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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Teen & Surf Vinyl are always carefully and closely scrutinised.Like our Teen and Surf vinyl? Then you might also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for I Guess I'll Never Know/ Melodie D'amour

Wes Bryan

I Guess I'll Never Know / Melodie D'amour

Image for Everbody Happy/ I'll Be True

Addrisi Brothers

Everbody Happy / I'll Be True

Image for Sittin' Down And Cryin'/ Mess Around

Scotty Mckay

Sittin' Down And Cryin' / Mess Around

Image for Honey Bun/ I Don't Care (who Knows It)

Jerry Meyers

Honey Bun / I Don't Care (who Knows It)

Image for What You've Done To Me/ Gee I Love You

Brenda And Eddie

What You've Done To Me / Gee I Love You

Image for Too Many Chicks/ Jealus Heart

Leona Douglas

Too Many Chicks / Jealus Heart

Image for Two Little Birds/ Imogene

Bob Wilson

Two Little Birds / Imogene

Image for Made To Be Loved By You/ Magnolia

Johnny Yukon

Made To Be Loved By You / Magnolia

Image for Storybook Romance/ Why Oh Why

Edison Youngblood

Storybook Romance / Why Oh Why

Image for Teen Baby/ Cloud Full Of Tears

Gary Trexler And The Accents

Teen Baby / Cloud Full Of Tears

Image for The Girl Who Lives Next Door/ Just Couldn't Look

Dennis Bell

The Girl Who Lives Next Door / Just Couldn't Look

Image for Honey Love/ Genavee

Narvel Felts

Honey Love / Genavee

Image for Oh No/ I Think About You All The Time

Paul Evans

Oh No / I Think About You All The Time

Image for Love Is A Losing Game/ What Is Love

Ric Randall

Love Is A Losing Game / What Is Love

Image for Princess/ Danny

Danny Jordan

Princess / Danny

Image for What Are We Going To Do?/ This Bouquet

David Jones

What Are We Going To Do? / This Bouquet

Image for Will You Stay In Love/ Let Me Know


Will You Stay In Love / Let Me Know

Image for Such A Short Time/ There'll Be No Goodbyes

Susan Lynne

Such A Short Time / There'll Be No Goodbyes

Image for Calling All Cars/ Good Ship Love

Davey Summers

Calling All Cars / Good Ship Love

Image for Teenage Crush/ Young Heatraches

Ray Whitley

Teenage Crush / Young Heatraches

Image for Abby Dear Abby/ Merry-go-round

Helen La Croix

Abby Dear Abby / Merry-go-round

Image for Oh Baby/ Slow Boat To China

Ronny Mann

Oh Baby / Slow Boat To China

Image for Slippin' Through My Fingers/ My Tennessee Baby

Danny Harrison

Slippin' Through My Fingers / My Tennessee Baby

Image for Caddy Daddy/ You're Something Special

Dorinda Duncan And The Capris

Caddy Daddy / You're Something Special

Image for Another Girl Like You/ Tse Tse Fly

Gary Haines And The Five Sequins

Another Girl Like You / Tse Tse Fly

Image for Goin' Away To School/ This Cold War With You

John D. Loudermilk

Goin' Away To School / This Cold War With You

Image for One Piece Bathing Suit/ Same: 2.25 Version

Neil Scott

One Piece Bathing Suit / Same: 2.25 Version

Image for Pretend/ Chalk Hearts On The Wall

Bobby Edge And The Run-a-bouts

Pretend / Chalk Hearts On The Wall

Image for Like A Fool/ Stay At Home Blues

Deane Hawley

Like A Fool / Stay At Home Blues

Image for Oh Love/ Tragedy

Ronnie And The Devilles

Oh Love / Tragedy

Image for Dream Girl/ Drive-in Movie

Bob And Justine

Dream Girl / Drive-in Movie

Don't Tell Anyone/ Anything

Marsha Brody

Don't Tell Anyone / Anything

Mustn't Let Her Know/ Dolly

Craig Brown

Mustn't Let Her Know / Dolly

Image for I Dream Of You/ Willie

Gene Bua

I Dream Of You / Willie

Image for Big Boys Don't Cry/ Three Dogwoods

Nick Charles

Big Boys Don't Cry / Three Dogwoods

Image for Cinderella Neath A Beach Umbrella/ You Thrill Me

Ronn Cummins

Cinderella Neath A Beach Umbrella / You Thrill Me

Image for Teenage Tears/ Let There Be Love

Jimmy Darren

Teenage Tears / Let There Be Love

Image for Don't Laugh At Me ('cause I'm A Fool)/ Peepin' N Hidin'

Count Victors Feat: Danny Harrison

Don't Laugh At Me ('cause I'm A Fool) / Peepin' N Hidin'

Image for One And Two/ Heartbreak Of Love

Bobby Poore

One And Two / Heartbreak Of Love

Image for Mine All Mine/ All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings

Bobby Lindsey

Mine All Mine / All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings

Image for Jamie/ Flame

Sonny Hodges

Jamie / Flame

Image for A Date For Crying/ That Same Old Feeling

Dawn Glass

A Date For Crying / That Same Old Feeling

Image for Broken Heart/ Now That You're Gone

Ray Marten

Broken Heart / Now That You're Gone

Image for Break The Chain/ I'll Put A String On Your Fing

Tommy Zang

Break The Chain / I'll Put A String On Your Fing

Image for I Don't Care If It's Rght Or It's Wrong/ Words Of Love

Carry Gibson

I Don't Care If It's Rght Or It's Wrong / Words Of Love

Image for Mr. Mistaker/ Pickin' Up The Pieces Of My He

Curtis Lee

Mr. Mistaker / Pickin' Up The Pieces Of My He

Image for Cherie/ Good Time Baby

Bobby Rydell

Cherie / Good Time Baby

Image for A Very Good Year For Girls/ Broken Hearts

David Macbeth

A Very Good Year For Girls / Broken Hearts

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