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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Teen & Surf Vinyl are always carefully and closely scrutinised.Like our Teen and Surf vinyl? Then you might also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for Tomorrow Teardrops/ My Midsummer Night's Dream

Jan Barry

Tomorrow Teardrops / My Midsummer Night's Dream

Image for Vacation Time/ Super Dooper Man

Burt Mcclinton

Vacation Time / Super Dooper Man

Image for Hold Out Your Hand/ My Baby Needs Love

Judie Lund

Hold Out Your Hand / My Baby Needs Love

Image for All Alone (i Sit And Wait)/ Summertime

Northern Lights

All Alone (i Sit And Wait) / Summertime

Image for Hey There Little Girl/ Let's Go Steady For The Summer

Lenny Frank

Hey There Little Girl / Let's Go Steady For The Summer

Image for Roller Coaster/ Never Leave Me

Bobby Caver

Roller Coaster / Never Leave Me

Image for Lonely Echo/ Every Jack Needs A Jill

Jack Kellis

Lonely Echo / Every Jack Needs A Jill

Image for That Crazy Feeling/ We'll Always Have Each Other

Kenneth Rogers

That Crazy Feeling / We'll Always Have Each Other

Blanche/ Mona Lisa

Joe Villa

Blanche / Mona Lisa

Image for Believe Me/ Why Don't You Go

Frankie Ervin

Believe Me / Why Don't You Go

Rainbow Girl/ Nighty Night

Nancy Thomas

Rainbow Girl / Nighty Night

The Last Tear's On Me/ I Love An Angel

Millie Patterson

The Last Tear's On Me / I Love An Angel

Image for Dancing Angel/ I'm Gonna Kiss My Girl Tonight

Limmie B. Good

Dancing Angel / I'm Gonna Kiss My Girl Tonight

Image for Bye-bye Baby (don't Cry)/ Dede Dum

Cookie And Charley

Bye-bye Baby (don't Cry) / Dede Dum

Image for It Figures/ Dontcha' Know Why

Jimmy Isle

It Figures / Dontcha' Know Why

Image for Shy Away/ Heavenly

Jerry Fuller

Shy Away / Heavenly

Image for I Wanna Thank Your Folks/ The Giant

Johnny Burnette

I Wanna Thank Your Folks / The Giant

Image for "a" Your Adorable/ A Ring A Vbraclet A Heart

Gerry Granahan

"a" Your Adorable / A Ring A Vbraclet A Heart

Hey! Little Julie/ The Way Of The Dj

Ray Hilderbrand

Hey! Little Julie / The Way Of The Dj

Don't Let Love Slip Away/ Party People

Augie Moreno

Don't Let Love Slip Away / Party People

Image for All You Need Is A Quarter/ Teen Quartet

Jeff Barry

All You Need Is A Quarter / Teen Quartet

Image for I Really Do/ I Know Why

Spectors Three

I Really Do / I Know Why

Image for One Summer In A Million/ Left Me Out

Jeff And The Ginos

One Summer In A Million / Left Me Out

Image for Ring Around My Rosie/ Sweet Lovin'

Carl Helm

Ring Around My Rosie / Sweet Lovin'

Image for Cruel Heartbreaker/ Come And Walk With Me

Chuck Osborne

Cruel Heartbreaker / Come And Walk With Me

Image for We're Just Friends/ I Don't Love You Anymore

Carol And Joan

We're Just Friends / I Don't Love You Anymore

Image for You Aim To Please/ Just A Dream

Jimmy Clanton And His Rockets

You Aim To Please / Just A Dream

Image for I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know/ How Come I'm Crying Now?

Penny And Jean

I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know / How Come I'm Crying Now?

Perfectly Proportioned/ Hey But-a Hey

T. And T.

Perfectly Proportioned / Hey But-a Hey

Image for My Girl/ Makin' Love

Floyd Robinson

My Girl / Makin' Love

Is It Wrong/ Slowly

Ray Peterson

Is It Wrong / Slowly

Image for Just Young/ Lov-a Lov-a Love

Rose Andy

Just Young / Lov-a Lov-a Love

You're My One And Only/ Honey Rock

Ricky Nelson

You're My One And Only / Honey Rock

Image for I Was Wrong/ Have Some Popcorn

Jay Leonard And The Nightwinds

I Was Wrong / Have Some Popcorn

Image for She Went That Way/ Old Spanish Town

Bell Notes

She Went That Way / Old Spanish Town

Image for Leo My Love/ My Confession Of Love

Barbara Lyons

Leo My Love / My Confession Of Love

Image for Sunburned Lips/ Don't Trust Love

Jerry Diamond

Sunburned Lips / Don't Trust Love

This Is Always/ I've Come Of Age

Billy Storm

This Is Always / I've Come Of Age

Image for Because They're Young/ Tears In My Eyes

Jimmy Darren

Because They're Young / Tears In My Eyes

Image for First Day Back At School/ A Perfect Pair

Paul And Paula

First Day Back At School / A Perfect Pair

I Love To Make Love To You/ Show Folk

Paul Evans

I Love To Make Love To You / Show Folk

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