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Image for Please Stay With Me/ Heart And Soul

Tony Amaro

Please Stay With Me / Heart And Soul

Image for Promise/ Little Boy Blue

Johnny October

Promise / Little Boy Blue

Image for Playmates/ Don't Take Your Love From Me

Miss Georgia Smyth

Playmates / Don't Take Your Love From Me

Image for Popcorn Baby/ Telephone

Artie Picasso

Popcorn Baby / Telephone

Image for Poor Little Boy/ Johnny Answer Me

Debby Worth

Poor Little Boy / Johnny Answer Me

Image for Pretty Patty/ Runaway Heart

Gary Walker

Pretty Patty / Runaway Heart

Image for Please Give Me One Last Chance/ More Than You Know

Gene Mumford

Please Give Me One Last Chance / More Than You Know

Image for Playingthe Field/ Why Don't They Understand?

Tony Conigliaro

Playingthe Field / Why Don't They Understand?

Image for Philly-del-fi-yea/ Turn Back

Kevin Mcquinn

Philly-del-fi-yea / Turn Back

Image for Plaything/ Unlucky Me

Ted Newman

Plaything / Unlucky Me

Image for Patches/ More Or Less

Dickey Lee

Patches / More Or Less

Image for Paradise/ I'd Be A Fool Again

Sammy Turner

Paradise / I'd Be A Fool Again

Image for Part Time Gal/ A Change Of Heart

Bobbsey Twins

Part Time Gal / A Change Of Heart

13 Item(s)

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