Willie Mitchell

That Driving Beat / Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

London : HLU 10004 DJ

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  • Artist: Willie Mitchell
  • A Side: That Driving Beat
  • B Side: Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
  • Label: London
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A timeless Twisted Wheel classic in by far it's rarest clothes.

This stunning yellow demo, very rare encountered, will be sending chills and thrills through the bones of old school Brit collectors, who grew up with Willie Mitchell shaping their dance-steps and musical taste.

“That Driving Beat” started life as the flipside to “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright”, in fact our local Soul DJ hero Terry Muse would play the original a-side Hi Records of Memphis had preferred. MODS had always been captivated by the Memphis sound of Stax right from its beginnings on these shores in the form of “Green Onions” “Walking The Dog” “Last Night” etc. back in 1961/62. But 2 years later Willie Mitchell’s productions started to raise the bar of Memphis R&B dance productions.

First with horn-filled relentless instrumental “Secret Home” a thumping 60’s all-nighter anthem, followed by this release offering not one but two, even, more powerful dancefloor-destroyers with Willie’s inspiring choice of adding the incomparable voice of Don Bryant to his production.

“That Driving Beat” soon became the play-side, the thunderous destructive saxophone intro, snarling combative vocal, were a call-to-arms to attack the dancefloor, whilst there was still a little space to execute those moves.

For me “That Driving Beat”epitomises the draw of early British soul club all-nighters, to be able to lose yourself in the mesmeric power of Memphis was a magical, unforgettable experience no English-made music style could replicate. Willie Mitchell, band leader, saxophonist, composer was a genius responsible for contributing massively to the uniqueness of the Memphis Sound..

I believe this double helping from the city, is the most potent example of its output, a Northern Soul anthem in its most beautiful, least seen attire.

Irresistible to us old-timers...

Condition Report

Two clean yellow demo labels, with running times 220 on the original a-side (see images), "Driving Beat" has a stamp free label. Immaculate mint minus vinyl still housed in birth-sleeve, as good as it gets.

A Side

  • Title: That Driving Beat

    B Side

  • Title: Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
  • Year: 26th November 1965
  • City: United Kingdom