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Image for Day After Day/ Jealous Heart

Bill Cecere And New Boys

Day After Day / Jealous Heart

Image for It's Old History/ Heartaches

Beverly Taylor

It's Old History / Heartaches

It Only Happened Yesterday/ Teen-age Valentino

Susan And Jennifer - Baker Twins

It Only Happened Yesterday / Teen-age Valentino

Image for What Happened To My Little Girl/ Everytime

Vic Donna

What Happened To My Little Girl / Everytime

Image for Summer Skies/ Little Things

Kevin And Greg

Summer Skies / Little Things

Image for Cindy's Love/ Everynight

Jim Ware And The Motives

Cindy's Love / Everynight

Image for Undiscovered Love/ Look But Do Not Touch Cha Cha

Paretti Sisters

Undiscovered Love / Look But Do Not Touch Cha Cha

Image for Highschool Days/ I Tried

Brian Stacy

Highschool Days / I Tried

Image for Just Young/ Lov-a Lov-a Love

Rose Andy

Just Young / Lov-a Lov-a Love

Image for Bong Bong/ You're My Girl

Vince Castro

Bong Bong / You're My Girl

Image for Teenage Dance/ Polka Dotted Poliwampus

Clint Miller

Teenage Dance / Polka Dotted Poliwampus

Image for Kiss And Run/ What Makes The Blues (want To

Tommy Roe

Kiss And Run / What Makes The Blues (want To

Image for Let The Bells Keep Ringing/ Crazy Love

Paul Anka

Let The Bells Keep Ringing / Crazy Love

Image for Gonna Take A Chance/ Don't Cry Donna

Tommy Roe

Gonna Take A Chance / Don't Cry Donna

Image for Midnight Mary/ Where Do You Want The World De

Joey Powers

Midnight Mary / Where Do You Want The World De

Image for Little Dear, Little Darling/ How Low Is Low

Jamie Coe

Little Dear, Little Darling / How Low Is Low

Image for The Folk Singer/ Count On Me

Tommy Roe

The Folk Singer / Count On Me

Image for Come On/ There Will Be Better Years

Tommy Roe

Come On / There Will Be Better Years

Image for My Young Heart/ Sweet And Lovely

Hal Davis

My Young Heart / Sweet And Lovely

Image for Brigitte's Song/ The Language Of Love

Cindy And Lindy

Brigitte's Song / The Language Of Love

20 Item(s)

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