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Image for Can You Dance/ Don't Push It


Can You Dance / Don't Push It

Image for I'm A Carpenter/ Life

Cloudman And Jan & Paul Trey

I'm A Carpenter / Life

That's What I Said/ I Knew It All The Time

Dave Clark Five

That's What I Said / I Knew It All The Time

Image for Listen To Your Soul/ Don't Pay Me No Mind

Ken Christie And The Sunday People

Listen To Your Soul / Don't Pay Me No Mind

Image for Cocteau Twins/ Same

Carolyns Fingers

Cocteau Twins / Same

Never On Sunday/ 6 Track Mini Lp With Cover


Never On Sunday / 6 Track Mini Lp With Cover

I Like It Like That/ Hurting Inside

Dave Clark Five

I Like It Like That / Hurting Inside

Image for At The Scene/ I Miss You

Dave Clark Five

At The Scene / I Miss You

Image for Right Can Be So Wrong/ 1972 Australian Ep With Cover


Right Can Be So Wrong / 1972 Australian Ep With Cover

Image for Top Forty Love/ Same: 3.09 Mono Version

Billbox Cashboard And Young

Top Forty Love / Same: 3.09 Mono Version

Image for Lost In America/ Same

Crack The Sky

Lost In America / Same

We Love You Beatles/ Hot Blooded Lover


We Love You Beatles / Hot Blooded Lover

Prophecy/ Funky Symphony

Mike Cushman coupled with Jan Davis

Prophecy / Funky Symphony

Image for Run Between The Raindrops/ I'm Your Man

Lenny Cardell

Run Between The Raindrops / I'm Your Man

Image for I Want Yo To Be My Girl/ Way Of Life


I Want Yo To Be My Girl / Way Of Life

Image for Maudie/ Andalucian Blues

Chicken Shack

Maudie / Andalucian Blues

Image for Over And Over/ I'll Be Yours (my Love)

Dave Clark Five

Over And Over / I'll Be Yours (my Love)

Image for Whole World/ Same: 3.11 Mono Version

Chocolate Frog

Whole World / Same: 3.11 Mono Version

Image for Se Tu Sapessi/ No, Non Scodare

Fausto Cigliano

Se Tu Sapessi / No, Non Scodare

Image for Kili Watch/ Fuego


Kili Watch / Fuego

The Beatle Bounce/ Since You Been Gone

Bobby Comstock And The Counts

The Beatle Bounce / Since You Been Gone

Watermelon/ The Writing On The Wall


Watermelon / The Writing On The Wall

Lea/ I Gotta Know What's Going On


Lea / I Gotta Know What's Going On

Image for Please Tell Me Why/ Look Before You Leap

Dave Clark Five

Please Tell Me Why / Look Before You Leap

Image for Bad Girl/ Back In Town


Bad Girl / Back In Town

Dom's Frantic Pandemonium/ Land Of A 1000 Dances + Gimme

Carnaby Street Runners

Dom's Frantic Pandemonium / Land Of A 1000 Dances + Gimme

Image for Greenwood Township/ Girl With The Flower Smile

Ray Chayfin

Greenwood Township / Girl With The Flower Smile

Image for On The Road/ Please

Vic Capri

On The Road / Please

Image for Tomorrow Be Too Late/ Love Is


Tomorrow Be Too Late / Love Is

Image for Payin' My Dues/ Blessed Be The Name Of Charley


Payin' My Dues / Blessed Be The Name Of Charley

Image for Story Of Rock And Roll/ Blank


Story Of Rock And Roll / Blank

He's Old Enough To Know Better/ I'm Feeling Better


He's Old Enough To Know Better / I'm Feeling Better

Vacation Time/ Vacation Time Part 2

Dean Christie

Vacation Time / Vacation Time Part 2

Her Age Was Red/ Shot Rod Lincoln

Chris Clay

Her Age Was Red / Shot Rod Lincoln

After You've Gone/ To Love And Be Loved

Chiles - Pettiford

After You've Gone / To Love And Be Loved

Image for Surfin' On The Barge Canal/ Zombie Twist

Cousin Al And The New Generation

Surfin' On The Barge Canal / Zombie Twist

Image for The Minstrel Show/ Three Little Guitars

Clement Travelers

The Minstrel Show / Three Little Guitars

Image for Shackles And Chains/ Same: 3.19 Mono Version


Shackles And Chains / Same: 3.19 Mono Version

Image for Escape/ Gina

Lou Christie

Escape / Gina

World Where You Live/ Same:

Crowded House

World Where You Live / Same:

Alfie/ She's No Better Than Me


Alfie / She's No Better Than Me

Image for Patty Baby/ Betty Jean

Freddy Cannon

Patty Baby / Betty Jean

Image for Hey! Baby/ Dream Girl

Bruce Channel

Hey! Baby / Dream Girl

Image for Never Mind The Rain/ Have You Tried Love


Never Mind The Rain / Have You Tried Love

Image for My Little Girl/ Teardrops Fall Like Rain


My Little Girl / Teardrops Fall Like Rain

Image for Yesterday's Music/ Same: 3.04 Mono Version

David Clayton-thomas

Yesterday's Music / Same: 3.04 Mono Version

Image for Big League/ Same

Eddie Cochran

Big League / Same

Image for Sans Toi/ L'arlequin

Martine Clemenceau

Sans Toi / L'arlequin

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