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Your Pilot Light Went Out/ I Got Everything

Roy Jones

Your Pilot Light Went Out / I Got Everything

Image for Rats In My Room/ Rats In My Room Pt. 2

Joey And Danny

Rats In My Room / Rats In My Room Pt. 2

Image for The Underwater Surfers/ I Got Rid Of The Rats

Joey And Danny

The Underwater Surfers / I Got Rid Of The Rats

Image for Do You Know What It's Like/ Gimme Some Lovin


Do You Know What It's Like / Gimme Some Lovin

Image for Me And My Gun/ We Kiss

July 14th

Me And My Gun / We Kiss

Jeannie/ Boom Ditty Boom

Danny Jordan

Jeannie / Boom Ditty Boom

Image for Well It's Alright/ Same: Instrumental


Well It's Alright / Same: Instrumental

Image for It's My Party/ Chas-di

Jenny Jay

It's My Party / Chas-di

Image for All's Quiet On West 23rd/ Crazy Me

Jet Stream

All's Quiet On West 23rd / Crazy Me

Image for Something New/ Joy Of The Ride

Chris Jagger

Something New / Joy Of The Ride

Image for Destiny/ Flying Dutchman

Alias James And Brown

Destiny / Flying Dutchman

Image for You Got The Combination Baby/ Groovy Music Is Everywhere

Tammie Johns And The Earthmen

You Got The Combination Baby / Groovy Music Is Everywhere

Image for Hard, Hard, Hard/ Innocence

Ward Jensen

Hard, Hard, Hard / Innocence

Image for So Strange/ Love No One But You


So Strange / Love No One But You

Image for Heartache All Over The World/ Highlander

Elton John

Heartache All Over The World / Highlander

Image for Touch By Touch/ Heartache No. 1


Touch By Touch / Heartache No. 1

Image for Walking On Ice/ Same: 3.45 Stereo Version


Walking On Ice / Same: 3.45 Stereo Version

Image for The Right Kind Of Love/ The Right Kind Of Love (main M

Jeremy Jordan

The Right Kind Of Love / The Right Kind Of Love (main M

Image for I Found Love/ If You Don't Like Rain

Lone Justice

I Found Love / If You Don't Like Rain

Image for Nikita/ Restless

Elton John

Nikita / Restless

Image for Act Of War/ Same

Elton John And Millie Jackson

Act Of War / Same

Scatterlings Of Africa/ Ijwanasibeki


Scatterlings Of Africa / Ijwanasibeki

Image for Harden My Heart/ Don't Be Lonely


Harden My Heart / Don't Be Lonely

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