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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Teen & Surf Vinyl are always carefully and closely scrutinised.Like our Teen and Surf vinyl? Then you might also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for One Desire/ Young Boy, Young Girl

Richie Alhona

One Desire / Young Boy, Young Girl

Image for Open Your Heart/ One Too Many Times

Jimmy Saunders

Open Your Heart / One Too Many Times

Image for Only One You/ How Important Can It Be

Jack Smith

Only One You / How Important Can It Be

Image for Oh I'm In Love With George Maharis/ Donna Loves Jerry

Donna Lynn

Oh I'm In Love With George Maharis / Donna Loves Jerry

Once Upon A Time/ Cannibal Stew

Jerry And Mel

Once Upon A Time / Cannibal Stew

Image for Oh No/ I Think About You All The Time

Paul Evans

Oh No / I Think About You All The Time

Image for Oh Baby/ Slow Boat To China

Ronny Mann

Oh Baby / Slow Boat To China

Image for One Piece Bathing Suit/ Same: 2.25 Version

Neil Scott

One Piece Bathing Suit / Same: 2.25 Version

Image for Oh Love/ Tragedy

Ronnie And The Devilles

Oh Love / Tragedy

Image for One And Two/ Heartbreak Of Love

Bobby Poore

One And Two / Heartbreak Of Love

Oh How It Hurts/ Don't Tell Tales

Kathie King

Oh How It Hurts / Don't Tell Tales

Image for Over Again/ Mountain Of Love

Gerry Blaine

Over Again / Mountain Of Love

Image for One Step Down/ There Stands One

Larry Collins

One Step Down / There Stands One

Image for One Hundred Baby/ Bury The Hatchet

Chuck And Chuckles

One Hundred Baby / Bury The Hatchet

One Way To Love Me/ It's A Cruel Thing

Bob Jaxon

One Way To Love Me / It's A Cruel Thing

Image for Old Enough To Cry/ To Tell The Truth

Emily Evans

Old Enough To Cry / To Tell The Truth

Image for Our Parents Talked It Over/ Just As Though You Were Here

Kathy Young coupled with The Innocents

Our Parents Talked It Over / Just As Though You Were Here

Image for One Boy Too Late/ Danny's Dream

Mike Clifford

One Boy Too Late / Danny's Dream

Image for One Summer In A Million/ Left Me Out

Jeff And The Ginos

One Summer In A Million / Left Me Out

Image for Outside Heaven's Door/ Blue Ribbon For Love

Paul Greenwood

Outside Heaven's Door / Blue Ribbon For Love

Image for Once In A While/ School's Out

Sonny Knight

Once In A While / School's Out

Image for One Boy Too Late/ Danny's Dream

Mike Clifford

One Boy Too Late / Danny's Dream

22 Item(s)

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