Willie Parker

I've Got To Fight It / Let's Start A Thing Now

M-Pac: 7233

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  • Artist: Willie Parker
  • A Side: I've Got To Fight It
  • B Side: Let's Start A Thing Now
  • Label: M-Pac
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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In the true tradition of the city, from the streets of Chicago comes a barrage of brass propelling a snarling beast of a vocal, unstoppable NORTHERN SOUL!.

You can almost hear Willie Parker announcing "Mr. Sayles You Ain't Half As Bad As Me" as Willie drives his voice right through the heart of his listeners. Ferocious, determined, relentless in getting his point over, Willie Parker on every recording threw his passion, weight and Soul into blowing you away; Eddie Silvers must have had a problem arranging the horns, just to keep up with the power this man emits. Together blasting brass and Willie's persuasive vocal forge an uncompromising attack on the denial lyrics that Willie is fighting. Crafting proper Northern Soul at it's most destructive.

Another 45 that has suffered over the decades from it's own scarcity. Our sales history of the M-Pac 45's suggests # 7233 is the rarest NS recording of all those fabulous releases.

Unparalleled brass, blues guitar, frantic percussion pushes the production to the very edge of Northern Soul understanding. Could it be any more imposing, more potent, more seismic than this..

We think not, but Willie on the flipside has a damn good go..

Two Northern Soul stompers on one disc, with few comparisons only the greats liker Johnny Sayles, Jimmy Robins, Otis Rush can be spoken of in the same breath..

A tip check out his other commoner 45's , they are all GREAT!!

Condition Report

Full gloss, flawless vinyl. Two clean labels.

A Side

  • Title: I've Got To Fight It

    B Side

  • Title: Let's Start A Thing Now
  • Year: 1966
  • City: chicago, il