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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Teen & Surf Vinyl are always carefully and closely scrutinised.Like our Teen and Surf vinyl? Then you might also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for If It Takes A Fool/ General Of Broken Hearts

Marlin Greene

If It Takes A Fool / General Of Broken Hearts

Image for Try My Love/ Don't Make Me Cry

Coralie Greenly

Try My Love / Don't Make Me Cry

Image for Judy's Turn To Cry/ Just Le Me Cry

Lesley Gore

Judy's Turn To Cry / Just Le Me Cry

Image for Sweet Affection/ Confess It To Your Heart

Gerry Granahan

Sweet Affection / Confess It To Your Heart

Image for A Date For Crying/ That Same Old Feeling

Dawn Glass

A Date For Crying / That Same Old Feeling

Image for I Don't Care If It's Rght Or It's Wrong/ Words Of Love

Carry Gibson

I Don't Care If It's Rght Or It's Wrong / Words Of Love

Image for Will You Remember Mine/ (it's Over) Casanova

Merlene Garner

Will You Remember Mine / (it's Over) Casanova

Image for Back To School Back To You/ Don't Ever Let Me Go

Bobby Grabeau And The Teenettes

Back To School Back To You / Don't Ever Let Me Go

Image for When Tommy Needs Me/ I'm Nobody's Baby

Bonnie Greer

When Tommy Needs Me / I'm Nobody's Baby

Image for After Weddin' Horn Honkin' Blues/ I Was Feelin' Low

Eddie Garson

After Weddin' Horn Honkin' Blues / I Was Feelin' Low

I'll Kiss Away Your Tears/ Sunshine Comes To My House

Bobby Gallant

I'll Kiss Away Your Tears / Sunshine Comes To My House

Image for Landlord/ Jack N' Jill

Julian Glad

Landlord / Jack N' Jill

Image for Dancing Angel/ I'm Gonna Kiss My Girl Tonight

Limmie B. Good

Dancing Angel / I'm Gonna Kiss My Girl Tonight

Image for Love Bells/ Baby I Do Love You


Love Bells / Baby I Do Love You

Image for Too Young To Love/ Wild About That Girl

Carlo Gerace

Too Young To Love / Wild About That Girl

Image for Comin' Down With Love/ I'm Getting Sentimental Over U

Mel Gadson

Comin' Down With Love / I'm Getting Sentimental Over U

A House Of Love/ So Far So Good

Scott Garrett

A House Of Love / So Far So Good

Image for Frankie Angel Boy/ After You've Gone

Clare Gilmartin

Frankie Angel Boy / After You've Gone

Image for Wild About That Girl/ Too Young To Ove

Carlo Gerace

Wild About That Girl / Too Young To Ove

Image for Let Te Rumors Fly/ Put Me Anywhere

Gerry Granahan

Let Te Rumors Fly / Put Me Anywhere

No Chemise, Please/ Girl Of My Dream

Gerry Granahan

No Chemise, Please / Girl Of My Dream

Image for "a" Your Adorable/ A Ring A Vbraclet A Heart

Gerry Granahan

"a" Your Adorable / A Ring A Vbraclet A Heart

Image for My Baby Made Me Cry/ All My Loving

Jimmy Griffin

My Baby Made Me Cry / All My Loving

Image for Outside Heaven's Door/ Blue Ribbon For Love

Paul Greenwood

Outside Heaven's Door / Blue Ribbon For Love

Image for Let Them Talk/ Tell My Love

John Gary

Let Them Talk / Tell My Love

Image for It Hurts/ Look For Me

Gerry Granahan

It Hurts / Look For Me

26 Item(s)

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