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Image for I (who Have Nothing)/ Numbers

Terry Knight And The Pack

I (who Have Nothing) / Numbers

Image for Him Or Me/ Forever Waiting

Amory Kane

Him Or Me / Forever Waiting

The Lady I Love/ Heidi

Tir Na Nog

The Lady I Love / Heidi

Image for Rocket Ride/ Love Gun


Rocket Ride / Love Gun

Image for Early Bird/ Stompin' Through The Rye


Early Bird / Stompin' Through The Rye

Image for Creatuires Of The Night/ Rock & Roll All Nite Live


Creatuires Of The Night / Rock & Roll All Nite Live

Image for Then She Kissed Me/ Hooligan_+ Flaming Youth


Then She Kissed Me / Hooligan_+ Flaming Youth

To Know Him Is To Love Him/ Endless Sleep

Teddy Bears coupled with Jody Reynolds

To Know Him Is To Love Him / Endless Sleep

Image for Apple Bend/ Star Spangled Bus

Johnny Tillotson

Apple Bend / Star Spangled Bus

Image for Oh, Pretty Woman/ Baby You're All I Got

Kim Andy

Oh, Pretty Woman / Baby You're All I Got

Embassee/ I'm In Love With You


Embassee / I'm In Love With You

Ain't That Peculiar/ Tree Top Fever

Alexis Korner

Ain't That Peculiar / Tree Top Fever

Image for One Fine Day/ Rulers Of The World

Carole King

One Fine Day / Rulers Of The World

Season's Song/ It's Spring Again

Johnny Towers

Season's Song / It's Spring Again

Image for Travelling Home/ Still Got Time


Travelling Home / Still Got Time

Image for No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore/ My Yiddishe Momme

Kathy Kirby

No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore / My Yiddishe Momme

Simple Things/ Labyrinth

Carole King

Simple Things / Labyrinth

Changes/ Bad Bad Jo Jo

Martyn Kaye

Changes / Bad Bad Jo Jo

Image for You Can Sing With The Band/ The Singer And His Songs


You Can Sing With The Band / The Singer And His Songs

Image for Smile Laugh And Talk/ Round The Garden


Smile Laugh And Talk / Round The Garden

Image for I Can Hear Love/ The Real Thing

Tarney And Spencer

I Can Hear Love / The Real Thing

Image for Muddy Water/ Something That You Do

Jackie Trent And Tony Hatch

Muddy Water / Something That You Do

Poetry In Motion/ Princess Princess

Johnny Tillotson

Poetry In Motion / Princess Princess

Image for You Better Do Right/ Today


You Better Do Right / Today

The Meaning Of The Blues/ Why Don't You Belive Me

Kalin Twins

The Meaning Of The Blues / Why Don't You Belive Me

Image for What's Your Mama's Name Child/ Rainy Girl

Tanya Tucker

What's Your Mama's Name Child / Rainy Girl

Image for Silence Is Golden/ Here Comes My Baby


Silence Is Golden / Here Comes My Baby

Image for If You Knew/ It's Really You

Tarney And Spencer

If You Knew / It's Really You

Image for Hello Buddy/ My World


Hello Buddy / My World

Image for Both Sides Now/ I Could See Me Dancin' With Yo


Both Sides Now / I Could See Me Dancin' With Yo

Silence Is Golden/ Let You Hair Hang Down


Silence Is Golden / Let You Hair Hang Down

I'm Not A Loser/ Run On Luck

Judie Tzuke

I'm Not A Loser / Run On Luck

Image for Handy Man/ Bartender's Blues

James Taylor

Handy Man / Bartender's Blues

Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham/ Take It Easy


Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham / Take It Easy

Are Friends Electric?/ We Are So Fragile

Tubeway Army

Are Friends Electric? / We Are So Fragile

Image for Get Off Of My Cloud/ Strange N' Deranged

Alexis Korner

Get Off Of My Cloud / Strange N' Deranged

Image for Holy Man/ Hallelujah, Baby

Diane Kolby

Holy Man / Hallelujah, Baby

Image for Lucky Day/ All Those Memories

Frank Kleiger

Lucky Day / All Those Memories

Image for Sunshine Girl/ Little Bit Of Water

Tracey King

Sunshine Girl / Little Bit Of Water

Image for What Is A Boy/ Phantom 309

Murray Kash

What Is A Boy / Phantom 309

Image for Yes, We Have No Bananas/ Sugar And Spice

Kenny And Clarence

Yes, We Have No Bananas / Sugar And Spice

Image for The Square Of The Hypotenuse/ Everything Is Ticketty-boo

Danny Kaye And Boys

The Square Of The Hypotenuse / Everything Is Ticketty-boo

Why Don't You Believe Me/ The Meaning Of The Blues

Kalin Twins

Why Don't You Believe Me / The Meaning Of The Blues

Image for Radio Romance/ Girl Talk

Kursaal Flyers

Radio Romance / Girl Talk

Image for Listen To Te Man With The Golden Voice/ Words

Time Bandits

Listen To Te Man With The Golden Voice / Words

Image for Faster Than The Speed Of Night/ Gonna Get Better

Bonnie Tyler

Faster Than The Speed Of Night / Gonna Get Better

Image for Myfanwy/ A Valley Called The Rhondda

Treorchy Mae Choir

Myfanwy / A Valley Called The Rhondda

Image for Hello World/ Up Down All Around


Hello World / Up Down All Around

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