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Make Me Stay A Bit Longer/ Auntie Nellie

Status Quo

Make Me Stay A Bit Longer / Auntie Nellie

Image for Mr. Robin/ My Heart Stood Still

Spectors Three

Mr. Robin / My Heart Stood Still

Image for My Baby Said/ Aint Gonna Kiss Ya


My Baby Said / Aint Gonna Kiss Ya

Image for My Friend Jack/ We Can Take It


My Friend Jack / We Can Take It

Image for My Prayer/ Me N You N The Moon

Edna Savage

My Prayer / Me N You N The Moon

Image for My Tears/ Jail Bait

Williams Andre

My Tears / Jail Bait

Image for Mr. Mick/ 1976 Uk Press


Mr. Mick / 1976 Uk Press

Image for Movin' Out/ Our Theme


Movin' Out / Our Theme

Miss Froggie + Down The Road Apiece/ Big Blonde Baby + Boppin' The

Wild Angels

Miss Froggie + Down The Road Apiece / Big Blonde Baby + Boppin' The

Image for Monday Morning Choo Choo/ Then Came The White Man


Monday Morning Choo Choo / Then Came The White Man

Image for Mommy And Daddy Are Twisting/ My Little Johnny

Susan Summers

Mommy And Daddy Are Twisting / My Little Johnny

Image for Keep Vioence Down/ Someone's Following Me Around

Ben Webster

Keep Vioence Down / Someone's Following Me Around

Image for Marco Polo/ Think

Josh White Jr.

Marco Polo / Think

Image for My Secret/ Stop Playing Ping Pong With My

Six Teens Feat: Trudy Williams

My Secret / Stop Playing Ping Pong With My

Image for Mrs. Robinson/ 1968 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover.

Simon And Garfunkel

Mrs. Robinson / 1968 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover.

Monkey Business/ Slave To The Groind

Skid Row

Monkey Business / Slave To The Groind

Image for Kid Charlemagne/ Green Earrings

Steely Dan

Kid Charlemagne / Green Earrings

Kenneth Williams: 4 Track Ep/ Not An Asp +last To Go + 2

Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams: 4 Track Ep / Not An Asp +last To Go + 2

Image for Maybe You'll Be There/ His Hand In Mine

Lacille Watkins And The Belltones

Maybe You'll Be There / His Hand In Mine

Image for Music Music/ Rhythm

Surprise Sisters

Music Music / Rhythm

Image for Memories Of The King/ Same:

Elvis Wade

Memories Of The King / Same:

Make Me Your Baby/ There Ya Go

Suzanne Stevens

Make Me Your Baby / There Ya Go

Image for My Vow To You/ That's How I Feel


My Vow To You / That's How I Feel

Midnight/ I Don't Know

Jeremy West

Midnight / I Don't Know

Michelle/ Better Days Are Yet To Come


Michelle / Better Days Are Yet To Come

Me And My Stone/ Good Bye Good Bye


Me And My Stone / Good Bye Good Bye

Image for Monkey Grip Glue/ What A Blow

Bill Wyman

Monkey Grip Glue / What A Blow

Image for Mr. Businessman/ Face The Music

Ray Stevens

Mr. Businessman / Face The Music

Morning Has Broken/ Polution Song

Mike Sedgewick

Morning Has Broken / Polution Song

Image for King Of Clowns/ Walk With Me

Neil Sedaka

King Of Clowns / Walk With Me

Image for Move It/ Crazy People


Move It / Crazy People

Image for Keep Your Funky Side Out/ Same: 3.21 Mono Version


Keep Your Funky Side Out / Same: 3.21 Mono Version

Image for Mrs O'reilly/ Same: 3.01 Version

String Driven Thing

Mrs O'reilly / Same: 3.01 Version

Image for Morningtown Ride/ 1966 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover


Morningtown Ride / 1966 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for My Maria/ August Evening Lady

B. W. Stevenson

My Maria / August Evening Lady

Image for Mr. Love/ Mr. King

Rebecca Storm

Mr. Love / Mr. King

Image for My Image Of A Girl (is You)/ C'mon Everybody

Safaris Featuring Jimmy Stephens

My Image Of A Girl (is You) / C'mon Everybody

Image for Martinella/ Everything

David Whitfield

Martinella / Everything

Image for May The Fource Be With You/ Inspirations


May The Fource Be With You / Inspirations

Image for Mama/ Ev'rywhere

David Whitfield

Mama / Ev'rywhere

Image for My Life/ Thunder And Lightning

Chuck Willis

My Life / Thunder And Lightning

King Of Rock And Roll/ Lonely Street

Mack Allen Smith

King Of Rock And Roll / Lonely Street

Image for Marianne/ Nothin' To Do But Today

Stephen Stills

Marianne / Nothin' To Do But Today

Image for My Kind Of Lady/ Know Who You Are


My Kind Of Lady / Know Who You Are

Image for My Little Town/ Rag Doll + You're Kind

Simon And Garfunkel

My Little Town / Rag Doll + You're Kind

Image for My Coo Ca Coo/ Pull Together

Alvin Stardust

My Coo Ca Coo / Pull Together

Image for Mama Was A Rock Rock And Roll Singer/ 1973 Usa Press

Sonny And Cher

Mama Was A Rock Rock And Roll Singer / 1973 Usa Press

Image for Mrs. O'reilly/ Keep On Moving

String Driven Thing

Mrs. O'reilly / Keep On Moving

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