Wally Cox

This Man / I've Had Enough

Wand : WND 11233 DJ

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  • Artist: Wally Cox
  • A Side: This Man
  • B Side: I've Had Enough
  • Label: Wand
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: dol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A lesson in how to elevate a soul session, with the brilliant manipulation of a contrasting girl-group, against an anguished male vocal.

Another wonderful example of Chicago Soul productions upping their game towards the end of the 60’s decade and the beginning of the 70’s. As Gene Chandler pulled together some of the city’s most progressive writers and arrangers into his fold.

Again we are talking about Gene enlisting the head of Cadet’s house-band Richard Evans weaving together a creative landscape for Wally’s battle-worn, jagged-edge vocal, making a delicious contrast to the Richard Evans blending of the piano / bongo intro, simultaneously decorated with beckoning celestial girls soaring overhead, brilliantly opening the way for Wally to stride on in.

Yes, what a team “The Duke” has again assembled, headed up by the creative Evans, a real-professor of jazz/soul, summoning up relentless barrage of swirling strings, peppered by a hailstorm of bongos - announcing those immortal opening words

“They Say You Have Lot Experience Baby - With A Lot Of Ups And Downs” - “But You Won’t Give Me Your Heart Little Girl - Now You Don’t Want
Me Around”

This is one of the ultimate Northern Soul male-rejection songs, lifted further into frustration and despair by those urgent girl choruses; ratcheting the pain of the “knock-back”, as Wally unashamedly reveals his desperation for her love. So exquisitely executed from both the male and female standpoint. One of those dance records you can’t avoid immersing yourself in, as you immediately feel his pain…

“This Man Wants You, This Man Needs You, Give Him A Chance”

First gracing the Northern Soul scene in the early 70’s. Made to the available later by Pye to become of of their best selling “Disco Demand” 45’s, also adorning the best selling 1975 Pye compilaztion album "Greatest Disco Demands”

But as the elusive December 1970 UDSA promo housed in its original Wand sleeve, is a such thing of beauty, the UK Pye reissue being rebuffed by NS DJs quicker and harder than Wally was in the song.

Truly inspiring Northern Soul in its rarest clothes..

Condition Report

Two clean promo labels, strong gloss on vinyl, revealing only some soft surface blemishes from a lifetime snug in its birth-sleeve.

A Side

  • Title: This Man

    B Side

  • Title: I've Had Enough
  • Year: December 1970
  • City: Chicago, Il