A Little Togetherness / Beginning Of The End

Canterbury : C-506 DJ


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  • Artist: Younghearts
  • A Side: A Little Togetherness
  • B Side: Beginning Of The End
  • Label: Canterbury
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Here is the seldom encountered west coast PROMO press, that eradicates any confusion of authenticity, unlike the confusion that has tarnished the yellow stock copy for decades. As the promo label has never been counterfeited or bootlegged as the rarely seen styrene White Demo! Completely dispelling all label comparisons, as a needless exercise.

Before you today is the January 1967 Northern Soul anthem, burying all confusion away, from the authenticity of this much misunderstood Northern Soul anthem, that has continuously suffered from being bootlegged and counterfeited through the years. But if you're lucky enough to own this January 1967 monarch pressing delta # 64811 there is never any discussion on it not being the real-deal, and we've found over the decades, this PROMO format is one challenging disc to acquire.

A listing for those who have often hesitated in the buying a copy of this timeless classic floorpacker, for fear of buying a "dud". Here today the real deal awaits. With two preferred white demo labels. playing surface has no styrene fatigue, having come direct from the USA having never been active of the Northern Soul circuit.

Do not pass by, they don't come to market very often these days, as owning any of those influential "The Torch" monsters, makes it a 45 that anyone is gonna part with in a hurry, the Northern Soul top 500 at present, being undoubtedly the most competitive market of Northern Soul collecting.

PS Do not allow the intensive power of the swirling strings and menacing horns showered with soaring male harmony vocals let you overlook the fabulous Billy Page crafted mid-tempo flipside, that too is vocal-group delight, perched and dead-right for today's dancefloor.

Two killer sides, wearing those clinical white clothes that validate it very RARE and utterly authentic!

Condition Report

Two clean white promo labels, vinyl has strong gloss, revealing some light surface hairlines a couple of mark trigger a soft background tick or two, listen carefully through that blitzkrieg of distilled Northern Soul!

A Side

  • Title: A Little Togetherness

    B Side

  • Title: Beginning Of The End
  • Year: January 1967
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal