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Golden Hits/ 1058 Usa 4 Track Ep With Cover


Golden Hits / 1058 Usa 4 Track Ep With Cover

Rock Rollin Honey/ Run  Away Heart

Norris The Troubadour

Rock Rollin Honey / Run Away Heart

Image for Since My Baby Been Gone/ Gonna Find A Bluebird

Curley Money

Since My Baby Been Gone / Gonna Find A Bluebird

Kiss-a-me Baby/ Foolish Thoughts

Narvel Felts

Kiss-a-me Baby / Foolish Thoughts

Image for Cream Puff/ I Love You So

Jimmy Boyd

Cream Puff / I Love You So

Image for Now You're Gone/ Stop

Comer Money

Now You're Gone / Stop

Blue Suede Shoes/ To A Wild Rose

Sam The Man Taylor

Blue Suede Shoes / To A Wild Rose

Image for I Need Your Lovin'/ Born To Sing The Blues

Conway Twitty

I Need Your Lovin' / Born To Sing The Blues

Image for Pappy Put The Paper On The Wall/ Wobbling Stone

Leftus And Rightous

Pappy Put The Paper On The Wall / Wobbling Stone

Image for Thinking Of You/ You Were Only Fooling

Jimmy Beasley

Thinking Of You / You Were Only Fooling

Image for Over The Rainbow/ Nursery Rhime Rock


Over The Rainbow / Nursery Rhime Rock

Image for Shortin' Bread/ To Each His Own

Bell Notes

Shortin' Bread / To Each His Own

Image for You've Got A Spell On Me/ I Cried

Jivin Gene

You've Got A Spell On Me / I Cried

Image for Midnite Dynamos/ Immaculate 1980 Uk Press


Midnite Dynamos / Immaculate 1980 Uk Press

Image for Lonely Man/ (big Bad) City Police

Dale Houston

Lonely Man / (big Bad) City Police

Image for Big Junior/ Hershey Bar

Boyd Bennett

Big Junior / Hershey Bar

Image for Five Foot Two (eyes Of Blue)/ Idle Star


Five Foot Two (eyes Of Blue) / Idle Star

Image for Miracle Mambo/ Hearts Of Stone


Miracle Mambo / Hearts Of Stone

Image for He's A Rockin' Horse Cowboy/ The Ballad Of Davy Crockett

James Brown And The Trail Winders

He's A Rockin' Horse Cowboy / The Ballad Of Davy Crockett

Boogie Woogie Bill/ Mail Train

Billy Joe Tucker

Boogie Woogie Bill / Mail Train

Alimony Blues/ Because You've Been Hurt

Herb Williams

Alimony Blues / Because You've Been Hurt

Hit The Road/ Taylor Made

Sam The Man Taylor

Hit The Road / Taylor Made

Image for Twice As Nice/ Where Did I Make My Mistake

Clyde Mcphatter

Twice As Nice / Where Did I Make My Mistake

You Gotta Rock N' Roll/ Hot Rod

Bob Oakes coupled with Hal Singer Band

You Gotta Rock N' Roll / Hot Rod

Image for The Fountain Of Youth/ The Singing Hills

Don Cogan

The Fountain Of Youth / The Singing Hills

Image for There She Goes/ Where's-a Your House

Robert Q. Lewis

There She Goes / Where's-a Your House

Image for Twice As Nice/ Where Did I Make My Mistake

Clyde Mcphatter

Twice As Nice / Where Did I Make My Mistake

Image for Doesn't He Love Me/ She Didn't Even Say Goodbye


Doesn't He Love Me / She Didn't Even Say Goodbye

Image for The House Of Blue Lights/ Can't Help Wonderin'

Chuck Miller

The House Of Blue Lights / Can't Help Wonderin'

Image for Alabam/ I Walk With You

Bobby Kent

Alabam / I Walk With You

Image for Willy Quit Your Playing/ It Takes You

Billy Grammer

Willy Quit Your Playing / It Takes You

Rock At The Hop/ She's Mine


Rock At The Hop / She's Mine

Zip Zip/ Walking Along


Zip Zip / Walking Along

(make With) The Shake/ 45 R.p.m.

Mark 4

(make With) The Shake / 45 R.p.m.

Fingertips/ Short Circuit

Red Prysock

Fingertips / Short Circuit

Rooster Walk/ 2 Point 8

Red Prysock

Rooster Walk / 2 Point 8

Rockin' And Rollin' With Granmaw/ I Dig You Baby + Dance Me Dadd

Carson Robison coupled with M. Rainwater

Rockin' And Rollin' With Granmaw / I Dig You Baby + Dance Me Dadd

Image for Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ My Need For Love

Jivin Gene And The Jokers

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / My Need For Love

Hey, You Face/ I Sit In My Window


Hey, You Face / I Sit In My Window

Red Speaks/ Zip

Red Prysock

Red Speaks / Zip

Twin 88 Boogie/ Red Petticoats

David Carroll

Twin 88 Boogie / Red Petticoats

Seven Days/ That's Your Mistake


Seven Days / That's Your Mistake

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