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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Teen & Surf Vinyl are always carefully and closely scrutinised.Like our Teen and Surf vinyl? Then you might also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for If It Takes A Fool/ General Of Broken Hearts

Marlin Greene

If It Takes A Fool / General Of Broken Hearts

Image for I Don't Like It/ A King Or A Fool

Tony Penn

I Don't Like It / A King Or A Fool

Image for All Alone (i Sit And Wait)/ Summertime

Northern Lights

All Alone (i Sit And Wait) / Summertime

Image for Story Of Love/ Secret Of Love

Nicky De Matteo

Story Of Love / Secret Of Love

Devil Darkling/ Teenie

Johnny Olenn

Devil Darkling / Teenie

Image for I Didn't Know/ When Yuou're In My Arms

Ric Lance

I Didn't Know / When Yuou're In My Arms

Image for Sittin' Down And Cryin'/ Mess Around

Scotty Mckay

Sittin' Down And Cryin' / Mess Around

Image for Honey Love/ Genavee

Narvel Felts

Honey Love / Genavee

Image for A Very Good Year For Girls/ Broken Hearts

David Macbeth

A Very Good Year For Girls / Broken Hearts

Image for Ladder Of Love/ In A Little Spanish Town

Lee Tallboys

Ladder Of Love / In A Little Spanish Town

Image for (in The) Fools Hall Of Fame/ My Heart Is Free

Tony Allen

(in The) Fools Hall Of Fame / My Heart Is Free

Image for Three Rows Over/ My Haunted Heart

Neil Brian

Three Rows Over / My Haunted Heart

Image for Charlie Wasn't There/ Nothing You Can Do

Barbara Evans

Charlie Wasn't There / Nothing You Can Do

Hey, Little Soldier/ Short Honeymoon

Sherry Jenkins

Hey, Little Soldier / Short Honeymoon

Image for Flashlight Of Love/ Danny's Toy Ring

Barbara Evans

Flashlight Of Love / Danny's Toy Ring

Image for Tenderness/ Even Strangers Say Hello

Carl Helm

Tenderness / Even Strangers Say Hello

Image for When You're In My Arms/ I Didn't Know

Ric Lance

When You're In My Arms / I Didn't Know

Image for Spinaround/ Playing Hard To Get

Freddie Hedy And Mee Too

Spinaround / Playing Hard To Get

Image for Bobby/ I Haven't Found It With Anothe

Neil Scott

Bobby / I Haven't Found It With Anothe

Image for The One Little Girl For Me/ No Place To Park

Ric Lance

The One Little Girl For Me / No Place To Park

Image for Teen Angel/ The Things I See In You

Anthony Roma

Teen Angel / The Things I See In You

Image for Penny/ Goodbye

Mark Rydell

Penny / Goodbye

Image for Come On, Li'l Darlin'/ The Dream

Mincy Twins

Come On, Li'l Darlin' / The Dream

Image for Summer Kisses/ Why Do You

Floyd And Jerry With The Counterpoint

Summer Kisses / Why Do You

The Age Of Love/ Follow The Swallow

Jimmy Charles

The Age Of Love / Follow The Swallow

Image for Let's Start All Over Again/ Uh Uh Honey

Mary Anne Curtis

Let's Start All Over Again / Uh Uh Honey

Image for Savin' All My Love For You/ Happy To Be Unhappy

Gary Buck

Savin' All My Love For You / Happy To Be Unhappy

Image for Cheating On Me/ Tell Me Why

Mickey Armen

Cheating On Me / Tell Me Why

Image for It's Almost Tomorrow/ Blues Eyes (don't Run Away)

Jimmy Velvet

It's Almost Tomorrow / Blues Eyes (don't Run Away)

Image for More Than Anything/ Please Give Your Love To Me

Robin Robinson

More Than Anything / Please Give Your Love To Me

Hey! Little Julie/ The Way Of The Dj

Ray Hilderbrand

Hey! Little Julie / The Way Of The Dj

Image for Repeat After Me/ Hideaway

Four Esquires With Rosemary June

Repeat After Me / Hideaway

Image for Playing The Field/ Why Don't They Understand

Tony Conigliaro

Playing The Field / Why Don't They Understand

Image for Young Lovers/ Ba-hey-be

Paul And Paula

Young Lovers / Ba-hey-be

Image for We're Just Friends/ I Don't Love You Anymore

Carol And Joan

We're Just Friends / I Don't Love You Anymore

Image for First Day Back At School/ A Perfect Pair

Paul And Paula

First Day Back At School / A Perfect Pair

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