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Image for A Boy I Once New Well/ Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled

Growing Concern

A Boy I Once New Well / Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled

Skin Deep/ Zoom, Widge And Wag

Bobbie Graham

Skin Deep / Zoom, Widge And Wag

Image for Selling England By The Pound/ Portugese With Laminated Sleev


Selling England By The Pound / Portugese With Laminated Sleev

Image for End Unkind/ Slippery Fingers


End Unkind / Slippery Fingers

Image for Nicotine Nancy/ It's Daybreak

Greg Todd Group

Nicotine Nancy / It's Daybreak

Bonaparte's Retreat/ The Kissing Tree

Billy Grammer

Bonaparte's Retreat / The Kissing Tree

Image for Still Thinking Of You/ Friends

Bob Gulley

Still Thinking Of You / Friends

Image for Pretty Brown Eyes/ The Misty Moonlight

Golden Leaves

Pretty Brown Eyes / The Misty Moonlight

We Got The Beat                No. 19000/ Our Lips Are Sealed

Go Gos

We Got The Beat No. 19000 / Our Lips Are Sealed

She/ Since You've Gone

Gaylord And Holiday

She / Since You've Gone

Ace In The Hole/ Things Ain't What They Used To


Ace In The Hole / Things Ain't What They Used To

You Don't Have To/ Mouse In The House

Dee Glascoe

You Don't Have To / Mouse In The House

Image for Lonely Girls On A Saturday Night/ Eyes


Lonely Girls On A Saturday Night / Eyes

Image for Singing To The Music/ There Is A River

Herman Grimes

Singing To The Music / There Is A River

Image for Pretend/ Ferry Across The Mersey

Gerry And The Pacemakers

Pretend / Ferry Across The Mersey

Abacab/ Same: Mono


Abacab / Same: Mono

Baby Please Don't Go/ I.o.u.

Gary Glitter

Baby Please Don't Go / I.o.u.

My Lovin' Woman/ I'll Keep It With Mine

Great Jones

My Lovin' Woman / I'll Keep It With Mine

Sherry Cherry Train/ I'll Never Go Back To Minneapo

Georgia Clay

Sherry Cherry Train / I'll Never Go Back To Minneapo

Image for Bamboleo/ Quiro Saber

Gipsey Kings

Bamboleo / Quiro Saber

Image for I. J. Foxx/ Rhode Island Red

Norman Greenbaum

I. J. Foxx / Rhode Island Red

Image for Wake Up, Wake Up/ No Exit

Grass Roots

Wake Up, Wake Up / No Exit

Image for Always Saturday/ Same

Guadalcanal Diary

Always Saturday / Same

Image for I Look For You/ The Race

Charlie Gracie

I Look For You / The Race

Image for The Hard Life/ That's When Your Heartaches Be


The Hard Life / That's When Your Heartaches Be

Image for Magic In The Air/ Bad News

Group Theraphy

Magic In The Air / Bad News

Image for God Save Our Country/ Love You All My Life


God Save Our Country / Love You All My Life

Image for Marina/ Manuela

Rocco Gratata

Marina / Manuela

Turn It On Again      5:01"/ Paperlate


Turn It On Again 5:01" / Paperlate

Throwing It All Away/ Same: Mono


Throwing It All Away / Same: Mono

Image for Creepin'/ We're An American Band

Grand Funk

Creepin' / We're An American Band

Image for I Just Want To Be Your Everything/ In The End

Gibb Andy

I Just Want To Be Your Everything / In The End

Gonioliers, Shakespeares Overseers, Play/ Daddy I Know

Norman Greenbaum

Gonioliers, Shakespeares Overseers, Play / Daddy I Know

Image for Backbreaker/ The Masked Poet


Backbreaker / The Masked Poet

Image for I Just Want To Be Your Everything/ In The End

Gibb Andy

I Just Want To Be Your Everything / In The End

Image for Dear Delilah/ Dead Boot


Dear Delilah / Dead Boot

Image for Playboy/ I'll Come Running

Gene And Debbe

Playboy / I'll Come Running

Image for Simple Song/ I Lost My Way

Robert John Gallo

Simple Song / I Lost My Way

Image for Trusty Little Herbert/ Three In The Morning

Bobby Goldsboro

Trusty Little Herbert / Three In The Morning

Image for Sour Suite/ Life In The Bloodstream

Guess Who

Sour Suite / Life In The Bloodstream

Image for Once Again/ White Steeple


Once Again / White Steeple

Image for A Song For Erik/ Same

Bobby Gosh

A Song For Erik / Same

Image for Sittin' In Circles/ Hole In  My Pocket

Barry Goldberg Reunion

Sittin' In Circles / Hole In My Pocket

Turn It On Again     3.27"/ Same: Mono


Turn It On Again 3.27" / Same: Mono

Fabulous/ Just Lookin'

Charlie Gracie

Fabulous / Just Lookin'

Image for Misunderstanding/ Same:


Misunderstanding / Same:

Have You Ever Seen (my Baby)/ So Happy

David George

Have You Ever Seen (my Baby) / So Happy

Image for Lady Ride/ Today

Needom Carroll Grantham

Lady Ride / Today

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