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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

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Image for Seriously In Love/ I Want To Hear It From You

John Ashley

Seriously In Love / I Want To Hear It From You

Image for Summer's Over/ Maybe You'll Be There

Tom Austin And His Healeys

Summer's Over / Maybe You'll Be There

Image for Since Randy Moved Away/ Memories, Memories

Joanie Sommers

Since Randy Moved Away / Memories, Memories

Image for Sure As You're Born/ In The Chapel In The Moonlight

Billy Storm

Sure As You're Born / In The Chapel In The Moonlight

Image for Some Tears Fall Dry/ Johnny Liar

Molly Bee

Some Tears Fall Dry / Johnny Liar

Image for Story Of Love/ Secret Of Love

Nicky De Matteo

Story Of Love / Secret Of Love

Image for Spin The Bottle/ I Crossed My Fingers

Earl Dukes

Spin The Bottle / I Crossed My Fingers

Image for Summer Time Love/ If

Rory Randall

Summer Time Love / If

Image for Sweet Affection/ Confess It To Your Heart

Gerry Granahan

Sweet Affection / Confess It To Your Heart

Someone, Somewhere/ My Love For You

Warner Mack

Someone, Somewhere / My Love For You

Image for Since I Met You/ Hey, Little Girl


Since I Met You / Hey, Little Girl

Image for Susie Q/ Oh Baby (i Get S Lonely)

Aubrey Twins

Susie Q / Oh Baby (i Get S Lonely)

Image for Sittin' Down And Cryin'/ Mess Around

Scotty Mckay

Sittin' Down And Cryin' / Mess Around

Image for Storybook Romance/ Why Oh Why

Edison Youngblood

Storybook Romance / Why Oh Why

Image for Such A Short Time/ There'll Be No Goodbyes

Susan Lynne

Such A Short Time / There'll Be No Goodbyes

Image for Slippin' Through My Fingers/ My Tennessee Baby

Danny Harrison

Slippin' Through My Fingers / My Tennessee Baby

Image for Someone Else, Not Me/ Pauline

Bobby Doyle

Someone Else, Not Me / Pauline

Image for Summertime, Sumertime/ Searching For You


Summertime, Sumertime / Searching For You

Sincerely And Tenderly/ Why Don't You Love Me Anymore

Shawn Elliott

Sincerely And Tenderly / Why Don't You Love Me Anymore

Image for Shush - Boomer/ Shier's Melody


Shush - Boomer / Shier's Melody

Suzy/ Jesse James


Suzy / Jesse James

Image for Spinaround/ Playing Hard To Get

Freddie Hedy And Mee Too

Spinaround / Playing Hard To Get

Image for Say Hello (goodbye Makes Me Cry)/ Everybody Loves A Guy Named Jo

Cardigan Brothers

Say Hello (goodbye Makes Me Cry) / Everybody Loves A Guy Named Jo

Image for Star-crossed Lovers/ Bye Bye Butterfly

Eddy And Teddy

Star-crossed Lovers / Bye Bye Butterfly

Image for Sharon's Dream/ Loving Someone New

Sisters Bender

Sharon's Dream / Loving Someone New

Image for Settle Down/ Thjese Are The Hands

Jimmy Interval

Settle Down / Thjese Are The Hands

Image for Seventeen/ I'll Walk Into The Sea

Dee Dee Carson

Seventeen / I'll Walk Into The Sea

Image for Sad Love Affair/ I Lost My Love

Art August

Sad Love Affair / I Lost My Love

Image for So Mean/ Light A Candle

Johnny Holmes

So Mean / Light A Candle

Image for Stay With Me/ All Winter Long

Linda Laurie

Stay With Me / All Winter Long

Sweethearts In Heaven/ Same:

Chase Webster

Sweethearts In Heaven / Same:

Shy Boy/ It Can Happen

Lou Christie

Shy Boy / It Can Happen

Image for Saturday's Kisses/ Put Your Heart Next To Mine

Charlie Applewhite

Saturday's Kisses / Put Your Heart Next To Mine

Image for Somebody's Smiling (while I'm Crying)/ Pins And Needles (in My Heart)

Dean And Mark

Somebody's Smiling (while I'm Crying) / Pins And Needles (in My Heart)

Image for Send Me Your Picture/ Oh Lolly

Jordan Brothers

Send Me Your Picture / Oh Lolly

Image for She Called Me Baby/ Gonna Build A Mountain

Robin Wilson

She Called Me Baby / Gonna Build A Mountain

Image for Sugar Plum/ I'm Guilty

Ike Clanton

Sugar Plum / I'm Guilty

Image for Say It Isn't So/ It's Not A Game

Sonny Hines

Say It Isn't So / It's Not A Game

Image for Seven Steps To Love/ A Couple Of Crazy Kids

Sal Mineo

Seven Steps To Love / A Couple Of Crazy Kids

Image for Sandy Harbor/ Goodnight Little Girl Of My Dr

Jack Carroll

Sandy Harbor / Goodnight Little Girl Of My Dr

Image for Summer Job/ Full Time Mama

Marty Hill

Summer Job / Full Time Mama

Image for Sad Guy/ Disillusioned


Sad Guy / Disillusioned

Image for Summer Kisses/ Why Do You

Floyd And Jerry With The Counterpoint

Summer Kisses / Why Do You

Image for Somebody To Love/ The Weatherman

Millie Vernon

Somebody To Love / The Weatherman

Image for Shy Away/ Heavenly

Jerry Fuller

Shy Away / Heavenly

Image for Summer Souvenirs/ The Magic Of Summer

Jr Karl Hammel

Summer Souvenirs / The Magic Of Summer

Image for Sittin' In The Balcony/ My Faith My Hope My Love

Don Cornell

Sittin' In The Balcony / My Faith My Hope My Love

Image for Savin' All My Love For You/ Happy To Be Unhappy

Gary Buck

Savin' All My Love For You / Happy To Be Unhappy

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