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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

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I Love An Angel/ The Last Tears On Me

Millie Patterson

I Love An Angel / The Last Tears On Me

Image for Seriously In Love/ I Want To Hear It From You

John Ashley

Seriously In Love / I Want To Hear It From You

Image for Annie Adorable/ Little Miss America

Russ Aladdin

Annie Adorable / Little Miss America

Image for Voodoo Doll/ Please Don't Quarrel Mom & Dad


Voodoo Doll / Please Don't Quarrel Mom & Dad

Image for A Letter To A Disc Jockey/ Our First Kiss

Joyce Heath

A Letter To A Disc Jockey / Our First Kiss

Image for You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby/ Blue Butterfly

Sammi Lynn

You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby / Blue Butterfly

Image for That's When (our Love Will Be Over)/ Heart, Don't Let Him Know

Christy Allen

That's When (our Love Will Be Over) / Heart, Don't Let Him Know

Image for Be By Me/ When A Love Begins To Die

Ray Marco

Be By Me / When A Love Begins To Die

Image for Faithful To You/ The U T Itch

Eddie Pace

Faithful To You / The U T Itch

Image for Let's Talk It Over/ Jambalaya

Bobby Comstock And The Counts

Let's Talk It Over / Jambalaya

Image for Spin The Bottle/ I Crossed My Fingers

Earl Dukes

Spin The Bottle / I Crossed My Fingers

Image for First Love Affair/ May I'll Lobe Again

Chance Eden

First Love Affair / May I'll Lobe Again

Image for Teenage Lovers/ Graduation Breakup

Scott Brothers

Teenage Lovers / Graduation Breakup

You Better Leave Him Alone/ How Does It Feel

Aileen Frances

You Better Leave Him Alone / How Does It Feel

New Kind Of Gold/ Rockin' The Tease


New Kind Of Gold / Rockin' The Tease

Image for Honey Bun/ I Don't Care (who Knows It)

Jerry Meyers

Honey Bun / I Don't Care (who Knows It)

Image for What You've Done To Me/ Gee I Love You

Brenda And Eddie

What You've Done To Me / Gee I Love You

Image for Two Little Birds/ Imogene

Bob Wilson

Two Little Birds / Imogene

Image for Will You Stay In Love/ Let Me Know


Will You Stay In Love / Let Me Know

Image for Pretend/ Chalk Hearts On The Wall

Bobby Edge And The Run-a-bouts

Pretend / Chalk Hearts On The Wall

Image for Dream Girl/ Drive-in Movie

Bob And Justine

Dream Girl / Drive-in Movie

Don't Tell Anyone/ Anything

Marsha Brody

Don't Tell Anyone / Anything

Image for It'll Be Me/ Always, Always

Johnny Cymbal

It'll Be Me / Always, Always

Image for The Circus Is Over/ Earthquake

Danny De Vino

The Circus Is Over / Earthquake

Image for Blue Angel/ Same: 2:23 Version

Sally Ann Higgins

Blue Angel / Same: 2:23 Version

Image for My Heart Stood Still/ Sweet Sugar Sweet

Bernadette Carroll

My Heart Stood Still / Sweet Sugar Sweet

Mickey, My Love/ Long Gone

Paul Evans

Mickey, My Love / Long Gone

Image for Mirror On The Wall/ You Lied

Donna Dee

Mirror On The Wall / You Lied

Image for One Step Down/ There Stands One

Larry Collins

One Step Down / There Stands One

Image for My Only Prayer/ Facts Of Life

Gene Davis

My Only Prayer / Facts Of Life

Image for I'm In Love/ Shivers


I'm In Love / Shivers

Image for Back To School Back To You/ Don't Ever Let Me Go

Bobby Grabeau And The Teenettes

Back To School Back To You / Don't Ever Let Me Go

Image for Love Came To Me/ Dear Lonely Hearts

Bill Baron

Love Came To Me / Dear Lonely Hearts

Image for You Are My Answer/ My Diary

Carol Connors

You Are My Answer / My Diary

Image for Innocence/ Winter Time


Innocence / Winter Time

Image for One Hundred Baby/ Bury The Hatchet

Chuck And Chuckles

One Hundred Baby / Bury The Hatchet

Image for Years And Years Ago/ I'm Gonna Love You So

Dick Tosti

Years And Years Ago / I'm Gonna Love You So

Image for How Many Times/ Quarter After Eight

Patti La Salle

How Many Times / Quarter After Eight

Keyman/ Diamonds & Pearls

Lisa Carroll

Keyman / Diamonds & Pearls

Image for Boy Meets Girl/ You Can't Take It With You

Steve Wale

Boy Meets Girl / You Can't Take It With You

Image for Lovers Plea/ Meant To Me

Mack Vickery

Lovers Plea / Meant To Me

Image for Come On, Li'l Darlin'/ The Dream

Mincy Twins

Come On, Li'l Darlin' / The Dream

Image for Live Young/ Somebody Loves Me

Troy Donahue

Live Young / Somebody Loves Me

Image for Somebody To Love/ The Weatherman

Millie Vernon

Somebody To Love / The Weatherman

Image for Need You/ Need You Sing-along Version

Johnny Jack

Need You / Need You Sing-along Version

Little Dreamer/ Happy

Paul Peterson

Little Dreamer / Happy

Image for Let's Start All Over Again/ Uh Uh Honey

Mary Anne Curtis

Let's Start All Over Again / Uh Uh Honey

Image for A Kookie Little Paradise/ Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

Jo Ann Campbell

A Kookie Little Paradise / Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

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