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Image for Put Your Hand In The Hand/ 1972 Australian Ep + Cover


Put Your Hand In The Hand / 1972 Australian Ep + Cover

Image for You're Mine/ Same: 3.29 Stereo Version


You're Mine / Same: 3.29 Stereo Version

Image for Sweet Life/ Same

Marie Osmond

Sweet Life / Same

Image for May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone/ Hung Up On Love

Other Voices

May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone / Hung Up On Love

Image for Pretty Woman/ You Te Amo Maria

Roy Orbison

Pretty Woman / You Te Amo Maria

Pinch Me/ Peanuts

Ohio Express

Pinch Me / Peanuts

Image for Swamp Fever/ Lost And Found

Open Road

Swamp Fever / Lost And Found

Image for Stealin Away My Mind/ Can't Keep 'em Off Me


Stealin Away My Mind / Can't Keep 'em Off Me

Image for Too Soon To Know/ You'll Never Be Sixteen Agai

Roy Orbison

Too Soon To Know / You'll Never Be Sixteen Agai

Image for Cowboy Convention/ Gimme Gimme

Ohio Express

Cowboy Convention / Gimme Gimme

Double Lovin'/ Chilly Winds


Double Lovin' / Chilly Winds

Image for The Twelve Of Never/ Life Is Just What You Make It

Donny Osmond

The Twelve Of Never / Life Is Just What You Make It

Image for We Got A Dream/ Will The Circle Be Unbroken


We Got A Dream / Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Image for Sacred Emotion/ Groove

Donny Osmond

Sacred Emotion / Groove

Dynamite!/ A Piece Of The Action

Don Oliver

Dynamite! / A Piece Of The Action

Image for The Crowd/ In Dreams

Roy Orbison

The Crowd / In Dreams

Image for Blue Angel/ Today's Teardrops

Roy Orbison

Blue Angel / Today's Teardrops

Image for I Can't Live A Dream/ Check It Out


I Can't Live A Dream / Check It Out

Tear Down The Fences/ Put Your Hand In The Hand


Tear Down The Fences / Put Your Hand In The Hand

He Don't Love You (like I Love You)/ Same: Mono

Tony Orlando And Dawn

He Don't Love You (like I Love You) / Same: Mono

Image for Love You Like I Never Loved Before/ Same: 3.20 Mono Version

John Obanion

Love You Like I Never Loved Before / Same: 3.20 Mono Version

Image for A Salute To The Duke/ Listen To The Eagle

Paul Ott

A Salute To The Duke / Listen To The Eagle

Image for Oh Well/ Same

Oh Well

Oh Well / Same

Image for Make My Life With You/ Same

Oak Ridge Boys

Make My Life With You / Same

Image for The Proud One/ The Last Day Is Coming


The Proud One / The Last Day Is Coming

Image for Goin' Home/ Are You Up There?


Goin' Home / Are You Up There?

Satisfied Woman/ Same:

Betty Obrian

Satisfied Woman / Same:

Oh, Pretty Woman/ Lana

Roy Orbison

Oh, Pretty Woman / Lana

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy/ Green Tambourine

Ohio Express coupled with Lemon Pipers

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy / Green Tambourine

Image for Sweet And Innocent/ C'mon Marianne

Donny Osmond

Sweet And Innocent / C'mon Marianne

Image for An American Family/ Same

Oak Ridge Boys

An American Family / Same

Image for No Matter How High/ Same

Oak Ridge Boys

No Matter How High / Same

Image for Paper Roses/ Least Of All You

Marie Osmond

Paper Roses / Least Of All You

Image for Long Haired Lover From Liverpool/ Mother Of Mine

Little Jimmy Osmond

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool / Mother Of Mine

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