdown


Big Legs / Midnight Breakdown

Image for Percolator/ Philly

Spyro Gyra

Percolator / Philly

Image for In Whose Eyes (areyouwhoyouwannabe)/ Same: 3.21 Mono Version

Fun House Starring Phil Flowers

In Whose Eyes (areyouwhoyouwannabe) / Same: 3.21 Mono Version

Image for I Need A Man/ Same: 3.30 Mono Version

Pointer Sisters

I Need A Man / Same: 3.30 Mono Version

Image for Soft Soul Boogie Woogie/ Same: 2:37 Mono Version

Wilson Pickett

Soft Soul Boogie Woogie / Same: 2:37 Mono Version

Image for Strike On Computers/ Same: 3:29 Version

Johnny Guitar Watson

Strike On Computers / Same: 3:29 Version

Image for Put On Your Shoes And Walk/ I Found Somebody New

Clarence Carter

Put On Your Shoes And Walk / I Found Somebody New

Image for Take A Lickin' And Keep On Kickin'/ Shine-o-myte

William "bootsy" Collins

Take A Lickin' And Keep On Kickin' / Shine-o-myte

Image for Soul March/ To Be With You

Fatback Band

Soul March / To Be With You

Image for Dynamite/ Same: Instrumental

John Freeman

Dynamite / Same: Instrumental

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