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Shop our wide selection of Teen & Surf Vinyl records, all available online at Rare Soulman Records. With over 700 individual records to choose from, add the unique sounds of Beach Boys, Jan And Dean, Four Seasons, Tommy Roe, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Hathaway, Deltones and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Teen & Surf Vinyl are always carefully and closely scrutinised.Like our Teen and Surf vinyl? Then you might also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for Young And Innocent/ Santa's Caught On The Freeway

Frank Perry

Young And Innocent / Santa's Caught On The Freeway

Image for Now And Once Again/ A Night In June

Phil Dwinell

Now And Once Again / A Night In June

Image for Lucky Linda/ Bye Bye Baby Goodbye

Sonny Williams

Lucky Linda / Bye Bye Baby Goodbye

Image for I Don't Like It/ A King Or A Fool

Tony Penn

I Don't Like It / A King Or A Fool

Image for Mr. Robin/ My Heart Stood Still

Spectors Three

Mr. Robin / My Heart Stood Still

Image for Johnny Playboy/ Land Of Enchanted Dreams

Johnny Dow And The Baby Dolls

Johnny Playboy / Land Of Enchanted Dreams

Image for Can It Be I'm A Fool/ Only You Can Decide

Rocky Alan

Can It Be I'm A Fool / Only You Can Decide

Image for Don't Dream/ Please

Ted Wayne

Don't Dream / Please

Image for That's What I Call Heartaches/ Charlie Wasn't There

Judy Miller

That's What I Call Heartaches / Charlie Wasn't There

Image for Wonderful/ Hey Doll

Georgie Camp

Wonderful / Hey Doll

Image for Love Is Bubble Gum/ Lollypop Romance

Robbie Reed And Tony Dano

Love Is Bubble Gum / Lollypop Romance

Image for Summer's Over/ Maybe You'll Be There

Tom Austin And His Healeys

Summer's Over / Maybe You'll Be There

Lemonade/ Come Closer, Melinda

Johnny K coupled with Singin Swingin Eight

Lemonade / Come Closer, Melinda

Image for Tommy/ Treat Him Tender, Maureen

Angie And The Chicklettes

Tommy / Treat Him Tender, Maureen

Image for Love A Love A Love Me/ You Can't Fool Me Baby

Cindy Mann

Love A Love A Love Me / You Can't Fool Me Baby

Image for (that's Why) I Sing This Song/ Mary's Little Lamb


(that's Why) I Sing This Song / Mary's Little Lamb

Cathy, Can I Take You Home/ Athena

John Andrea

Cathy, Can I Take You Home / Athena

Image for Breakaway/ That's What Girls Are For

Timothy Hay

Breakaway / That's What Girls Are For

Image for Looking For Me/ A Very Good Year For Girls

Vic Dana

Looking For Me / A Very Good Year For Girls

Image for Jean/ Sweater Of Love

Lewis Weber

Jean / Sweater Of Love

Image for Story Of Love/ Secret Of Love

Nicky De Matteo

Story Of Love / Secret Of Love

Image for Open Your Heart/ One Too Many Times

Jimmy Saunders

Open Your Heart / One Too Many Times

Image for Land Of Dreams/ Midnight Mary

Jerry Cole

Land Of Dreams / Midnight Mary

Image for Teenage Island/ My Love

Milky Ways

Teenage Island / My Love

Image for Judy's Turn To Cry/ Just Le Me Cry

Lesley Gore

Judy's Turn To Cry / Just Le Me Cry

Image for Can't Get Ready For Going Steady/ Oh In The Moonlight

Sondra And Penny

Can't Get Ready For Going Steady / Oh In The Moonlight

Image for Sweet Affection/ Confess It To Your Heart

Gerry Granahan

Sweet Affection / Confess It To Your Heart

Image for Ricky/ Just Wait

Dotty Frederick

Ricky / Just Wait

Devil Darkling/ Teenie

Johnny Olenn

Devil Darkling / Teenie

Image for Johnny Kiss And Tell/ Thanks A Lot For Everything

Linda Manning

Johnny Kiss And Tell / Thanks A Lot For Everything

Image for I'm Asking Forgiveness/ Confess To Me

Billy Blankenship

I'm Asking Forgiveness / Confess To Me

Image for I Didn't Know/ When Yuou're In My Arms

Ric Lance

I Didn't Know / When Yuou're In My Arms

Image for Eighth Wonder Of The World/ You Stopped Loving Me

Mike Alday

Eighth Wonder Of The World / You Stopped Loving Me

Image for Everbody Happy/ I'll Be True

Addrisi Brothers

Everbody Happy / I'll Be True

Image for Sittin' Down And Cryin'/ Mess Around

Scotty Mckay

Sittin' Down And Cryin' / Mess Around

Image for Teen Baby/ Cloud Full Of Tears

Gary Trexler And The Accents

Teen Baby / Cloud Full Of Tears

Image for Oh No/ I Think About You All The Time

Paul Evans

Oh No / I Think About You All The Time

Image for Calling All Cars/ Good Ship Love

Davey Summers

Calling All Cars / Good Ship Love

Image for Teenage Crush/ Young Heatraches

Ray Whitley

Teenage Crush / Young Heatraches

Image for Slippin' Through My Fingers/ My Tennessee Baby

Danny Harrison

Slippin' Through My Fingers / My Tennessee Baby

Image for I Dream Of You/ Willie

Gene Bua

I Dream Of You / Willie

Image for Broken Heart/ Now That You're Gone

Ray Marten

Broken Heart / Now That You're Gone

Image for Where Were You Last Night/ The Little Club

Dennis Joel

Where Were You Last Night / The Little Club

Image for Betty Joe/ Handsome

Hank Ayala And The Matadors

Betty Joe / Handsome

Benny/ (handsome Young) Apollo

Diana Roman

Benny / (handsome Young) Apollo

Image for How Long/ Chloe

Darwin And The Cupids

How Long / Chloe

Image for Mommy And Daddy Are Twisting/ My Little Johnny

Susan Summers

Mommy And Daddy Are Twisting / My Little Johnny

Image for Fair Weather Friend/ This Girl

Dean Randolph

Fair Weather Friend / This Girl

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