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Two Big Birds/ You're The One

Melinda Mendenhall

Two Big Birds / You're The One

Image for You And Me/ Joy In The Morning

Shaggy Boys

You And Me / Joy In The Morning

Hey, Peanuts/ Row Boat


Hey, Peanuts / Row Boat

Jump The Train/ Ace In The Hole

West Albany Street Blues Band

Jump The Train / Ace In The Hole

Image for Elijah/ Take A Ride


Elijah / Take A Ride

Image for Love Theme In E Major/ Same:


Love Theme In E Major / Same:

Image for Never Mind The Rain/ Have You Tried Love


Never Mind The Rain / Have You Tried Love

Image for I Only Want To Dance With You/ Same: Instrumental

Doug And Corky

I Only Want To Dance With You / Same: Instrumental

Two-bit Manchild/ Broad Old Woman

Neil Diamond

Two-bit Manchild / Broad Old Woman

Snowflakes And Sweethearts/ Homeward

Leroy Holmes Singers

Snowflakes And Sweethearts / Homeward

Hop To Get Picked Up/ Slow Blues

West Albany Street Blues Band

Hop To Get Picked Up / Slow Blues

Image for My Love Is Goona Grow On You/ Same:


My Love Is Goona Grow On You / Same:

Image for Hushabye/ Same:

Jay And The Americans

Hushabye / Same:

Image for How Unlucky Can You Get/ Same: Mono

Ersel Hickey

How Unlucky Can You Get / Same: Mono

Image for When You Dance/ Same: 2.52 Verion

Jay And The Americans

When You Dance / Same: 2.52 Verion

Image for X Rated/ Then Goodbye


X Rated / Then Goodbye

Image for Sunday And Me/ Through This Doorway

Jay And The Americans

Sunday And Me / Through This Doorway

Image for I Don't Believe In Miracles/ Love Is Loving You

Jimmie Haas

I Don't Believe In Miracles / Love Is Loving You

Image for Can't Wait To See You Again/ Just A Little Love

Buckeye Politicians

Can't Wait To See You Again / Just A Little Love

Mary My Love/ A Little Bit Left Of Right

Jonathan King

Mary My Love / A Little Bit Left Of Right

Image for Silver Machine/ Seven By Seven


Silver Machine / Seven By Seven

Image for Stones/ Same: 2.59 Mono Version

Neil Diamond

Stones / Same: 2.59 Mono Version

Image for Mornin' Mornin'/ Requiem

Bobby Goldsboro

Mornin' Mornin' / Requiem

Image for Think His Name/ Permanent Change

Johnny Rivers And Guru Ram Das

Think His Name / Permanent Change

Image for Sand/ Use My Name/these Are The Thin


Sand / Use My Name/these Are The Thin

This Diamond Ring/ Same: Mono

Al Kooper

This Diamond Ring / Same: Mono

Tomorrow Is Another Day/ Same: Mono

Garrett Scott

Tomorrow Is Another Day / Same: Mono

Paradise/ Don't Let It Mess Your Mind

Teddy Neeley

Paradise / Don't Let It Mess Your Mind

Image for Dream Song/ Same: Mono


Dream Song / Same: Mono

Image for Whole Wide World Ain't Nothing But Party/ If You Can't Beat 'em Join 'em

Mark Radice

Whole Wide World Ain't Nothing But Party / If You Can't Beat 'em Join 'em

Image for The Way You Look Tonight/ Same: 2.40 Mono Press

Jonathan King

The Way You Look Tonight / Same: 2.40 Mono Press

Image for I Can't Get No Satisfsaction/ Same: 3.04 Version


I Can't Get No Satisfsaction / Same: 3.04 Version

Image for I Dazzle Easy Diane/ Same: 2.42 Mono Version


I Dazzle Easy Diane / Same: 2.42 Mono Version

Image for He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother/ Same: 3.59 Version

Neil Diamond

He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother / Same: 3.59 Version

Image for The Straight Life/ Tomrrow Is Forgotten

Bobby Goldsboro

The Straight Life / Tomrrow Is Forgotten

Image for Glad She's A Woman/ Letter To Emily

Bobby Goldsboro

Glad She's A Woman / Letter To Emily

Image for Muddy Mississippi Line/ Richer Man Than I

Bobby Goldsboro

Muddy Mississippi Line / Richer Man Than I

Image for Hot Pants/ It's Not Like Yesterday

Garment District

Hot Pants / It's Not Like Yesterday

I'm Waiting For Your Love/ Same:

Frankie Bleu

I'm Waiting For Your Love / Same:

Rose Marie/ Secret Love

Slim Whitman

Rose Marie / Secret Love

You're Sixteen/ God, Country And My Baby

Johnny Burnette

You're Sixteen / God, Country And My Baby

Fire/ Ring Dang Doo

Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Fire / Ring Dang Doo

Image for The Pushbike Song/ Sister Lily

Great American Disaster

The Pushbike Song / Sister Lily

Image for Moving To The Country/ So Far Away

Johnny Rivers

Moving To The Country / So Far Away

Everyone's Gone To The Moon/ Little Reuben

Jonathan King coupled with Al Gardner

Everyone's Gone To The Moon / Little Reuben

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