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Image for My Boy/ Loving Arms

Elvis Presley

My Boy / Loving Arms

Image for Magic/ Just Let Me Be


Magic / Just Let Me Be

Image for Moody Blue/ She Thinks I Still Care

Elvis Presley

Moody Blue / She Thinks I Still Care

Image for Magic/ Just A Smile


Magic / Just A Smile

Image for Make Love Work/ Same

Dolly Parton

Make Love Work / Same

Image for Message In A Bottle/ Landlord


Message In A Bottle / Landlord

Image for My Old Flame/ You're Making A Mistake


My Old Flame / You're Making A Mistake

Image for Moody Blue/ She Thinks I Still Care

Elvis Presley

Moody Blue / She Thinks I Still Care

Image for Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You/ Oh Yeah

Robert Palmer

Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You / Oh Yeah

Music For Change/ Noise Noise

Gary Numan

Music For Change / Noise Noise

Image for My Broken Souvenirs/ Nothing To Hide


My Broken Souvenirs / Nothing To Hide

Image for Machinery/ So We Say Goodbye

Sheena Easton

Machinery / So We Say Goodbye

Image for Me And My Girl/ Sleeping With The Director

David Essex

Me And My Girl / Sleeping With The Director

Image for Modern Girl/ Paradox

Sheena Easton

Modern Girl / Paradox

Image for Mrs O'mara/ What A Way

Colin Pilditch

Mrs O'mara / What A Way

Image for Moving In The Direction Of Love/ Sophisticated

Craig Pruess

Moving In The Direction Of Love / Sophisticated

Image for May The Sunshine/ Expect No Mercy


May The Sunshine / Expect No Mercy

Image for Magical Mr Mistoffelees/ Old Deuteronomy

Paul Nicholas

Magical Mr Mistoffelees / Old Deuteronomy

Image for My White Bicycle/ Miss Misery


My White Bicycle / Miss Misery

Modern Girl/ Paradox

Sheena Easton

Modern Girl / Paradox

Magic/ Fool Country

Olivia Newton-john

Magic / Fool Country

Make A Move On Me/ Strangers Touch

Olivia Newton-john

Make A Move On Me / Strangers Touch

Missionary Man/ The Last Time


Missionary Man / The Last Time

Miracle Of Love/ When Tomorrow Comes (live Vers


Miracle Of Love / When Tomorrow Comes (live Vers

Moving/ 1963 5 Track Ep With Cover

Paul Peter And Mary

Moving / 1963 5 Track Ep With Cover

My Eyes Get Blurry/ Cards And Letters

Kenny Nolan

My Eyes Get Blurry / Cards And Letters

Mothers Eyes/ Let It Go

Enuff Z' Nuff

Mothers Eyes / Let It Go

Merry-go-round/ Misty Crystal

Louis Paul

Merry-go-round / Misty Crystal

Mr. Guitar/ Same: Mono

Brenda Patterson

Mr. Guitar / Same: Mono

Missing Out/ That Way


Missing Out / That Way

Image for Use It And Wear It Out/ Star Teaser

Pat And Mick

Use It And Wear It Out / Star Teaser

Image for Man Smart Woman Smarter/ From A Whisper To A Scream

Robert Palmer

Man Smart Woman Smarter / From A Whisper To A Scream

Image for Make My Heart Fly/ Wish I Could Say


Make My Heart Fly / Wish I Could Say

Image for Misty Sunset/ First Love

Johnny Pearson And His Orchestra

Misty Sunset / First Love

Image for Money/ Nobody But Me

Bern Elliott And The Fenmen

Money / Nobody But Me

Image for Moonshine Bandit/ She Sits Down On Me


Moonshine Bandit / She Sits Down On Me

Image for Mack The Knife/ Don't Tell Me Sonny

Charlie Alias Iain Cuthber Endell

Mack The Knife / Don't Tell Me Sonny

Meet The People/ It Will Please  Me

Alan Price

Meet The People / It Will Please Me

Image for Marry Me/ Girl Without A Heart

Mike Preston

Marry Me / Girl Without A Heart

Image for Mama Divine/ It's Not Easy

Alan Price

Mama Divine / It's Not Easy

Image for Makin Love/ Flyin Solo


Makin Love / Flyin Solo

Midnigt Sun/ Blame It On Eve

Cris Neal

Midnigt Sun / Blame It On Eve

Maybe/ The Puppy Song


Maybe / The Puppy Song

Image for Monday Tuesday/ Evil Eye


Monday Tuesday / Evil Eye

Maria/ She Cried

P. J. Proby

Maria / She Cried

Image for Midnight Cat/ Poor And Lonely Ones

Nicol And Marsh

Midnight Cat / Poor And Lonely Ones

Until You Find Out/ Flexible Head + Bite

Neds Atomic Dustbin

Until You Find Out / Flexible Head + Bite

Madelaine/ Same:

Stu Nunnery

Madelaine / Same:

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