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Add Rock & Pop Import 45's to your collection and choose from 2,000 records, all available online at Rare Soulman. Curate your collection with the iconic sounds of Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Diamond and so many more.

The condition and authenticity of our Rock & Pop British 45's records are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you loved our Rock & Pop Import 45's, then you may also like our Rockabilly/Rock & Roll Vinyl.

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Image for You Moved Me To This/ Same

Ivan Lins

You Moved Me To This / Same

Green Green/ Yeah

Trini Lopez

Green Green / Yeah

Love Crazy Love/ Same: Mono

Zella Lehr

Love Crazy Love / Same: Mono

Image for Where Roses Grow/ Chewin' Chewin' Gum

Roye Lee

Where Roses Grow / Chewin' Chewin' Gum

Image for Are You Sincere/ You'll Be Sorry

Trini Lopez

Are You Sincere / You'll Be Sorry

Bobby's Girl/ Everybody Everywhere I Love U

Jill Baby Love

Bobby's Girl / Everybody Everywhere I Love U

Image for Brown Girl/ The Jones

John D. Loudermilk

Brown Girl / The Jones

Smile/ My Funny Eway Of Loving You

Little Man And The Victors

Smile / My Funny Eway Of Loving You

Image for Cartagenera/ 4 Track Ep

Los Sixtar

Cartagenera / 4 Track Ep

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